What Jogging Stroller Features and Brands Are Best?

Updated on July 06, 2010
A.C. asks from Morehead, KY
8 answers

I need to get a jogging stroller, but before I spend the money, I want to know what features are a must and what brands are best. Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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answers from Denver on

Ditto many others here - go for the BOB. We have an Ironman and a Revolution Duallie. I wouldn't part with either one of them. They push like a dream over any kind of surface. One purchase I have NEVER regretted!

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answers from Boise on

Being an owner of multiple jogging strollers, I'm thrilled to help! There is no question..BOB. I needed to fit a larger child and a baby and the only one that would do it is the BOB. If you think you'll ever have two kids in the next 5 years (my 9 mo. old and my almost 5 year old son ride in there together) then it's the only way to go.
The BOB has seperate reclining seats, seperate visors, great handling, they are awesome! The Baby Trend was cheap (and I don't just mean inexpensive), Dreamer Design was good but went out of business, I've heard Schwinn is fair-good also if you're looking for something a little more reliable than the BOB. I've tried both the true jogger BOB with stationary wheel and the Revolution, both were awesome, but with two kids the stationary wheel was too hard to pop up in order to turn corners. The Revolution is what I use now and it is the cats meow. Read the reviews on Amazon under the products, they are VERY helpful. Good luck.

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answers from Missoula on

Another vote for the BOB Revolution, with the swivel front wheel. It costs a mint, especially once you add in some accessories, but it's one of the few purchases I don't regret - I just wish I had bought it sooner to enjoy with my first child too. I bought it at REI.com when they were running a special, 20% off any full priced item in the store back in April, so that helped a bit with the price. It's amazing - easy to handle, well-balanced, fits easily in the trunk of my sedan, comfortable for my 6 month old or my 4 year old (although I'm not sure at what point he will be too tall for it). Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

I ran thousands of miles with my BOB and loved it. It accommodates an infant seat, and has add-on for weather, sun, bugs, etc. Easy fold up for transport, and lots of storage. And since they are popular, you can usually find gently used ones on Craiglist . If you are using it as a regular stroller get a revolution with the front wheel that turns, but can be locked for running. If you're using it mostly for running, get the SUV. It's got a locked front wheel that is larger which makes it easier to run on all kinds of surfaces - though it is a bit more difficult to navigate through the supermarket.



answers from Salt Lake City on


I have a jeep brand jogging stroller. It is a great one! Has a place to plug in my mp3 player and very nice speakers. My daughter has loved it. The only thing I would change would be that the front wheel is stationary rather than swivel. It makes it more challenging to turn, but it isn't THAT hard to do!! I am not fond of how the straps tighten and loosen on my baby, that may be user error though!! :) You'll want one that reclines a bit if your baby is younger and has a good sunshade/visor for the summer months. I ran around the stores pushing all brands of jogging strollers while pregnant and didn't find one that I HAD to have. Some were more bouncy in the baby seat than others (or so it seemed). I like my jeep. It is fun and works pretty well!!

Good luck on your search!!



answers from San Diego on

I love my Bob; just talking the other day about having "Bob envy" before I bought it. (5 friends have them) I can take it to the beach, on trails, street, shopping, etc. Easy to maneuver, can switch from swivel to straight front wheel, plenty of room underneath for necessities, etc, etc. It is expensive, but this purchase has lasted for 2.5 years (daughter 3.5) and still using it with NO problems. You can purchase additional items such as drink holder, but I keep my water bottle underneath. If I had to do it again I'd buy it used because they last forever. I'm not a big "consumer" but this was worth it!




answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a jeep jogger, and I love it. My favorite feature are the speakers that play my ipod (so I don't have to worry about ear phones, and I can hear cars and my baby while still enjoying music) Also it has a pedometer that tracks distance and time! It's easy to fold, and has a big storage basket, plus a reclining seat. So far the only problems we've had was a flat tire, but that was from a thorn, and could have happened to any stroller! Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have a BOB Revolution Duallie and wouldn't want anything else! Yes, it is more expensive than most but it is totally worth it. I like that it is easy to fold and put in the trunk (I do have to take the back wheels off to put it in my trunk, but all that requires is the flip of a lever and off they come but when they go back on the lever locks them on securely).

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