What Is Your Favorite Girls Clothing Website for Your Daughter?

Updated on October 03, 2011
J.K. asks from Oak Forest, IL
16 answers

I am so over going to the store and shopping with kids and found I like it so much more online :) What websites do you like or stores that I can search online for your daughter's clothes? My daughter I am shopping for is 5 and in a size 6X-7. She is very tall and skinny. Thoughts?! Sugguestions :) Thanks!!

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answers from Honolulu on

I shop for both my kids, on Old Navy online.
They ALWAYS have sales. And free shipping if a certain dollar amount but shipping is not expensive anyway, per Old Navy. It is a flat rate.

Also, "The Children's Place"... they always have sales too.

Both are good, both have nice quality clothes, fun, cute, hip.
My kids love the clothes from there and I have NEVER had a problem with it.

Old Navy, has 'tall/skinny' or Husky sizes.

My daughter is tall and lean/thin.... and I KNOW what sizes to buy her.
Thus I never had a problem with sizing.
Their pants/jeans, are adjustable waist as well. GOOD for kids.

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answers from Madison on

I have two tall, narrow daughters. I love Lands End kids clothing. It lasts and I can hand it down to my younger daughter. :) Also the "slim" jeans and pants with adjustable waists at The Gap fit them well. Hanna Andersson has nice good quality clothing as well.

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answers from New York on

OMG I just received this catalog not sure how I got it but I lovveee all the clothes for kids. www.nextdirect.com

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answers from Minneapolis on

well depending on your budget and likes SO many stores come to mind. My daughter is 4 and in 5-6 slims-skinnies. She is all legs and so skinny. Her midriff is long and its normally hit and miss. Having to shop with a 4 a 2 and a 11 month old is impossible so most of my buying is also online because of the ease of returns. I like name brand and boutique clothes when I can afford them. Sometimes I shop the clearance and sales at Hannah Anderson... love the styles there very cute stuff. Alex and Alexa stuff as well. These are pretty pricey so I dont get there everyday stuff there. Gymboree -Childrens Place - Osh Kosh - and Old Navy are the staples for my kids, since if you do your shopping and check out deals regularly you get some really great prices and more often than not free shipping! I just got 8 pair of leggings from Children place for 2.50$ a pair and free shipping. Awesome. I also subscribe to most of these places email mailing lists. Through that you can get deals that the store dont always have. As well as if you get there cards. I get some darn tootin awesome deals with my Kohls account but I am not a fan of there clothes so much. I normally get there undies and socks, and play jeans there.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Lands End
Mini Boden
Hanna Andersson

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answers from Detroit on

Love, love, love Hanna Andersson...it's pricy but I try to get things on sale at the end of the season for the next year, and so worth it. I also like that their sizing is based on height rather than age - makes more sense.

Mini Boden has some really nice things too. I also like Gymboree, Land's End and LL Bean. And signed up on Zulily a few weeks ago and they send daily e-mails featuring clothes they have on sale and I've found some really cute outfits on there too.

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answers from Washington DC on

check out nextdirect.com they have the CUTEST clothes ever! and their prices aren't too bad either. I also like naartjie, crazy8, gymboree and the children's place

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answers from Kansas City on

Justice, The Children's Place, Gap Kids, Carters, OshKosh. We rarely shop at malls or stores for our kids clothes, I love online shopping.

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answers from San Francisco on

I love www.babyme.cc. Cutest clothes ever. Lots of hard-to-find brands (my girls are fans of Catimini, Desigual, and Kate Mack, all of which you can find on babyme.cc).

Also if you're the sort who can deal with this kind of thing, try www.zulily.com. It's a little hit and miss, but I've bought some super cute things on there. It changes daily, and they tend to have great deals on upscale brands - you just have to check back every so often.

Added: Oh yeah! For the tall and skinny girl, look for True Religion jeans on sale (Nordstrom has them sometimes). Sometimes you can get them very inexpensively (if you buy last season's jeans, but for kids who cares?) - they are skinny and LONG. My older daughter is super tall, all legs, and really skinny, and I can actually buy True Religion jeans for her that fit her waist and she has to roll them up so they don't drag on the ground. Love that, because with other brands even when I buy "long" if they fit in the waist, they still hit above her ankles. Also, Abercrombie Kids makes yoga pants the same way. SUPER long, fit pretty slim. Again, only buy them on sale - they do last but I'd never buy them full price. :)

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answers from New York on

my girls are 7. i love gymboree but my girls love justice for girls. i allow them to choose something there sometimes but the quality is inferior to gymboree. i get their winter stuff and jammies at lands end.


answers from Dayton on

My DD is exactly the same and in the same size.
I really like Osh Kosh and Carter's (they go up to 6X and even higher in the jammies).
They have great customer service too. And lots of coupons.
And they get it to you super quick!


answers from Detroit on

Old Navy and The Childrens place. Quailty stuff, decent prices...ALWAYS have sales...shipping is free or $7



answers from Chicago on

Lands End
Crazy 8
Old Navy

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Try www.kskidsapparel.com
Very, very inexpensive clothes for kids.



answers from Chicago on

Target and Old Navy have adjustable jeans that I buy for my very tall girl, she six wearing size 7 for length.


answers from Milwaukee on

Love Gap jeans and online you can get the slims which we need. Another great one not mentioned is 77Kids. Also check crazy8

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