What Rights Do Sex Offenders Have?

Updated on September 27, 2011
C.H. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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I'm not referring to an 18 year old who got caught with a 17 year old. I'm referring to an adult male who was convicted of molesting a toddler.

What rights do sex offenders have?
How can I find out how long one served?
Should they have a right to walk into an elementary school (if on paper, they claim to be a student’s father)?


I already belong to familywatchdog.org, but it doesn't list when they were convicted or released. I've already spoken to the police and they said he has a right to be at the school as long as he's with his kids. I've spoken to the principal and she said she will have male personnel on hand whenever there is an event going on. I've also contacted US Dept of Justice and they said they have no record of him (not even sure how that's possible, but that's what they told me).

If he was your neighbor (and you had a little girl of your own), would you be friends with him? - To clarify - we know his neighbors and see them chatting with each other every so often. They claim they have to be cordial, I say I would not even turn his way and would make it known I'm not interested in being his friend. To me, he can easily snatch their little girl and why wouldn't she trust him - if she sees mom and dad talking to him all the time.) - ugg. - He's renting, whereas I own.

I am also worried his son may end up in my daughter's class next year and I really don't want her to be in the same class as any of his children (I know, it's unfair to his children, but that's not my problem). I wish he would move out.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your responses. I found out that he came into IL Dept Of Correction's custody in 2001, paroled to the community in 2003 and discharged while on parole in the community in 2005.

The police officers were wrong. He does NOT have a right to be on school property afterall and has broken the law! According to Illinois Corrections Department and website the only time he is allowed on school grounds is for a conference meeting (when other children are NOT present):

Are sex offenders allowed on school grounds?
It is unlawful for a child sex offender to be present in any school building or property, or loiter within 500 feet of school property without the permission of the superintendent or school board, or in the case of a private school the principal unless the child sex offender is a parent of a child at that school, and the parent is on school grounds for one of the following reasons:

to attend a conference at the school with school personnel to discuss the progress of his or her child academically or socially;
to participate in child review conferences in which evaluation and placement decisions may be made with respect to his or her child regarding special education services;
to attend conferences to discuss other student issues concerning his or her child such as retention and promotion.

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answers from Utica on

I think the only right they have besides the bare necessities in life (if that) is the right to get help for their severely sick problem - they get mental help thats it

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I just found out that there is a registered sex offender living 6 doors down from me. I have a 2 yo son but there are several little girls living near this man. He was 30 and his victim was 13, he was convictied 16 years ago. I was still concerned so I called my local police department and asked for the head of the department that handles these cases. The officer was very helpfull in helping me understand what his offence was ( one of the worst kinds by the way) but since it was so long ago and he is registering but no longer being suppervised ( are you kidding me!) that residents didn't not need to be notified that he moved into the neighborhoon. As far as I was told he still can't live within a certian distance from a school ect. now if he has a child in school I don't think he can be kept from coming into campus for things involving his child.
My advice to you would be to call your local PD and talk to an officer in the department that handles sex offenders. They will be able to clarifiy the laws in your state.

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answers from Houston on

If it were up to me child molesters would have their children removed..........perhaps their genitals(weapons) as well. I mean we dont let the crack addict keep their pipes, or the murderer keep their gun do we?

I wouldnt be his friend either....I wouldnt even be cordial.......and i would tell all the neighbors i could AND teach my children and their friends who visited a little extra lesson about bad people.

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answers from Augusta on

If you have that big of a problem with him than move your family. instead of wishing he would move.
You have to protect your own.

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answers from Dover on

I am sure the laws vary by state however I think in some areas they would be allowed to be at a school if they have business there (their child attends and he has a reasonabe reason for being there and/or his work requires it). If they are a convicted sex offender, I would think a close eye would be watching him at all times. If my child attended that school, I wouldn't like it one bit!

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answers from Kansas City on

Anytime an offender moves in/out in our area (I think it's by zip code) I get an email from the following site...

Then I can go look at a map, with different colors (key to describe meanings) then if I click on the box it will take me to the offenders picture and I can research from there what they were convicted of.

No one lives within 2 miles from us cause we are 1000 ft from a school!

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answers from Washington DC on

While I personally think child sex offenders are the worst of the bunch and cannot be rehabilitated, it is NOT the child's fault. you are putting a lot on your child to NOT be friends with this kid.

My children KNOW they may NOT go into ANYONE's house - PERIOD.
I too have the watchdogalert and when we have a child molester move to our area (unfortunately we can't ship them off to Antarctica!) so they know what the person looks like..

I will NOT let myself or my children live in fear. Education is key.

If one was my neighbor? I would be cordial as well. But make it clear to him that he is in NO WAY allowed to chat with my kids alone or otherwise without me present....

I personally think that ANY child molester should have a sign posted in their front yard "I am a convicted child molester" - many think it's mean and demeaning to them - but seriously? their actions are just beyond wrong!



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If he was convicted, then his conviction is public record and you can get a copy of his charges and convictions if you file a Freedom of Information Act request. If you read the court report and don't understnd something, call the police department and speak with someone in the sex offenders section. They will be able to explain it to you.

I don't know if you have the Megan's law website whre you are. It lists registered sex offenders in California and may be nation wide.

If DOJ doesn't have a record of him, he may not be a sex offender.

Good luck to you and yours.

Good luck to you and yours.



answers from Boston on

I know in MA they have to stay a certain distance away from schools so it depends on your state why not call and speak to someone at your local police department to find out for sure.



answers from Dallas on

Look up your states regulations for sex offenders. You should also be able to call the police department and get some direction on where you can look. As far as going into a school - in our district ANY visitors have to go through the school office and provide their drivers license. The license in scanned through a software they have. This software is of all sex offenders (it's an online database). If they are a sex offender and are there for their childs program, I believe they can go WITH a school official or police officer with them at all times (I may be wrong and they can't go at all - I need to check into this). They go to the program and right back out the school. If they are not a parent, they are not allowed on campus.


answers from Albany on

In NY we have a county by county registry listing sex offenders, where they live, what level of offense they were convicted of. By level, is what their rights are. For example they may not be able to be within 1/2 mile of a school, daycare, etc.

Which sounds great, except it only works if said offender follows his orders and stays on the books.

Still, look it up in your area.


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