What Kind of Computer Would You Recommend?

Updated on April 12, 2011
D.A. asks from Keller, TX
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Last week my hard drive crashed on my two year old Dell computer. The battery no longer works either. Contemplating whether or not to replace the hard drive and battery or just buy a new computer. Any advice on replacing computer or rebuilding old one? Also if replacing which type of laptop would you recommend? Thinking on bitting the bullet and buying a mac. I use the computer for normal things as well as running our small business on it. Thank you so much in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone! Going out "mac shopping" tomorrow!

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answers from Dallas on

In my former life, I was a developer in the PC world. After I became a SAHM, my husband bought me my first Mac. I will never be a PC gal ever again. Love my Mac!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

my mac mini is more computer than i will ever fully use! i will never go back to a PC again.
:) khairete

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Once you go Mac, you never look back! You'll love it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

GET A MAC!!!! I LOVE my macbook pro, I will NEVER get a PC again!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I love my Mac...and my iPad too!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Both our kids have PC's in their bedrooms, courtesy of their great aunt who is a computer techie and rebuilds them. Networking and trouble shooting PC's is her job. Hubby and I have a Mac in the family room. Guess which computer is in constant demand?
Son's has been rebuilt twice since it's been here. He still has issues even getting his printer to function properly hooked up to his PC.

We had a mac prior to this one that worked perfectly until the power unit started to go. (almost 5 years). We could have replaced it for much less than buying another unit, but opted to upgrade, since everything is so much more advanced than the one we had. Bought our upgrade refurb'd directly from apple and bought the applecare plan for it as well. Going strong, going on almost 3 years now. STILL loving it. Everyone STILL prefers this one. The kids also both have Toshiba laptops (again, courtesy of great aunt), and they still will want to use our Mac instead of their own laptop.

I cannot say enough about Macs, though I know that other hard core techie types prefer PC. If you are NOT a techie, then give a Mac a try. You will love it.

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answers from Dallas on

My computer guy loves his netbook, but if you do any kind of video, dvd stuff, etc, it won't work for that. But if you need something light to take with you, he says they're great (3lbs). I heard verizon sells them for $100 when you purchase their monthly data plan.


answers from Provo on

Seriously my dad paid $150 for a new hard drive for my old computer than for a new batterie . . .those can be expensive. So I say just buy a new $500 computer. I got my Sony Viao for $500 and I LOVE IT!! I wouldn't suggest getting the one from Walmart though. I got that one and didn't realize that it didn't have pentium processor. It has some other one that isn't that great. But my friend has the exact one from Best Buy and it has a pentium and works even better than mine! I'd highly suggest getting a Viao. Mine even has a 10-key so I can do my data entry so much easier!
p.s. If i had the money to get a Mac, I would.


answers from Detroit on

We replaced our Dell with a HP. The guy that sold it to us said that HP's are a lot better than Dell, but everyone knows the name Dell. It's been good to us, but we only use it to tool around on the internet.



answers from Dallas on

Mac, Mac, Mac and NEVER look back! I have no two now my hubby software engineer and will never buy anything but mac again!


answers from Richmond on

I've had a toshiba laptop for 7 years. I've never had any issues with it, and hey, it's lasted SEVEN YEARS. That's huge in laptop life ;)

However... my boss recently bought me a macbook pro for work...

Um... my poor toshiba hasn't been so much as glanced at since I've gotten the mac... I am overwhelmed by it's awesomeness!! :)



answers from San Diego on

MAC!!!! You can even buy a refurbished one to save a little money. I used a refurbished one at an old job and it worked great- never would have known it was refurbished. I think you can look at refurbished ones online.


answers from Dallas on

I got an email from Office Max yesterday. They are having a "1 product on sale a day" this week and on Friday, they are having a great sale on laptops. Might check it out.


answers from Dallas on

Go Mac and don't look back! you will have to get some of your programs in mac format that would normally come with most PC packages (like microsoft word excel) but it is still worth it!



answers from Dallas on

My partner WAS a *hard core* PC person until her computer bit the dust in the middle of a HUGE programming project.

I happened to have a spare Mac at home that I was doing some testing with and set it up for her to use for the following week so that she could finish her project. I had it setup and ready for her to use in 15 minutes. She didn't want to use it, but had no other choice.

She used the Mac for that week, ceremoniously dumped her PC in the trash right in front of me, and and announced that we were going to buy her a REAL computer (a Mac) that day.

She has never, ever looked back.



answers from Detroit on

MAC... hands down! Worth the investment! You will love it!



answers from San Antonio on

Mac - All the way. No hesitation at all!! Totally worth the investment! We have had ours for 6 years without a single problem, and my MacBook is 2 years old without a single issue.



answers from Dallas on

I will be burned at the stake by the Mac cultists for this but - Stick with the PC - then all your old software and data files can simply be re-installed and transferred. If you buy a new laptop, get something with an Intel i7 processor. There are others for cheaper like the i3 and i5, but will have a shorter shelf life and slower performance. Buy an external hard drive kit and see the old hard drive is salvagable as an external USB drive. Laptop batteries go out - no surprise there. It will too on your new one unless you let in drain once a month.



answers from Dallas on

Looks like I'm late in replying to this, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents anyway - I love my Mac and I will never go back to a PC! It was weird at first, getting used to the different way things work on it - but I believe they offer classes at the Apple store to teach you the basics.

They're more expensive, but in my opinion they're definitely worth it. Good luck!


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