What Is Your Favorite Birth Control Method and Why?

Updated on July 22, 2009
Y.D. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello moms,
I just had my 3rd baby and I'm looking into getting some kind of a birth control.
We've never used anything, it was the "pull and pray" method, which seems to be working for us, we only got pregnant when we wanted to, but now after the 3rd baby we're thinking we should start something to make sure we dont have an accident. We might eventually have another baby at some point in the distant future or we may not, not sure, so I don't want to do anything permanent. Looking for something effective and safe that doesn't have any dangerous side effects.

Thanks for your help and have a great day,

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I used the IUD and it was the best ever!!! no side effects nothing to remember as soon as i took it out i got pregnant::::::::)

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If you are uncomfortable with the birth control side effects like I am, why not try Natural Family Planning? It is much more effective than the 'pull and pray" method =). You will also have the added benefit of getting to know your body a bit better. Do some research online, but basically most methods involve you charting you body temperature and recognizing the signs that you are ovulating, so you can avoid intercourse or use a backup like condoms during this time. (a couple days a month). I have been doing this for three years and haven't had any "accidents" and I don't have the expense, hassle, or side effects of birth control. There is a good book out there too by Toni Weschler called "getting to know your fertility" that you may find useful. Good luck!

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I absolutely love Seasonique. It allows you to only have your period 4 times per year. Also, it cleared up my skin, made my boobs bigger, and balanced out my moods! Can't ask for better than that.

As for as safety, there are of course ongoing debates as to whether birth control is safe. I have done extensive research and talked with my Doctor, and I feel comfortable taking Seasonique. In my opinion, it is perfect to take for a year or two, for if you decide to have another baby, simply stop taking the pill! If you want a more permanent method down the road, then you can always switch.

Best wishes to you and yours.

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im so glad you asked that question....im in the same situation right now...my daughter is 7, son is 5 and my newest was born june '09. i plan on having at least 1 more and want to find something that doesn't mess with your hormones. i was planning on going for the iud since it works basically without hormones and seems pretty simple to have put in and take out. there is also no wait to get pregnant after you are on it and can be used up to 5 years i think. but now i have heard some people say they have some weird side effects so now im reconsidering. i will be spying on your post to see what others think. lol



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I've been on the pill, a diaphragm, natural family planning, and now I have an IUD. Pill was way too hormonal as I got older. Diaphragm was nice in that there were no hormones, but it was messy, and I had to remember to put it in, take it out at the right times etc. Natural family planning or fertility awareness is great but you have to really keep up with it, and I found with having children that I have enough to keep up with. The IUD (Mirena) has been great so far. It does have a minimal amount of hormones, but no way have I noticed the PMS issues I had before. I am not sure if my cycle has even come back...my youngest is 16 months and is nursing still and prob will be for a while but by this time with my older boy my cycle had returned. But alot of people have no cycle with the IUD. I have some very pinchy cramping every once in a while but it is very short lived. I LOVE not having to worry about anything....we are free to be spontaneous whenever and we don't need any "supplies". There are some possible serious side effects but as my midwife told me they are extremely rare.

You do have to want to prevent pregnancy for a good amount of time though.....at least 3 years, for it to be cost effective. I can't handle too many young children at once so it was good for me. We haven't decided about a third yet but I am told that if we do decide to go for #3, as soon as it is taken out we can start trying right away. I have had this since February and it really has been wonderful for us.



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Before kids I used birth control pills. I wasn't really happy with the hormones and when I went off the pill (because I wanted to get pregnant) it took me 4 months before I got a period on my own. Between kids I used the fertility awareness method, which worked well for both preventing and getting pregnant when I wanted to. After my last child I got a copper IUD (Paragard). Now, I haven't gotten my period back yet (she's 13 months and I'm still nursing) so I can't tell you about any side effects in that regard. BUT I can tell you that I never ever have to think about it. It's non-hormonal, which I like. I can leave it in up to 10 years or I can have it removed and am instantly back to being able to conceive. My cycles will be up to my hormones, which is how it should be and how I feel best. We may decide in a couple years to have a third child... or we may not. In either case, this is perfect for us. Incidentally, I got mine about 10 weeks postpartum.

ETA the New York Times just had an article about birth control. In a nutshell, pull and pray is assoc. w/ an 18% "oops" rate. Condoms the way most people use them are assoc. w/ a 17% "oops" rate, but if used properly are a 2% rate



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I have tried numerous products sover the last 8 years. First I was on the shot Depo Provera, I tried the patch and pills too. Now I am not on anything. Have you talked to your husband about him having surgery. I know several friends who have had the surgery and they are happy with it. That way no one is on anything.

If your husband is opposed to that then try ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® LO I find that it is the best option with the least side effects. Although I did come off of the pill becasue it was so darn hard to remember to take it! Good luck!



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I have the Paraguard IUD. No hormones, no side effects, I don't even know it's there. (First few periods were heavier than usual) Having it put in was no big deal and our insurance paid for it, and it's good for up to 10 years, or until you want to get pregnant.



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tubes cut, burned and tied and couldn't be happier. But of course you need to be sure you are done if you do that method.



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I know people with babies who are from pills, condoms, IUD and even my dh was a "sponge" baby. What I mean to say is not everything is completely effective. Furthermore, women who take the pill are having serious side effects, including lack of sexual drive in addition to the other warnings written in their pamphlets. It reminds me of the story about the scientists who discovered the ultimate antidote to aphrodesiacs -- wedding cake! lol.

Personally, I have issue with psyching your body out each month through chemicals. I mean telling your body I'm prego, then not, every single month for years on end just seems a bit extreme for your body to handle.

If your method is working for you, go for it. Enjoy your husband and keep praying. :) You actually only have a less than 30 percent of getting pregnant each month anyway. Really give natural family planning some serious thought.

Additionally, if you have the time, I highly recommend a book called "Theology of the Body for Beginners." It's a Catholic look at sex & marriage that really helped me (and ultimately my marriage) a whole lot, not that your marriage is in a bad way if you're worried about more babies lol. But it was a very easy read, a little dry in the beginning but worth reading.

I really hope I've helped. This is a tricky topic among close friends, so as a stranger being frank it really feels like I'm overstepping boundaries. But it really is important to take good care of your health, so that's why I posted.

Good luck.



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We wre big fans of the pull and pray method too, which worked for us. Then after we had my 2nd, I had 2 of my friends get pregnant by that method, and I couldn't take the risk. I was going to get the Mirena, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. So now I am taking the good old BCP every night - which is a pain but I take it like clockwork. Then if we decide for #3 down the road, I will just stop taking it at least a few months before we try to conceive. I am switching insurance companies, so maybe my new one will cover the IUD and then I will consider after we have a #3.

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