What Kind of Tooth Paste Does Your 9 Year Old Use? Kid's or Minty?

Updated on August 06, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
9 answers

My 9 year old girl prefers to use her baby sister's Dora kid's toothpaste than the mint stuff that she asked me to buy for her. She has a cleaning due soon so I'll ask her dentist what's best I guess, but I'm wondering what your kids use when they are this old?
She has never had a cavity or anything. Perfect teeth, thank God! ;)

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answers from Dallas on

My kids prefer adult toothpaste. They use Crest tartar control. They told me one day the kid's toothpaste didn't taste good. Plus, my oldest is prone to cavities like me, so he needed the the tartar control. I use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, I'm thinking of changing them to use that instead.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My kids like our adult toothpaste better than the "fruity" kids ones. BUT, my dentist said that until they are 12 years old they should not use adult toothpaste. That it is too harsh/abrasive for their young teeth.

My eldest, just turned 12 last month, also finally lost his last baby tooth, so he is good to go using "regular" toothpaste now. My youngest is 9. They both prefer the Crest pro-health (?) ones. But according to my dentist, the younger one should still be using "kids" toothpaste. So I guess Kids Crest gel is what she'll be using for a few more years. I don't think it is as sweet tasting as some of the really "kiddie" ones by Oral B. If she doesn't like the mint kind, you might try out the Tom's of Maine line... they have kids toothpastes too. One is strawberry flavored.

oh... one other thought. You might want to watch her a few times to see how much she is putting on her toothbrush. Kids have a tendency to 'overapply'. And frankly, on a few occasions I have gotten more than I intended on my own brush, and that minty taste is WAAY strong if you get too much. Maybe if she uses less, she will like it more? It only takes a pea sized amount - not an inch on the brush, lol.

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answers from Sacramento on

My 6 year old uses kids toothpaste. The minty toothpaste is too spicy. They make toothpaste for older kids that has flouride.

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answers from Cleveland on

My 7 and 12 year old both use the kid's Colgate 2 in 1 toothpaste. Both if them detest mint and refuse to use toothpaste that contains it. Are there any non-mint (and non-cinnamon because the don't like cinnamon either) adult toothpaste?

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answers from Dallas on

My eight year old son uses Crest for kids. I think it's babble gum flavored. He tried the minty kind and said that it burned his tongue.

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answers from Augusta on

My 8 yr old has been using " adult" toothpaste for several years now. She was eating the flavored kind. And actually prefers the mint now.

our pediatric dentist said it was fine that she uses adult toothpaste.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter, who will be 16 at the end of the month, still prefers the Aquafresh kids flavor. She just yesterday had her FIRSTcavity filled and frankly shes never been a great brusher until recent years (always needed reminding, etc during those later elementary years into middle school). She had one cavity when she was younger but the tooth fell out a few weeks later before we were able to get in for the filling appointment!

She is not a pop drinker, never has been (she likes iced sweet tea), so that likely helps! But thinks pop is "spicy" with the bubbles...so is also sensitive to the "spicy" of the minty toothpaste. The dentist has said its fine and her track record of healthy teeth shows that.

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answers from Portland on

My 7 and 10 yo grandchildren use the kids' toothpaste. I have 3 brands at my house. lol Kid's Colgate, Kid's Crest, and Kiss my Face Kids toothpaste. All 3 contain fluoride. Their dentist recommends using fluoride. Fluoride is a hazard when we consume too much. Fluoride is a natural substance. It became known as a problem when people living where fluoride was naturally in the water supply had stains on their teeth.

My grandkids don't like the Kid's Crest and I'm about to throw it away because it's difficult for them to get it out of the "Neat Squeeze" container.



answers from Colorado Springs on

We use flouride-free toothpaste. The reason they have "kids" toothpaste is because they don't have flouride. Flouride is toxic and very dangerous for children. Read the toothpaste tubes. There are warnings about swallowing flouride. They suggest that you call poison control if your child swallows a certain amount. You might want to google flouride to find out the truth about it.

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