What Is Your 9 Month Old Eating?

Updated on April 01, 2009
M.M. asks from Lockport, IL
4 answers

Looking for 'first finger food' ideas for my almost 9 month old. For the life of me, I can't remember what I fed our 3 year old back then!

Also - at what age did you give your baby puffs, those Gerber wheel things, biter biscuits, Gerber cheese-puff looking things, etc.?
Thanks for your help.

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answers from Chicago on

My 9mo LOVES puffs and Cheerios! We're giving him a combination of baby food (he likes stage 2 still, not crazy about stage 3) and regular food that's squishy.

Ex: Yesterday, dinner was a jar of stage 2 dinner, and then some mashed potatoes.
I've also gotten him some of the toddler graduates meals. One meal lasts awhile, but he gets some of the pasta and cooked vegatables meals.

So we're doing a mix of our food and baby food. He still prefers baby food when he's hungry.

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answers from Chicago on

My 9 month old eats:
chunks of avocado
pieces of ripe pears (peeled)
cheerios and graham crackers
chunks of sweet potato
toast with various purees spread on it and cut into sticks

she prefers finger foods to purees so that is mostly what she gets....



answers from Chicago on

Here is a sample of what my daughter was eating at nine months:
~ Breakfast: banana cut into small chuncks, oatmeal

~ Lunch: steamed green veggie (broccoli, peas, or green beans), small chunks of fruit (peaches, pears, apples - steamed), and organic mac & chesse or small pieces of a grilled cheese sandwich

~ Snack: Gerber puffs, wagon wheels (broken up), cheese puffs; or left over fruit from lunch

~ Dinner: steamed veggie medly (sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini), diced firm tofu sauteed in a little olive oil and sprinkled with garlic and parmesean cheese (this is still one of her favorites!) or some other form of protein, and a container of Yo Baby yogurt. Hope this helps! You can also try checking out www.wholesomebabyfood.com for more finger food ideas. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

My daughter's pediatrician recommends waiting till 10 months to introduce finger foods, so my daughter is still eating mostly baby food. We do give her some adult foods if it can be mashed pretty easily.

breakfast--nurse or bottle of milk if i'm not home, baby cereal (oatmeal), ripe bananas or pears, or other Stage 2 or 3 jars of fruit

snack--nurse or bottle of milk, whole grain cheerios

lunch--veggies and fruit (she loves avocados)

snack--nurse or bottle of milk

dinner--veggies, fruit, pasta, lentils

snack before bed--more milk

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