What Is This Hard Lump on Baby's Leg??

Updated on April 01, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
7 answers

My son has a hard lump (about the size of a quarter) on his thigh. It's red and raised. The last time he had a lump it was from a shot but the last shot he had was the chicken pox vaccine 1-1/2 weeks ago so don't think it's related (it just showed up). Any idea what this is??

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answers from Indianapolis on

SH has the best advice - call the doctor IMMEDIATELY.

Anything that's hard, red, raised (especially if hot to the touch) is concerning and could be a variety of things from a mosquito bite to MRSA (staph infection that can be quite serious).

Without any of us having the proper medical training and a visual of the bump, it's only speculation at best.

Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

take him to the Doctor.
Without seeing it... there is no way to tell.



answers from New York on

go to the doctor please



answers from Augusta on

mosquito allergy? I know some people react to insect bites by getting a big welt where the bite is . I do that with ant bites. My daughter does that with mosquito bites.



answers from San Diego on

Hi S S it could be a bug bite that he kept scratching. J.


Hi S S it could be a bug bite that he kept scratching. J.



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter has the same thing. I'm wondering what the doctor told you it was. She had her chicken pox shot about a 1 1/2 weeks ago and then it just showed up 2 days ago. It seems like an awfully long time between for a reaction. Please share. Thanks!


answers from Dallas on

draw a circle around the redness with an ink pen. this will help you gauge if it is growing, if it starts to go outside the ink lines,. importatnt o know if it is a spider bite, in that case it needs an antibiotic

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