What Is the Best Way to Sell Baby Clothes?

Updated on April 16, 2010
B.D. asks from Arlington, TX
12 answers

Ebay? Consignment? Craig's list?

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I have been selling on Ebay for a while I like to put all clothing of the same size in a LOT and sell on Ebay. I also like consignment. I use Cragislist for larger items that are hard to ship or lug around to a store... Apri J

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Have you looked at the consignment sale called Divine Consign. I've shopped with them and consigned with them for a couple of years. They have great selection and are very easy to consign with. Check them out at www.divineconsign.net.

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I just discovered Once Upon a Child in Flower Mound. I took a bunch of stuff in and traded for some new clothes. It was great fun and very easy. You can trade out (which means you don't have to pay tax on what you take home) or just sell to them. Anything they don't buy they will donate to charity.

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The best way to sell used kids clothes in my opinion is JBF. Just Between Friends is a twice a year consignment sale. There is a spring/summer sale and a fall/winter sale. It is a great deal! I buy all my kids clothes there for the season and re sell what they've outgrown from the past year. It's pretty easy to break even doing this. There are a few sales aroung the metroplex, but I go to the Ft. Worth one...it has gotten REALLY big so there is tons to pick from! Here is the website:


Hope that helps!

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I am an eBay trading assistant. If it is boutique, custom, or high end retail clothing, in excellent condition, then eBay is your best bet.

If it's just everyday clothing, you can try to sell it in a lot (a big set) on eBay, or Craigslist.

Consignment is another good route for high end stuff. You'll get more for your clothes if you accept store credit.
I have taken to just giving away my everyday stuff. It's not worth much, and I feel good knowing someone is getting good use out of it.



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I love Ebay! It's the way to go if you have namebrand clothing to sell.

Craigslist is not the best way. The two times I tried to sell stuff I got bombarded with emails from people wanting me to just GIVE them the clothes for free. Then when someone said they were coming over, they never showed up. Frustrating.

Consignment places like Once Upon a Child is good, they give you 50% of what they plan on selling it for in the store. But they are PICKY, namebrand and only clothes in season are allowed.

The big consignment sales take a lot of work, but I hear great things about them.

I say go for Ebay. Take LOTS of pictures, it's a big selling point!



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I've used both ebay and consignment and have done well with both. I usually place more expensive, name brand clothing on ebay, and less expensive items on consigment, this way I get my money's worth out of them!




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Craig's list. All are equal treatment. Ebay is pro buyer
not pro seller or even equal. If the buyer changes their
mind and wants to be cruel, it is you the seller who
gets the raw end of it. I know a couple who sold a high
end toaster on ebay. It was not used. The buyer took
a hammer to it. When they got it back, they could see
the signs and angles. They were unable to get ebay
to even listen to what they had returned. Take
pictures of anything you sell on ebay. It did not matter
that they had a picture of it on ebay. Ebay did not
even choose to say it was damaged in transit. The seller
had to pay back what the price of sale was plus postage
and handling a second time, as well as a fee to ebay.
Now their rating has Zip, zero. They said they would
not recommend ebay and would not use it again.
If you don't want to have the the price bidded up, do
craig's list.



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In lots on ebay or at Just Between Friends Consignment (JBF) sale. It takes place twice a year.



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When I lived up your way, I loved Once Upon a Child. They buy it so no waiting for it to sale. You take it in, they put it in the computer and come up with prices for it all.

I am not certain what part of Ft Worth you are in, but I used to live in Grapevine, and there is one off of Hwy 121, It is either considered Bedford or Euless-maybe even Colleyville. They used to have a website. I really like to buy there too. There is one in Flower Mound too... I miss them, the nearest one down here is on the other side of Houston :(

Ebay is ok, people just complain too much in my opinion... craigslist is free, but you have to meet the people or invite them to your house to get it.

Just my thoughts...Good luck...



answers from Austin on

You could also try The Pumpkin Patch.They buy clothes and shoes.

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