What Kind of Music Do Your Kiddos Listen To?

Updated on November 25, 2010
D.M. asks from Houston, TX
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My older son will be 6 tomorrow and has always listened to the 80's station here in Houston- it was upbeat and only a couple of songs were a bit questionable. It was very interesting to be sitting at the dinner table when he was 4 and he busts out with Aerosmith's "Pink!" Luckily it was just the 3 of us and he didn't get to the more lude verses (not that he would have understood them anyway, but still...).
Anyway, they have been gradually adding in more alternative rock & recently changed the format to Adult alternatives from the 80's & 90's. My hubby listens to all sorts of music, including alternative, indi rock, etc, but he is careful to sensor it when the kids are with him. I listen to country (which DS HATES), classic rock, light rock, or 80's music usually. I grew up listening to country for the most part, and classic rock with my dad as I got a bit older. I don't think the alternative music they are playing now is really appropriate for a 6yo, but my hubby thinks it's fine. DS is very mature for his age, but I still don't agree it's good for him to be listening to Nirvana and some of the other more harsh stuff they're playing now.
What type of music do your kids listen to? If you're in the Houston area, any recommendations for a radio station? He loves to listen to music in his room and usually has the radio on at night when he's going to bed.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

WE listen to everything.....classic rock is my son's favorite (he's 7). He also likes (Lord help me) Big Time Rush.

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answers from Albany on

I think of music as art. I have never censored what music my kids were exposed to. If lyrics came up of questionable content, we just discussed them age appropriately.

I'm happy to say they are mostly grown up now and haven't shown any signs of being scarred for life by suggestive lyrics. Music is a BIG part of our family life.

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answers from Dallas on

At our house we listen to every type of music out there...rap, country, alternative and pop. But when I don't feel like censoring the radio, I just put it on radio disney. I looked online and it's 1590 a.m. in Houston. Admittedly my son doesn't like everything they play, but like I said it's usually when I want to be "off censorship duty".

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answers from Houston on

My family and i listen to 107.5 k hits and 93.7 classic rock, other than our own collection of c.d.s. My oldest daughter likes queen, louis armstrong,journey, lady gaga and justin beiber, lol what a mix huh?

we just pick and choose through genres like a buffet



answers from Saginaw on

When my boyfriend's daughter is with us, we usually listen to either country or Disney songs (from either Disney channel or the movie soundtracks). When she is with her mom, they listen to rap. I realize I can't say anything to her about her choice of music, but it really aggrivates me when the kiddo comes over for our week with her and she's singing about big booty hoes or something! The other day, I almost lost it when I went into her bedroom to take care of laundry and she was dancing like a stripper! The child is 3! I understand that not all country is appropriate for kids, but it's A LOT better than rap!


answers from Los Angeles on

my daughter is 5 and my son is 3. I was shocked when she made new friends in K this year and they were all singing Beyonce and other songs that are similar. I usually have the Christian rock station on or she likes to listen to "kid" songs still. I think they are still way too young to be listening to top 40 hits and stuff. I will say that I do listen to that type of music also, but usually only when they are not around



answers from New York on

Sirius / XM radio has great kids stations. I also have an I-Pod with a lot of music on it for my daughter. Artists like Laurie Berkner, They Might be Giants, etc. are great for kids your son's age. I also have some "adult" music on there for her (she loves Disco!), but I have screened the songs to make sure there is nothing inappropriate.


answers from Houston on

I must confess that my son is a rap fan!! We play a lot of different things, a lot of times we play 95.7 here in Houston. If a song comes on that is crude, I switch to 96.5 or sometimes 89.3, which is a christian station. I often play cd's of music we like and know is ok and we do listen to our share of the Chipmunks:D



answers from Houston on

Our son listens to KSBJ 89.3FM, a fantastic local Contemporary Christian station. Other than that, he is listening to his choir CDs, practicing for their next concert. My sister's children love Radio Disney. I have a friend who keeps classical music quietly playing all day for her preschoolers-- such a peaceful home!


answers from Lafayette on

one suggestion i have.. which my boyfriend actually did and i love, is xm radio. there is a fee with it. but its amazing it has a few kids stations, that play music apropriate for kids and tweens. when the kids are in the car, we are listening to kids place live. its amazing. all three of our kids love it!!


answers from Oklahoma City on

as long as the music is pg13 my kids are allowed to listen to it, unless it's a song of f bomb after f bomb...hate that...mostly country, rock and soft rock, r&b and rap we don't care fore

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