What Pump Do/did You Use/love and Why?

Updated on October 01, 2010
J.S. asks from Denton, TX
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I'm looking for experienced BFing mamas opinions on pumps. Which one is great and which one to stay away from? I will be going back to work after 6 wks of maternity leave, if this helps.

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answers from Tampa on

Excellent! It depends how long are you planning on breastfeeding. You can rent it from the hospital for several months. They have the best ones, the breastfeeding class/group has recommended it to me. I was able to pump more than double of milk using the hospital pump than $400 madela pump from babiesrus. The hospital pump is also faster and more efficient. You will love it. When you register with the hospital, you can reserve one.

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answers from Columbus on

I used the Medela Pump In Style (double-pump), and was glad we spent the money.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I have the Avent double electric pump. It was recomended over the Madela by my local lactation store and I love it... as well as one can love a machine strapped to your chest making hee-haw sounds and pulling liquid gold out of your chest! lol. I've only been using it at home (going back to work next week). The lactation store said it has 2 separate mechanisms inside for the 2 pumps, making it more durable and stronger than other leading pumps. It is not uncomfortable (except for my dignity) because it has extra soft plastic massaging pads (they call them petals I believe) inside the part that goes on your breasts. It also has a hand pump that is used to set the pumping up; you pull the handle at the rate and force that you want and press a button to automate it. If you want it to pump at the same rate each time, it "remembers" the setting from the last time you pumped, even if you've turned it off. Also, it comes with a 2 year warranty and one of the plastic tubes had a slit in it (not sure how it happened) and they sent me out a new tube immediately, no questions asked! I was really impressed with the customer service.

I also recommend getting a "hands-free" pumping bra. It sounded silly to me at first, and the picture on the Madela box of a woman emailing while she's pumping is a little extreme (no, I'm not pumping right now), but I'm glad I got one. I can relax a little while I pump, not having to hold the bottles on. It did not come with my pump but I got one at Motherhood Maternity.

I have not used other pumps though, so I can't compare. Hope this helps.

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answers from Detroit on

Depends on if your planning on going back to work like I did but I purchased the Medela Pump In Style(electric) advanced. Yes it's pricey but well worth it to pump at work everyday, I pump both sides within 15 minutes. If your not working then a manual pump may work best for you and is cheaper as well.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Others have given various reviews of the Medela pump in style. For me it works fine because: I produce a LOT of milk and desperately NEED to pump when away from my baby. I had several, as in upwards of eleven, infections from engorgement with my first baby. Was of course terrified of developing any issues this time around. This time around I pump as soon as I arrive at work. It seemed silly at first. I just nursed the baby! But your milk is most likely the most plentiful then. So for me with the engorgement issues (I never leak) it is very necessary. Next the lactation consultant reccomended I take Lecithin to thin out my milk. I also went to a specialty nursing store and was fitted for my nursing bras. This included my hands free nursing bra wich did not come with my Medela back when I bought it (they purchased the company who makes them after my son was born). I believe the hands free bra is super important in allowing me to relax. I relax more because I can work on the computer, grade papers, pay bills, yes email, and not be fixated on the machine tugging on my nipples. Today we had three power outages. My Medela has a battery pack, so no problem. I used gift cards to purchase several breast shields, steam bags, and storage containers. Way less stressful to be able to sanitize the parts and jsut pull out sterile parts for each session that day. I can steam sterilize parts at work and be ready for the next day. I love breastfeeding but was almost not willing to pump for my daughter due to the issues I had with my son. I decided to ask for help before I gave up, and the result is I have been pumping, breastfeeding, and infection free. So I am pretty passionate about sharing what has helped me. Good luck to you!



answers from Phoenix on

LOVED my Medela Pump in Style! Double pump, very fast, easy to use!



answers from Seattle on

I tried them all. I was a cow (rolls eyes), and could produce milk like nobody's business (my son ate over 20oz each feeding... often every 2 hours, and I wet nursed a friend's baby while she was in the hospital)... and I REALLY wanted to be able to pump and dump/ pump and store/ and *donate* a lot of the largess... but I couldn't find anything that worked.

The lactation consultants and I would try once a month or so (they REALLY needed donated milk, so they were very on board). But from the $5 hand pumps to the $6000 hospital pumps... nothing but nothing could get more than an ounce or two out of me. Sigh. We must have tried 50 different types. We even tried having a beer beforehand.

So my advice would be to try as many as you can BEFORE you buy.



answers from Honolulu on

I used the Avent "Isis" hand pump.
That worked for me, and it is easy.

I used Medela, but I did not like it nor did much milk come out.



answers from Washington DC on

I rented the hospital grade pump for a month and then bought the Medela. I hated the Medela and couldn't believe how little I was able to pump compared to the hospital grade. I called Medela and after sending them my pump, they sent me a new one so I could take it back to the store and get a credit. I then bought the Medela hand pump and LOVED it! It was only $30 or $40 and I was able to pump about 8 oz or more in a 10-15 minute sitting. After I bought the hand held one and started mentioning it to my friends, I was surprised how many loved the manual pump, too. It's also nice in case you need to pump in the car. It also came in handy because the area I had to pump in didn't have an outlet.



answers from Phoenix on

with my first I bought the Playtex pump for $20, it was a waste of time & money. With my second I bought the Medela Pump In Style Double Breast Pump and it was sooooooo much better. It is worth every penny, it's easy to use, effective and comfortable.



answers from Dallas on

I got the Medela pump in style advanced after my daughter was born almost 5 years ago now, and I am now using it with my almost 11-month old son. I LOVE it!!!! It has been worth every cent!!! I did get new "parts" before I had my son since everything is now BPA free.



answers from Dallas on

I am currently still BF my 13 month old and pump at work twice a day. I used the Medela Pump In Style for the first 6 months and my flow slowed up and thought I was going to have to supplement. My lactation consultant gave me a Hyegia pump to try...I pumped TWICE the milk I did with my Medela. I never supplemented, and have milk in the freezer again.

Also, BIG advantage...it is super light and small and the plug has a built in charger, so if you are stuck without a convinient plug...it runs equally as well without it for a time or 2. LOVE IT! They can be hard to find, but the First Impressions boutique at Medical Center of Lewisville sells them.

Good luck!

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