What Is Your Favorited Kitchen Gadget?

Updated on October 27, 2010
C.C. asks from Morrisville, PA
15 answers

I recently got a Disney waffle iron. I love it. The waffles are mini size and it has Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy,Donald and Daisy. I usually make waffles for breaksfast during the week.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I guess I thought this wouldn't be appliances ( I consider gadgets to be non motorized/electrical??)...but I am game!

My crock pot. But I am longing for a Kitchen Aid Mixer (and a fabulous kitchen to go with it! LOL)

As far as drawer type gadgets...my several Pizza Cutters I have 4 I think?)..hands down! I do home childcare..and I use them to cut EVERYTHING. Pizza..certainly..but toast, grilled cheese/any sandwich, any waffles, pancakes, quesedilla, wraps...anything canned (veg or fruit). Great for my crew of kids usually age 2 and under. (I don't serve chicken nuggets or fish sticks, but you certainly could do those foods too)...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It's a tie between my crock pot and my pineapple corer.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My garlic press. I HATE, HATE, HATE cutting up garlic and I use it a lot!


answers from Dallas on

I so badly want a kitchen-aide mixer, but until I get one, it would have to be my crockpot...love, love, LOVE it!! But your Disney waffle iron sounds interesting too...



answers from Boise on

Stick blender. We use it to make cheese soup, baby food, ice cream, almost anything you would normally have to get out the food processor or blender for.



answers from Saginaw on

I love love love my Kitchenaid Mixer! We rent an apartment, so it's the only appliance that I bought for my apartment, and it is my non-living pride and joy!



answers from New York on

Tie between my crock-pot and my mini "can strainer". The thing is amazing! You just open a can, cover it with the strainer and you're done- great with draining tuna too!



answers from Los Angeles on

My food processor. I abhor chopping veggies & onions!


answers from Detroit on

My Kitchenaid Mixer.



answers from Chicago on

Last week I bought a 13$ crock pot... it has changed my life!! I love cooking and baking for my family, but the crock pot is just amazing. Cut everything up, throw it in and forget about it!! Seriously every mom needs one!!!!!!!!


answers from Dallas on

I have this 2 dollar gadget that I got from the grocery store that makes crust-less sandwiches. Since my son substains life with peanut and butter sandwiches it's worth it's weight in gold to me ")


answers from Washington DC on

hands down my blend-tec. i also adore my kitchen-aid mixer and ice cream maker, but nothing is as cool, useful and all round gratifying as the blend-tec.
:) khairete



answers from New York on

Great question. I would consider a gadget to be something that does not require electricity. Mine would be this peeler I got from pampered chef. It's got sharp teeth on one of the blades so you use it to shread carrots and other veggies. I also love my tupperware veggie peeler.



answers from Columbus on

Vadalia chop wizard



answers from Seattle on

My 8.5" Henkles Chefs Knife. I couldn't cook without it.

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