What Is the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Device?

Updated on February 23, 2011
K.U. asks from Fort Worth, TX
6 answers

I'm ready for something new! Right now I have 15 month old twins who destroy the hardwood floors at each meal. After each meal, I sweep or vacuum the dry mess, then mop the goopy stuff afterward. I have the Shark Steam Mop, but I'm not overly impressed with it. Has anyone used one of the sweep and steam combo mops? I know this is a temporary phase with toddlers and food messes, but I'd love to simplify my floor cleaning routine since I'm doing it 3 times a day!!! :)

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answers from Sacramento on

Just get one of those "splat mats" from Babies R Us (or for the downscale version, get a plastic painting drop cloth at Home Depot and cut it to size!). Put it under the high chair to catch the mess, then rinse it off in the sink afterward. Problem solved!

To answer your specific question about cleaning hardwood, I have never found anything better than a basic cotton mop and Pine Sol, and I've had hardwood floors as long as I can remember and in many different houses. But that's a pain to do 3 times per day. Definitely go with a splat mat.

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answers from Dallas on

My Roomba keeps my world in check. With a little one, three dogs, and two cats. I feel your pain. My Roomba keeps my world in check. We schedule it to run and it takes off.



answers from Tyler on

I second the idea of putting something down on the floor. It's a LIFE saver.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

My grandmother always put down an old sheet for us . . . other than that I don't have much input. I loved my steam mop, had it for almost 4 years before I broke the handle and now I'm looking at getting one of those sweep and steam combos. Can't wait to hear some more input on those!



answers from Honolulu on

We have hardwood floors.

We were told by the flooring Rep. that it should not be cleaned with anything "wet." It will or can de-laminate the flooring.
Or, at the most, with a DAMP mop, or vinegar and water.

Ideally, your flooring should be Varathaned? A sealant over it.
If not, then yes, it can get stained. Be harder to clean.

I would, call a flooring place, and ask them.



answers from Portland on

I have tried several different things and I have to say that a Hoover Floormate is the best thing out there. You can get carpet cleaners that do hard wood floors, but they are bigger and harder to get out and clean. The Floormate is small, compact, and you don't have to rinse it out every day. I would recommend every other day or three though because it can start to smell in the dirty water tank. You can buy the soap that is made for it, or you can use vinegar and water. Both work really well. Just don't buy non-Hoover soap or it will eat the o-ring and you will have a drippy mess. (I learned that one the hard way). My mom, sister, and sis-in-law have all gotten one because they love them so much. Costco had a coupon for them in their coupon book for them this month, but you can also get them at Walmart or any other major store. I have a 15 month old, only one thank goodness, but I can't imagine not having one of these! Spend the $120. Oh, and it does wet/dry/scrub pickup. So, you can pull it out when a cup of juice spills, or when the whole bowl of cereal and milk goes down. Much less hassle than trying to use a spill mat that you have pick up and rinse off in the sink.

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