What Is the Difference Between Canker Sore and HandFootMouth??

Updated on May 28, 2013
M.J. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hello moms...
My daughter seemed to be gettin over something for the past fee days... Tonight at dinner she was saying something in her mouth hurts... I looked, and there is one little red spot with a little white blister looking thing... Just one in her whole mouth... Is it HandFootMouth??? Or just a canker sore... I googled images, but what I see online is severe cases, nothing like what she has... No fever, no cold, really... Nothing on her feet or hands...She was crabby all weekend, an now this new development... Any advice?? Anyone's kids ever had that??

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answers from Los Angeles on

just one is probably a canker sore though I would look in her mouth for the next few days to see if more pops up. my son had a version of the handfootmouth and he had a whole bunch of canker sores when he had it. couldn't eat at all (which was so sad bc he loves to eat!). just keep an eye on it. she could just be tired (which makes canker sores appear)

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answers from New York on

A canker sore is just that a sore. HFM disease is many sore all over. Kid is usually miserable. Cannot eat because the sore hurt so much. Fever too sometimes.

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answers from Washington DC on

You can have your daughter gargle with warm salt water - that will help disinfect any sores she may have in her mouth.

A canker sore is an ulcer in your mouth. It is typically red with a white border. It is painful. No fever is associated with a canker sore.

Hand Foot and Mouth is also known as Coxsackie Virus - which is accompanied by high fevers, drooling and refusal to drink or eat. With HFM - there is typically a rash or white spots on the feet and hands as well as the mouth.

Hand Foot and Mouth usually does NOT occur in people OVER the age of 6. It's possible. But not common.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Since it's only one, I am tempted to say canker sore. Does it hurt?
I got a few canker sores as a kid and I remember them hurting?

If she only stays with having just one I think you will be fine to just wait it out...but...if she gets more OR it doesn't go away in a couple days, it might be time for a visit to her pediatrician?

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answers from Miami on

Hand Foot and Mouth are blisters (fluid filled, then scabbed) on the hands, feet and mouth. By "feet", they mean backs of the legs right up to the tush. It's gross. It went through our house in March. You'd know it if she had it.

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answers from New York on

Look closely at her hands and feet. See if you see any.

Whatever it may or may not be - if its HFM - it's super contagious. I got it from my daughter and was SO SICK!! Sores on my hands hurt and my throat - ugh. And the fever, too!! Wash your hands a lot!



answers from Kansas City on

I think time will tell.
The crankiness, some fever can start a few days before the blisters happen.
Keep an eye on it!


answers from Williamsport on

My kids got hand foot mouth and had little red blemishes all over externally on their mouths, feet and hands. Actually one had them only on mouth. It is usually harmless (unless a severe case) and passes, so no worries, but yours doesn't sound like hand foot mouth.



answers from New York on

I think it something your going to have to wait out. Coxsackie virus can present itself different in everyone. Some children get sicker than others. It does look more like blisters, and it also comes with extreme crankiness. It is possible the fever hasn't come yet. I would give some Tylenol for pain, if she is uncomfortable. If it is a canker sore doc may be able to give you something to help heal it. The blisters, if it is Coxsackie can come in between the fingers and toes also. Wouldn't hurt to call the doc just to get his or her opinion. Good luck!!

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