What Is the Recovery from Getting Your Tubes Tied?

Updated on September 23, 2015
B.W. asks from Cambridge, MN
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I have had three c-sections because my babies have all been breech. I am having my fourth and last baby/c-section and plan to get my tubes tied at the same time. How is the recovery from getting your tubes tied differ from having a c-section? My c-section recoveries have gone really smooth but I am unsure how the recovery will be this time around with having my tubes tied.

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answers from Chicago on

I had my tubes done--actually cut and cauterized--since they were already in when I had my son (second c-section 10+ years after the first). No difference in recovery that I could tell. Once I got up and moving around, I had no problems.

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answers from Los Angeles on

No difference in recovery. I had two C-sections and had my tubes tied after the second C-section.

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answers from Washington DC on

Congrats on your newest addition!!!

I've NEVER had a C-section. However, I did have my tubes tied before i had my hysterectomy. I was recovered in 2 days. so I would hazard to guess that the recovery time should be no different from your c-section.

talk with your doctor and ask him/her. They know you and your history.

good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

both my sils have had their tubes tied after their 4th child delivered via c-section. both of them said there was no difference in recovery from that vs the c-section alone

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answers from Boston on

The C-section is so much more invasive, and if you've handled those well, you should have no additional issues with the tubal ligation. I doubt you'll notice anything different. I had mine done just by themselves, and I had one day of being wiped out (more from the anesthesia than anything else) and a second day of being under the weather. Then I was back to normal except for exercise and heavy lifting, but you'll be on those restrictions anyway. Good luck!

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answers from New York on

No personal experience. Most have an estimated time of it. A friend had hers done after her third and had 6-9 months of trouble endless doctors visits hospitalization and diagnostic tests only to find that she was apparently having a harder time than most with the tubal.

F. B.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest recovering time after a c-section takes longer than recovery from a tubal ligation. Your recovery time will be similar as other c-section recoveries.


answers from Dover on

I have my children vaginally and since I didn't have the papers signed before I went into labor, my tubes were tied later (after my 6 week check up...actually about 6 months later). I ended up having an ovary removed at the same time (which meant I was in the surgery center recovery longer). I had someone else drive me but I returned to work the very next day. Probably should have stayed home but I did ok...my job wasn't a physically demanding one.

That said, I recommend resting and having just had a c-section I am sure you will. The tubes should not impact your recovery at all.


answers from New Orleans on

I had 4 c-sections and had my tubes tied after giving birth to my last child. It was no difference. I had some cramping but didn't know if that way from the delivery or tubes tied but it wasn't bad, maybe mild pms cramps.


answers from Washington DC on

It should be no difference. I have had two C-sections with very different recovery experiences, but a tubal ligation shouldn't cause you any more discomfort than the C-section itself.



answers from Washington DC on

I've never had a c-section but I did have my tubes tied after my youngest was born. He was born on a Friday. I had my tubes tied on Saturday. Went home on Monday and all was pretty much good. There might have been a little bit of aching leftover .. but not much. The day after my tubal was the worst.

Now everyone is different and every procedure is different but in general it shouldn't be much different from your usual recovery time from the c-section. But as I said ... no two procedures are the same ... even if it's the same procedure on the same person :)

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