What Movies Do You Recommend from the past 4 Years??

Updated on January 02, 2012
J.F. asks from Bloomington, IN
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I just asked about using Netflix on another post and it got me thinking that I don't even know what movies have come out in the past 4 years that we'd be interested in.

We've been to the theatre maybe 5 times in the past 4 years. We just started using Redbox this past year. We are using Netflix for a free trial and don't even know what to watch on there. Judging movies based on pictures is quite hard!!!

We like a lot of real life movies that either have drama or suspense. We don't like/watch horror, slapstick comedies, or fantasy movies (vampires, etc.).

What would you recommend????


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So What Happened?

We are streaming only....not using the DVD option.

Funny - most of the movies listed we HAVE seen. Thanks to Redbox. Keep them coming, because there are some I haven't heard of!

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answers from Dallas on

We love real life stories also.
I would recommend:
The Fighter
St Ralph ( not a true story)
Chariots of Fire (older, but a fav)
Saints and Soldiers

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sunshine Cleaning
Hall Pass
Little Miss Sunshine (probably older than 4 years old)

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answers from Washington DC on

The Help (2011)
Walk the Line (2005)
Crash (2005)
Stupid Crazy Love (2011)
Toy Story 3
The Kings Speech (loved it!)
The Blind Side
Iron Man (both)
Grand Torino
Burlesque (Cher and Christina Aguilera)
Easy A

There are sooo many...

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have to echo a few from Victoria C's list:
The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg/Christian Bale- true story about a boxer)
Saints and Soldiers

True Grit
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Rabbit Hole
Shutter Island
That Thing You Do
The Lives of Others (we have watched this multiple times it is so good)
The Way Back
Hart's War
We Are Marshall (true story adaptation)
Ip Man
The Blind Side
Gran Torino
The Illusionist
Flags of Our Fathers
Road to Perdition
The Good Shepherd
A Beautiful Mind
3:10 to Yuma
The Bank Job

We love drama also...Not sure how many of these are available on streaming or if you have to order the DVD.

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answers from St. Louis on

use the search engine on Netflix. Enter a movie you know you liked, & the site will recommend movies "like" it. You can do this with genres, actors, & directors. Love how it helps me....especially since I'm addicted to classics...both noir & not!

Both of my sons use it thru their game systems. My older son has been watching the tv show "Seeker", & has already worked his way thru "Merlin". My younger son is working his way thru "Top Gear"....just shoot me now! & I've been watching the classic tv show from the late 70s..."Soap". Still funnier than Heck! I grew up watching it....we used to have party nights w/ neighbors/family/friends - just like Monday night football!

As for movie recommendations: Morning Glory & Love's Kitchen were both good romances. Both on instant play. Enjoy!

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answers from San Antonio on

From megan's list - Tangled is on Netflix streaming. Rio and The Help are not.

Beth's list - Iron Man 2 is on Streaming.

One & Done's list - NONE are on Netflix Streaming. She always recommends the movie Reservior Dogs, which is not 4 years old, but IS on Nextflix Streaming.

New movies (kind of) on Streaming: The Next Three Days, The Fighter, Secretariat.We watched Jackass 3 the other night (Netflix streaming) and laughed our butts off. The first season of Raising Hope is on there (I highly recommend!) and the first two seasons of Parenthood are on there as well. It's not 4 yrs old, but I highly recommend "Return To Me" with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny. Love this love-story. It's on Streaming. "Precious" was a hard movie to watch, but an interesting story. Both versions of True Grit are on Streaming, as is the new Limitless and Toy Story 3.

I have a somewhat recent question about Netflix and Hulu, so feel free to get on my profile and look at my past-asked questions. Or click here for one mostly about TV shows: http://www.mamapedia.com/questions/1863622349711147009 and here for one about Netflix Streaming http://www.mamapedia.com/questions/13195797842079449089

And I meant to add in your last question, that we use our library for a lot of our movie-viewing as well. The Help - I am number 2 on the waiting list for that. I also saw, thanks to my library, Bridesmaids, Captain America, and many others I can't even think of right now. My library is awesome with it's movie selection.

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answers from Seattle on

Love and Other Drugs

Friends with Benefits


Seven Pounds

Sunshine Cleaning

Catch and Release is a really good Date movie

Those are the ones in my constant Watch List:)

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answers from San Francisco on

This past weekend, we saw a couple of good ones:

Knight and Day


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answers from Augusta on

Sherlock Holmes 1 &2
Iron Man 1&2

but it looks like you and I have opposite movie likes , but those are some of my favorites from these past few years

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answers from Washington DC on

The Help (adult) - LOVED it!!
Rio (kids)
Tangled (kids)

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