What Is the Longest Time You Spent Away from Kids Under 5 - Hackettstown,NJ

Updated on June 30, 2013
E.S. asks from Hackettstown, NJ
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Hi mammas!

I just have one child, who is three, but this question can apply to anyone with kids under five.

What is the longest time you spent overnight away from your kiddos?

The reason I ask is because I want to visit a friend 8 hours away which would be a decent two nights.

I've only spent 24 hours away from DD.

If--when--I do this, I would be leaving my daughter with hubby, who most probably would include his parents at some point.

I have been unemployed and have not wanted to impose something like this on DH, but I am totally OK with him doing these kinds of things.

btw, this would cost me no money aside from gas and maybe a meal or two.


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So What Happened?

Thanks mammas. I will do this and tell myself that I deserve it! No reason to be a mommy martyr and build resentment because DH goes out.

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answers from Tulsa on

Three weeks. Son was at my parents house while I had a business trip for work. My son had stayed with them for a week at a time many times before, so it wasn't that big of a deal. We would talk on the phone and do a video chat every couple of days.

My son is 6 now and he is going to India with my dad for a month. It will be harder on me than it is on him!

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answers from San Diego on

I'm going to be the minority here. My kids are 12, 9 & 4. I haven't been away overnight a single time from them. My husband has gone on business trips so they've been away from him over night for anything from 1 day to several days. But they have never slept overnight without me. Just never needed to.

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answers from Kansas City on

5 days, when my oldest boy was 14 months old. My husband was out of town and was rushed to the hospital, and I had to get on a plane to meet him at the hospital, in Denver. Unfortunately, the next day after I got there, they had one of the worst snow storms ever, and the whole town shut down. We had to wait to leave town, for the airport to open.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Four days when DS was 18 months and 2-1/2. A week when he was 6-7. Your daughter will be fine and DH will enjoy the time alone with her. Have fun.

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answers from Jacksonville on

5 or 6 days. It wasn't quite the same thing though. I was very ill with "morning sickness" with baby #2, and we had to let grandparents take our son (age 2) to their house for about a week. They lived 3 1/2 hours away from us.

It was a blessing they could do it.

As far as "fun" trips? Mostly just one night... at the most 2. But, we had a pair of little ones by then (ages 4 and 1) and we'd go to my parents' house (6 hours away), and stay the night, then husband and I would go on to another town and spent a night or two, then come back and spend another day or 2 with my parents with the kids.

Leaving them home alone with husband would have been fine. It is harder when it isn't you OR your spouse there. But then, my mom was fantastic with the kiddos when they were little. We were VERY VERY comfortable with that arrangement. But, never more than 2 nights even then.


It will be good for your daughter and your husband for you to do this for yourself. They will make memories. And bond. And yes, Daddy will not do everything exactly like you would, but you know what? They will both survive and it will be just fine.
Go. Enjoy.

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answers from Austin on

When she was an infant, I had to go on a business trip for 8 days. M husband took her to the care givers during the day nd totally cared for he at night..

Then at a year old we went out of town for 4 days 3 nights..she stayed with my mil.

When she was 3 we went away for 3 days 2 nights.she stayed ith my mom.

But we live in town with all of our relatives, so our child was used to all of her grand parents.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My in-laws take all our kids for a week every summer, I allowed the kids to go once they were 2y/o and talking and potty trained and all that jazz...& it's always hard but I know they have so much fun with The Grans!

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answers from Chicago on

24 hours when my oldest was a baby and I went on a business trip.

54 hours when my middle son was born and I was in the hospital.

48 hours when my 3rd son was born and I was in the hospital.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

My daughter is 19 but when she was under five I had to travel for work: (2) two week trips at two years and four years and three four day trips. She stayed with dad and my step mother watched her during the day. This was pre-Skype so we just talked on the phone. Everybody was fine and daughter has never had any separation or sleeping issues.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Go on the trip. It is very healthy to spend time apart and you need a chance to be with your friends and rejuvenate. I have gone away for the weekend (two nights) several times and have gone away for three nights a couple of times. My son has also spent three straight nights at his grandparents house a couple of times (they are local, but he loves to go there).

I think now that my kids are 6 and 2.5, I'd be ok spending a week away. I really, really, really think going away for 2 - 3 nights is a very GOOD thing for you and your daughter (and your husband too so he can see how hard you work!!)

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answers from Columbus on

Go and have fun. We left our son with my parents for 5 days when he around 1 to 1 1/2 and then for two weeks when he was just over two. Both times he had a great time with his grandparents and we had a wonderful trip. The first trip he asked about us at night and once or twice during the day, but was content. We talked to him on the phone every day on the first one and every couple of days the second time (we were overseas that time). We talked about the trips and who he was staying with etc before we were gone. She she is going to be with your husband, she should be fine and have a great time and bonding time.

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answers from Dover on

I left my daughter (age 1.5 at the time) with hubby for two nights (left Thursday afternoon and returned Saturday evening) while I took our teenaged son to a wrestling tournament. Hubby had to work on Friday and I didn't. She was with the normal sitter on Friday while hubby was at work. I wouldn't have left her with others, I only left her because handling her along at a tournament while trying to watch son's matches and take pictures and video them would have been very hard with only one of us.

