What Is the Appropraite Amount of $ I Should Give a Friend's High Sch Grad as A

Updated on June 02, 2010
K.S. asks from Anna, TX
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I have two friends with kids graduating this Friday and I was not sure how much is appropriate to give as a gift at their graduation party.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The parents are good friends and one of the kids babysits for me at times.

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So What Happened?

Thank you evryone for your great advice. I have been torn about the amount, but from what you guys have said I am feeling better about giving between $25-$50. I also love the idea of a tool kit.

Again, thanks for the help. - K.

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answers from Dallas on

I usually give $25 to kids of friends. I reserve the bigger amounts for family members such as cousins kids, neices, nephews etc. And for those family members I give $50.00.

I'm capable of giving much more so my financial situation doesn't really dictate the amount I give. I see it more of as a token to acknowledge the accomplishment rather than to help them out financially because usually their parents or familys take care of them in that way.

There was a couple of times I gave more, but the situation was that the person graduating didn't have family or were really in some type of hardship. The young person is usually thrilled to get the $25.00.

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answers from Springfield on

We just gave our neighbor $50. He is a great kid, always respectful and watches out for the little ones. We figured he could put it towards gas, books, new school needs, etc.
I think any amount would be fine because they shouldn't expect anything and when put together with what others give it will amount to lots anyway.
Best Wishes!

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answers from St. Louis on

I usually give at least $20, even to my own nephews & nieces. I like the idea of gift cards. One to the mall, movie theater or even one that could be used for gas would be nice for a high school graduate.



answers from Amarillo on

It would depend on your relationship with the kids. I recently had this problem and gave one more than the other because I knew the first from age 8 on and just met the second the day of graduation (friend of the grad's) and wanted her to have something. They had a joint dessert social reception at the second's home that afternoon and I felt a bit strange giving to one and not the other. Either way they will be happy to get money to put toward a book or computer or such. The other S.



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I always give the amount of the year they graduate. for example some one graduating this year got a check for $20.10. Next year's graduates will receive $20.11. I think it is an appropriate amount and always a conversation starter. Makes for some interesting thank you notes including one boy who never did understand, perhaps he did not actually earn his degree.



answers from Dallas on

okay, um wow, I think I am going to be the cheap person here. I think this ALL depends on your personal situation. Me? I'm a SAHM with 5 kids and only one income. I would probably give any non-family member $20 or $25. If it were a family member I'd probaby give $50. Now I feel kinda cheap, but if a kid has good character, he/she would be grateful for any amount.

BTW, I think $100 is WAY too much for a graduation gift, in my opinion. What about people who have 3 or 4 friends graduating? How could a person budget for that, just for gifts?



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I think a child should be appreciative for whatever amount you give. After all it is a "gift". We gift nieces and nephews $100.00 at graduation. My godson just graduated and for him we gave $60.00 because we were so busy that we missed his birthday this year. He is a good kid and headed to college so we figured it would help out with supplies. Just give what you can and if the child has been raised to appreciate his/her many blessings than any amount will do. If you're on a budget and can afford $20.00 I would give $20. Whatever you give, give it because you want and can afford the amount.



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This year I have two Daughters who graduate, one from College & one from High School.
My daughter who graduated from College (May) was receiving $100.00 cash or check and items from being registered @ her favorite store for items for her apartment (she will be moving into this weekend)

& the one who is graduating from High School any where from $25.00 - $100.00. Cash is always good due to mom & dad not supporting the new adult now. = )
Whatever you can afford & depends on how close they are to you I am sure they would appreciate whatever you want to give. They may also like a solid advice letter about life from you (your heart) for that matter, we could all use a little direction.
Good luck!

Personally, I have several of my high school daughter's friends and really close friends who are graduating from her school & some from different high schools & I sent the friends $25.00 & the really close friends $50.00 with a nice well meaning card.



answers from Dallas on

We have always given our friends' kids a nice, crisp 50 dollar bill in a card. For some reason, this seems like the right amount and the grads are always thankful for cash.
Our youngest daughter is graduating this Friday, so this was an interesting post for me to read. I will be racing around like a chicken with my head cut off for the next two days! Enjoy the party! - C.



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It just depends what you can afford. I've learned this year that people are expecting much more out of gifts! Wedding gifts are now running upwards of $100, and graduates are expecting $50-$100 gifts. I just cannot afford this. My niece is getting married, and I spent $50 on her gift (I am spending about $1,000 for myself and my 2 girls to serve in her wedding), and my nephew who is graduating I gave $20. I know I may be deemed "cheap", but I don't work in the summer, so this is what we can do right now. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

I would say $25-$50.



answers from Philadelphia on

How well do you know them? Maybe offer a gift certificate instead.



answers from Abilene on

Of course, it all depends on your financial situation as well as how close you are to the grads. Since we give to several each year, our limit has always been $10-15 in the form of a gift (usually a toolkit)! It may not be what they're "expecting" but who says you have to give money anyway? Who's gonna remember the cash or what they did with it -- but they use the tools for years (we've had several come back to tell us it was so useful when they moved into the dorm or apartment).

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