What Is the Probability of Fraternal Twins Twice?

Updated on November 06, 2010
C.A. asks from Dallas, GA
6 answers

I was 27/28 when I became pregnant with my fraternal twins. It was my first pregnancy and at that it took us 11 months to conceive. I conceived very shortly after my HSG dye test where they inserted dye into my tubes to check for any blockages. I was told I didn't have any and low and behold a month later I was pregnant and not only pregnant but with twins!
MY question is this how many mother's of multiples have gone on to get pregnant again and did you have twins again or just a singleton? How far apart are the births? Also have any had a LEEP done after the birth of their twins to get pregnant again with no issues? I don't think I am ready for another one but the major thing that holds me back from getting pregnant again is the fear of being pregnant with twins again combined with my increase of age more chances of birth defects yada yada yada! Although I am not ready to say I am completely done either......I am going to be 35 in February so I have plenty of time right? Oh and my great great grandmother had 3 sets of twins. I obviously carry the gene I suppose meanwhile 8 other grandchildren have yet to have a set of twins and I am the smallest of the bunch-but not all are quite done yet or at the point of having kids yet there are three more cousins left so we shall see :())

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answers from Washington DC on

A family at church has two sets of twins with a single between, he was a twin but the other died before birth. She didnt' even do anything special. They are all in middle, high school now.

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answers from Atlanta on

Two of the biggest indicators for having multiples are genetics -runs in the family and advanced age. The longer you wait, the more likely it is! A theory in medical circles is that as a woman ages, her body often "dumps" more than one egg during ovulation. I had both of my children after age 35 with no problems and no twins, but I was EXTRA nervous at the first ultrasounds to see how many there were because fraternal twins also run in my family and I was over 35. Other factors that contribute to a higher chance of multiples: women who are African/African-American or Latino and women who have larger frames -taller, larger boned.

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answers from Augusta on

I had heard that once you have had a set of fraternal twins, that you have a 1 in 5 chance of having them again. We did a cheek swab test on our twins before trying to conceive again, and found out that they are identical (monozygotic) - Since it was a "fluke" that the egg split, then the chances of conceiving twins was no higher than anyone else my age. The next one was a singleton - whew! I was 38 at the last conception. I was 33 when I conceived the twins, and 29 with my first singleton. 4 boys.......... guess we'll have to wait for granddaughters to have any girls!



answers from Tampa on

My SIL is a fraternal twin. She and her brother were the first two of their mother's six children. Her mother had the twins first and then 4 singletons. Her pregnancies were very close together /yr apart (She ended up with 6 children aged 5 and under- I can not even imagine LOL). She had all of her children before 30 though.


answers from Asheville on

I was 38 when I got pregnant for the first time. There is no history of twins on either side. I knew I would only be pregnant once for financial and health reasons. (I was high risk from the getgo)
We ended up with fraternal twins, but it was almost triplets! We had an extra yolk sac etc, but no heartbeat. Dr. said it was my 'advanced' age that caused my body to release more eggs at once.
The manager at our local Huddle House Rest. has eight kids, three sets of twins, two sets fraternal one set of identical!



answers from Chicago on

So funny, I feel exactly the same way you do! I've read that the odds of twinning twice are 1:15,000. I had a set of fraternal twins two years ago. I am now expecting again, and we just found out yesterday that it is a singleton. Whew! I'm relieved, but there is a teeny, tiny part of me that's a little sad it's not twins again. But, I'm mostly relieved.

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