I say you are fine to go.



answers from Eugene on

1 week.

I left each of my kids for a week with my mom sometime before they were 5. They had a blast. The kids and my mom. They probably had more fun than I did, worrying about them on my vacations. Around day 5, I'd be ready to come home and be a mom again. Which is probably a good reason to get away from your kids once in awhile.



answers from Tucson on

I go to Europe for 10 days every spring. My daughters are fine! I even left my 8 month old this year...it was much harder on me than it was her. Go...have fun. It will make you a happy mama and happy mamas have happy babies.



answers from New York on

OMG go and have fun!!!! You are leaving your daughter with her father!!!


answers from Los Angeles on

10 days when he was 18 months. I was having horrible abdominal pains, was admitted to the hospital, it took them 5 days to pinpoint the problem, they did surgery, and I remained there 5 more days.



answers from Detroit on

My friends and I have done a "Girl's Weeked" every year, starting when my daughter was 3 - it's usually from Friday afternoon until Sunday night and DH is in charge. Prior to that, I was working emergency, which meant being gone to work overnight and then having to catch up on sleep during the day. DH wasn't working at that time so again, he was in charge. They were fine.

I say go and enjoy yourself, everyone deserves a break once in a while. You may not be earning an income parenting, but that doesn't mean you don't get to have some time off now and then.


answers from Milwaukee on

A day and a 1/2 with my first when he was about 2. Now that I have 3 I would have no prob. leaving them for 2-3 days with their dad and/or grandparents. The kids would have the biggest prob. with my leaving but would do fine once I was gone.



answers from Chicago on

I left my oldest two with my parents for two nights. When baby is about 15 months, we will probably go away for a night, and then make it two the following year.



answers from Kansas City on

I didn't spend a night away from my daughter until she was 5, and we've only done it a couple of times because she and her grandma wanted a sleepover.

That being said, if you're leaving her with her dad, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go have your girls weekend unless you don't think your husband can take care of her for some reason.


answers from Houston on

5 days, a few times for work trips with my husband and once for a friends wedding.



answers from Minneapolis on

When my daughter was 14 months, I had a work trip for two nights. She stayed with dad, everything was fine. The longest I've been away from her was 5 nights, for work, when she was 7. She's always been fine with me being away (I'm the one who doesn't like it).



answers from Boca Raton on

never. my daughters are 9 and i have not done it.
i ought to.
i think about it.



answers from Baton Rouge on

My sister took my daughter to Six Flags for a week when she was four, and she did fine.
Your husband is perfectly capable of taking care of his own child for a few days.



answers from Los Angeles on

2 nights is the longest I've ever been away from my girls. And my youngest was 2 at the time. It was tough for me :(


answers from Washington DC on

I used to go away for a weekend once a year with my friends and I attended a week long conference every other year. I left my kids with my husband for all of it.
Needless to say, they didn't miss me until they saw me coming in the door.


answers from San Francisco on

Went on a five day trip, with my husband, when my oldest two were two and four. We were two hours away by plane, about twelve hours by car.
We had an AMAZING time.
They stayed at grandma and grandpa's house and did just fine.
It was for sure harder on me than them, especially the few weeks leading up to the trip, I was a nervous wreck!
But once I got there and realized my kids were fine? I TOTALLY relaxed and enjoyed myself, totally.



answers from Salt Lake City on

When dd was abt 16 months we did our first trip without her. It was 2 nights, I think. She had spend one night away from us before that, at my mom's, but we were available if needed. It was hard to leave her, but it was a great, rejuvenating time.
At 19 months we were gone for 5 days and at 23 months I was gone for 2 weeks, but dh came home after 8 days.
There have been a couple other 3-4 day things since then, but that was definitely the longest.
Video chats are great. If you don't have that available, a phone call helps. It seems, even if they don't really talk back much, hearing your voice is reassuring,

Go, have a great time!



answers from Pittsburgh on

For me, the age that I felt comfortable leaving overnight was 1 1/2, and the length of time dependong who they were with.

My husband and I have done a weekend away (2 nights) almost annually, leaving kiddos with grandparents starting when the baby was 1 1/2. Everyone sees it as a special treat!

And I go to a week-long training course for work every fall (I passed on it when they were under age 1 1/2), and leave them home with DH for 6 days! We skype most days, and everyone is just fine.


answers from Grand Forks on

When my kids were under five I went on a yearly girls weekend, and stayed two nights while the kids stayed with my husband. My husband and I also went away for an overnight twice a year while the kids stayed with a friend. We also went to Vegas for five days while the kids stayed with grandma.



answers from Cincinnati on

I have done a 3 day 2 night weekend get-away with my girlfriends every year since my son was 3. He stayed with the husband and is fine.

My thoughts are that you go and enjoy yourself and not worry or feel guilty about leaving your 3 year old with the husband even if he has to ask for help. You deserve a break away once in awhile regardless of working or not. Besides, if he helped make the child, then he should have to help watch him. Both will survive and you will not scar either of them for the rest of their lives.

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