What Is the Best Steam Cleaner for Your Carpet?

Updated on October 09, 2008
A.F. asks from Huntington, UT
13 answers

We are looking for a new steam cleaner. Does anyone have any that they really like. Thanks.

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answers from Denver on

I have the Bissel proheat 2x and it is GREAT! My neighbor has the model before it and EVESRYBODY has borrrowed it because it does such a great job! They sell it at Sam's, the bx and I hear at Wal-Mart too. Definitely stick with bissel!

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answers from Denver on

I'm not sure about the carpet cleaner. I rent one. The best cleaner is a mixure of Krud cutter (Home Depot) and carpet cleaner mixed with a little water. When I had carpet I kept a spray bottle handy and it took out everything.
C. B



answers from Great Falls on

My sister has a Dyson and loves it. I'm not sure I spelled that right. But she won't go back to a regular machine again. Good Luck!!!



answers from Missoula on


I also own a Bissel hot water steam cleaner and it totally does the job for the regualar type use, but when I want to really get it done I rent one of the heavy duty ones, they work great!

On the cleaning solution, for stains or really high traffic yucky areas I always use oxy-clean. 1-2 scoops in really hot water until it desolves then mix that with cold water before putting solution into the cleaner (hot water sets a stain - kind of a contradiction as my steam cleaner is a hot water cleaner I know, what are you going to do?). I also like using the Bissel lavender scent cleaner as well, nice soft scent and doesn't leave carpet feeling coated.

Hope this helps.




answers from Denver on

They have a steam cleaner at costco -- easy to use, pretty inexpensive and does an amazing job! We had a cat, a dog and a baby -- and the condo we lived in had white carpet -- kept it so clean -- and it does furniture as well! I want to say it is a Bissell upright -- use it like a vaccuum but you have to add cleaner (also sold at Costco or Target) and water.



answers from Provo on

We just bought the Bissel Pro Heat 2X. Looking at all of the other ones this one seemed to be the best for the money and it had lots of brushes and they were a little stiffer and came into contact with the carpet better than the other brands.

I was very surprised how well it worked. I was also a little horrified at the dirt that came out of my carpet. We did a super high traffic area like six times and it kept coming up black. It is better now but ewh!

We choose this particular model because of features and design. It was really easy to load and empty and seemed to have the best brush contact with the carpet and best suction/extraction design. We got the middle model. It has two roller brushes with five rows of brushes on each roller. There was one with only one row of brushes that was 50 dollars cheaper and one with one more row of brushes per roller for a hundred dollars more. We paid 189.00 at Walmart. We looked a few places and that was the cheapest price. The two main brands we came across were Hoover and Bissel. Initially my husband really liked the Hoover. It had 4 or 5 circular brushes that would spin in a circle next to each other but the bristles didn't seem as stiff to me and they didn't come into as good of contact with the carpet in my opinion. It had two kind of clunky seemingly easy to splash and spill containers for the clean and dirty water.

The Bissel had one that had a cleaver design it had flexible bladder inside a hard outer compartment. The clean water went inside the bladder and as it was used the dirty water being extracted displaced it out side of the bladder. Despite the clever design it was super easy to clean. It rinsed right out.

Though I've had it less than a week I would give a solid recommendation for it.

Good luck with the carpets. I have six children and a portion of un-landscaped area in my yard as well as a portion of wetland and a area with chickens and a couple of rabbits it is amazing the dirt that is brought in. We also have two cats that live inside. My point in all of this is that this cleaner seemed to be equal to the task. It has been 3 years since I've had my carpets professionally cleaned so as you can imagine it was horrible. The carpet is dark green so it hides a lot of sins but not all of them. There become a point where it can hide no more.

It was kind of a snap decision to buy it. My husband was cleaning up some salsa that the kids had spilled in the super high traffic area near the kitchen as he was sitting there having an up close and personal experience with the grime he said to me I think I'm having a carpet emergency. I said to him I've been having one for months so if you are on board getting a cleaner lets go!



answers from Missoula on

Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge
Comes w/attachments to clean stairs and upholstry.
Really easy to use and very satisfying cleaning job! Doesn't soak the carpets and dries quickly. Fluffs up the carpet.
Bought mine through Amazon.com and got FREE Shipping! On sale right now for $140 :)



answers from Denver on

And, if you can afford it, pull up all your carpet, replace with wood or tile. You wil love it in the end and feel less sick if you are in that farm environment. I use a Bissel steam mop on my hardwoods and love it as it is quick, clean, non-chemical and dris fast so the kids don't slip on it. Oh, and a farm friend of mine set up a mud porch. they leave their coats and boots out there. The kids pretty much wear goolashes most of the time. there are no shoes allowed inside. I do the same with racks in the grage by the door and a basket for "clean' school shoes inside the door. then a peg rack inside both doors for jackets and backpacks. sure wish I culd get an official mud room with cubbies.



answers from Albuquerque on

i have a bissell steam cleaner with a hose attachment for cleaning drapes and furniture. it wirks great, and the bissell brand claning solution has scoth guard it to protect your carpets even more. good luck



answers from Salt Lake City on

I had the bissell and didn't like it as the button would stick and it would keep spraying my carpet until i whacket it as hard as i could. this was 4 yrs. ago so maybe they have changed it. i now have the hoover spinbrush and love it. the suction is great. i also have a bissell little green machine. that is THE best for small area clean up and stairs. i get it out once a month on small accidents or spills. check feedback on them on amazon.happy cleaning! little gadgets keep our job fun.



answers from Denver on

I bought a Bissel 9500 proheat cleanshot 2x. I did my entire house last week including carpet, upholstery, stairs. I have 2 small kids and 2 dogs so my carpets get stained and dirty. It took out all of my stains and heavy dirt areas. If you go to amazon.com and search carpet cleaners and scroll down to find it (its the red one), you will see so many great reviews to read about it. I highly suggest it and I have had 2 other machines in the past. I bought mine at bed bath and beyond and used the 20% off coupons that come in the mail. Saved me $60.



answers from Denver on

I hear ya on the carpet! I borrowed a Bissell upright from a friend last fall to clean my carpets! It was amazing what that thing picked up!! LORDY! She also told me a secret of putting a little Oxy clean in with the cleaner and hot water. My carpet looked amazing and it wasn't really that damp afterwards. I really liked how easy it was to use, like a vacuum and it did a great job!



answers from Pocatello on

I just purchased the new Bissell Pro Heat that is designed for Pets. I've seen it at the stores for around $300, but I bought mine on ebay for less than half that. It's the greatest carpet cleaner ever! My friend used it last week, and said that her carpets looked better than using a rug doctor. It's extremely easy, not too big and bulky, and not too heavy either. I'm thinking that my mom told me that these Bissell Pro Heats are at the top of the Consumer Reports carpet cleaner list. Good Luck!

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