What Is the Best Baby VIDEO Monitor Out There?

Updated on April 08, 2008
C.V. asks from Aliso Viejo, CA
6 answers

I am looking to find a great video monitor which also has audio capabilities. Does anyone have one that they love? Or, hate (so I can stay away from it)?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. I purchased the Summer 7" flatscreen video/audio and I LOVE it! I am considering also buying the handheld one for portability.

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answers from Honolulu on

I dont know baout best..but I bought the affordable summner brand video monitor. It came with one camera and a little TV monitor. It was $100 and I've used it evey day for the last 30 months of my daughters life nad it rocks. The only thing I wish mine had was sound as well. So that would be a good feature to look for. I've seen fisher price has one with a handheld monitor, that would be neat. But the sumner worked and still works great with no problems ever..just wish it had sound as well. Good luck searching..the video moitors just give you a lot more piece of mind to not only hear your baby but see them too.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I have the Summer video monitor and so far I love it! My son is almost 10 months old and we use it daily. It is black and white but the picture is so clear I can even see him breath! The audio is also really clear and has volume control. Good luck!

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answers from San Diego on

Hi C.,
I CAN NOT live without my Summer Video Audio monitor. It is TERRIFIC and I TOTALLY feel comfortable with my little one sleeping in her bed and me running out to the garage because the monitor part is mobile. It has a belt clip as well as a stand that you can place anywhere. I have never picked up anyone other than my baby on it..maybe its because there are no other babies in my neighborhood. DEFINATELY buy it!! My daughter slept in her crib MUCH earlier than I planned just cuz I could see AND HEAR her BREATHING!! Thats how sensitive it is:)
Grab a coupon and go get it!!:)



answers from Los Angeles on

i bought the summer handheld video and audio monitor (you can turn the sound off) and i love it. you can carry it around with you - the screen is small but i can see everything i need to see. i think it was about $165 but i registered for it and got it as a shower gift. i plug it in and keep it next to my pillow at night (our baby is in her crib in the nursery). i highly recommend it.



answers from San Luis Obispo on

I have a Bebe monitor and its terrific! We have a two story house and my baby's room is up stairs. We can do yard work outside and see our son sleeping in his crib in this monitor. It's great!



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a "Summer" video/audio monitor that I really like. It shows color video in the day and black and white at night. But there is one issue that I think everyone with a video monitor has-- it is possible that when you change the channel (there are two on the hand set), that you will pick up another child's crib . I can see another baby on my second channel, which probably means that they can see my baby. It bothered me at first but now I really don't care and I turn off the video camera when I am not using it. It costs about $160 at Babies R Us, but I know they have coupons for 15% off of one item, which you could use for the camera. Good luck!

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