What Is the Going Rate for Babysitting Two Kids???

Updated on July 16, 2010
K.H. asks from Denton, TX
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Hi Mamas,

I have two children ages almost 3yrs and a one month old. I am wondering what the going rate for a babysitter would be? I have a girl in mind that happens to be an assistant teacher at my childs school. She is awesome and my little one loves her. She said she babysits on the weekends and when I asked what she charged she said whatever I wanted to pay her. So my question is what would you pay her to watch two kids and what would you pay her to watch only my one month old? This would only be on Friday evenings, or Saturdays, or Sundays, from time to time. Our family loves to go to the lake and our little newborn probably wouldn't like it much. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

I also live in Denton, TX, so from a regional standpoint, we're the same. When I had one child, I paid $6/hr. When I had two kids, I paid $8/hr. With three, I pay $10/hr. This is seems to be about the going rate with all of my friends in this area, too. Hope that helps!

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answers from Dallas on

I pay my sitter(per her charge) $7/hr. for 2 kids, ages 2.5 and 6. We usually give her a little more each time. The sitter is 16 yrs. old. For an infant that small and someone who is a little older, I would probably say at least $10/hr. would be a good rate for both.



answers from Kansas City on

It sounds like she is very experienced so I would probably do about $10 an hour for one child and $15 an hour for two children. It also depends on what the going rate is in your area. You can check around at some drop off baby-sitting places in your area and compare prices. That will give you an idea what the going rate is, and you will know for sure that you are not too high or too low.



answers from Detroit on

Well I am blessed my sitters only charge me 7-8 dollars per hour. and i have two boys. 4 and 2....Thank God I dont live in a $$$ area..



answers from Johnstown on

It all depends on how long you are looking at for her and how much "awake time" she will have the wee ones. If it's close to bedtime, and she's a responsible adult and not a teenager with little to no experience, I would say $35-$40. If she's going to have the children for several hours and it requires alot of attention from her, I would give her atleast $50.



answers from Detroit on

we pay our babysitter $8/hr for one child (she is 18)...



answers from Atlanta on

$13-$15 per hour for two kids; $10-$12 for just one baby.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I'd have a hard time paying less than $10/hour for such a responsible adult. And I don't mean, what the market will bear, I just mean it wouldn't feel right. In my area (Salt Lake City) nannies are paid $10-12/hour, going up from there, but $10 at the low end. I suppose a nice round number would work too, assuming the hourly wage isn't that far off from $10. So, if she worked a Saturday for nine hours (is it a full-day trip?) you could probably get away rounding down to the nearest $20 ($80). Around here anyways. And you may want to run it by her before you go. She'll probably say that's fine, and do it for you. If she thinks its too low, she just won't be available next time.



answers from Chicago on

In the Chicago area the rate would be about $12-15/hour. Hope your area's less! =)

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