What Is "Vans Warped Tour" Like? Ok for 13Yo?

Updated on July 16, 2010
A.B. asks from Charlotte, NC
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I suppose it has a little to do with the venue (Verizon in Charlotte, NC in this case), but I've never been to either the concert of the amphitheater. My almost-14 yo really wants to go, but I'm not sure if the atmosphere would be appropriate for her. (I'd plan on going with her, or possibly, an 18 yo relative.) Is this mostly a thing to sell merchandise to teens, or would there be a lot of smoking and/or drinking and other such nefarious behavior? lol......ah, to be young again.....

Thanks for any info you can offer....

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answers from Phoenix on

I will admit it has been awhile since I have been to warped tour, but I would say if this is going to be your 1st concert with her be prepared, its got more of a carnial theme then a concert. With the amount of bands ti can get kinda of hectic. If you are planinng getting autographs, keep track of time on when you go to tents cause you can miss windows pretty easily. Don not wear flip flops and depending on the date drink a ton of water. Bring $$ cause you usually cant bring any in. Basically a band will play a set (4-7 songs) then crowd desperses , next band comes up crowd comes back. With a 14 yr old dont go right up to stage cause you will want to avoid mosh pit. There prob will be alcohol (they have those 21 and up wear a baclet) sometimes they have desg smoking areas at other venues not, call teh ampitheatre to find out their rules. For a 1st time concrt goer it could be a lot to take in, find out the time the bands she really wants to see go on and time you arrival appr otherwise you could be there ALL day. It is a blast though and one she will never forget, you will ahve fun as well as long as you know what your in for, have a great time :) If you have any spec ?s feel free to mess me.

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answers from Rochester on

ive been to a warped tour before, and it was only in rochester, ny. not a real big place like charlotte. and the experience that i had, i wouldnt suggest for a 13-14 yr old. unless if you were with her. its rock bands, so theres mosh pits, and those kind of things. and if you want to be in the crowd to see the band, then your squished soooo tight against people that its hard to breath. and i had a couple people grab my butt and i got elbowed in the nose and pushed around... everyones sweating and its discusting. by the time i got out of the crowd i was soaked with other peoples sweat, i wanted to puke. but anyway, the whole place isnt like that though, if you want to hang back where the t-shirt stands and stuff are, then your fine... but then again you cant really see or hear the bands. its your choice, but im just letting you know how my experience was. id definatly suggest you going with her.
oh also if it were me, id be afraid to let my daughter go with anyone but me...im not sure if you heard about this a girl from where i live went to spring break in myrtle beach and went missing. brittanee drexel. shes been missing for over a year now and she would have graduated this year. :/ her parents are trying so hard to find her. i know myrtle beach isnt close to you, but charlotte could be the same way!!! :(

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answers from Los Angeles on

My husband and I have been in the past and it's mostly a rock concert with bands. Of course there is drinking and smoking since they sell alcohol at the venue, but there is going to be that at really any concert that has alcohol for sale. I think it would be fine for your 14 year old depending on the person going with them.


answers from Cleveland on

I've been to Warped Tour about 5-6 times in my life. To be honest...Out of all the music festivals, I'd say it's one of the "safest"
Of course there is alcohol and drugs you can't really stop...

But the funny thing is the bands that play that show really care about their fans well being.

Ex: One year I was there and a band called Flogging Molly was on stage. There was a little bit of a mosh pit going on during their show. The lead singer Stopped singing and stopped the music because he noticed someone in the pit had fallen. Once that happened the entire crowd stood still and helped to make sure the person was ok.

Most people who attend those shows aren't the REALLY crazy type that you would expect from say Ozzfest.



answers from Dallas on

Have you checked which bands would be there? I can almost guarantee that there will be smoking, drinking, and even drug use. My first concert I was 14 and it was Edgefest, something just like what she is wanting to go to. I can remember all the crazy people. I will tell you I never even considered doing any of it or act like it. The farther to the back you stay the less you see. Goo Luck HTH



answers from Honolulu on

Go with her yourself. Don't send an 18 year old relative with her.
18 year olds, are 18. They do 18 year old things.. and may not be cognizant about a 14 year old... girl. And might not even accompany her anywhere, to the bathroom etc. 18 year olds still lack common sense... and may not want to 'babysit' a 14 year old.

I would let her go... if that were my daughter, but ONLY if "I" went with her. Myself. Because at 14, I would be worried about my daughter's safety... from others.

Yes, smoking/drinking happens. And other things.



answers from Seattle on

No... it's not a selling thing... it's a multi-band rock concert, like any other rock concert.

I'm somewhat biased, ILP because my husband is a musician, I started to take my toddler with me to concerts. At the time just got kids gun range ear protection, and he danced to the vibrations. Later, when he was 4ish, we got him drummers ear plugs (apx $10) which cuts out all of the "sharp" and or noises, whether it's high or low notes, but allows you to hear everything (including conversation) just fine... and then brought the gun range ones in case he wanted some quiet time... which he very very rarely did. For indoor concerts that we couldn't be backstage for... we'd avoid general admission and get seats. For outdoor concerts, those are almost like big picnics, so they're super easy with little ones.

So I would say take her and have a blast... but since she's older, to make sure she has a cellphone and you guys have a meeting place in case you get separated :) But earplugs (good ones, like drummer's ear plugs) are a good idea.

Yes there is smoking and drinking (if the venue allows it), but it's not like things get passed around.

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