What Is LEO?

Updated on December 07, 2014
C.D. asks from Bremen, GA
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Hello Ladies,

I'm pretty ignorant to net lingo. So will you please tell me what LEO means and is it always capitalized? I've seen it a few times lately. If you want, go ahead and share anything else new as to this language.

Thanks!! In advance.

Peace Out,

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I had no idea it could mean so many things B - thanks for taking time. Thanks WW, LOL just meant I'm ignorant in this area. And yes I did see a mom's post with this, but then I saw if a couple times after that. I guess I should've put it together but I just call LEO police so it just didn't gel for me. But now I know.

Okay, I just read another post and so quickly went through the rest and clicked the link to the LEO question -- well, I had no idea because I didn't look at it before and honestly I like others, thought she was talking about the fire sign of Leo. She misunderstood Wild Woman and I wasn't sure what to think of it or why she would say that, she practically attacked her. Well, anyway just sayin'.

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answers from Atlanta on

Yeah, I commented on the LEO post. Seems like she was borderline flaming and I so stated.

When I first saw the subject line, I thought she was talking about the zodiac. So I opened it up to read as Tyler is a Leo. Nope. She wanted to know if people were married to law enforcement.

I love to learn and I can learn some really good things from mom's on here!!

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answers from Norfolk on

According to http://www.acronymfinder.com LEO has 28 acronyms and can stand for (ranging from most popular to least popular):

LEO Low Earth Orbit
LEO Leopard (German tank)
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LEO Law Enforcement Online
LEO Link Everything Online
LEO Literacy Education Online
LEO Law Enforcement Organization
LEO Lyons Electronic Office
LEO Long-term Ecosystem Observatory
LEO Law Enforcement Office (National Park Service)
LEO Launch and Early Orbit
LEO Leadership Experience Opportunity
LEO Local Exchange Officer
LEO Leading Empowered Organisations (leadership initiative, nursing)
LEO Lose Electrons Oxidation
LEO Let Export Order
LEO Leaders of East Orlando (Florida, USA)
LEO Low Energy Orbit
LEO Listen, Enrich, Optimize (business consulting process)
LEO Low Elliptical Orbit
LEO Logistics and Engineering Operations
LEO Local Exchange Order
LEO Labour Enforcement Officer (India)
LEO Lake Environmental Outreach
LEO Local Economic Opportunities (Kingston, NY)
LEO Lingua Et Opinio (electronic journal; German)
LEO Learn English Online
LEO Los Elfos Oscuros (Spanish: The Dark Elves)


You're welcome!
Just for fun I tried finding the acronym with the most meanings.
So far, ACS comes in first with 329!


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answers from Washington DC on


You are NOT ignorant. Stop.

LEO in all caps - usually refers to a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Police. Cop. Fuzz (I think that dates me)

Leo - would NORMALLY mean a Leo from the astrology/horoscope side. I think you are referring to the post where a W. asked if there were any spouses of LEO's?? She was referring to Law Enforcement Officers.

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answers from St. Louis on

LEO all caps is always law enforcement officer. I don't use the term, seems like people who use it are trying to project some image that they are on the inside unlike us outsiders that say cop or officer.

I know a lot of cops, had a friend killed in the line of duty, heck my great uncle was killed in the line of duty forever ago. Her question struck me as wahh I don't feel as important as the wives of police in St Louis!! I found her question, as simple as it was, insulting. My city is being destroyed, anyone jealous of the attention the police wives are getting here has a screw loose!

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answers from Dallas on

Law enforcement officer ?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

At this time if you see it or hear it they're talking about the law officers of any type, it's the general abbreviation for anyone that's a law official right now.

I use Leo as a shortened version of Leotard. Referring to a dance leo or gymnastics leo.

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answers from Boston on

Somebody put a question up about this - I didn't know either but someone specified Law Enforcement Officer. I think it covers more than "police" such as ATF and DEA officers, for example.

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