What Is in Your Easter Baskets?

Updated on April 14, 2017
Z.B. asks from Toledo, OH
18 answers

It's a bit of a silly question, but I haven't been shopping yet. I will buy some candy, but I like to have a few non-edible items.

What do you like to buy for Easter?

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answers from Chicago on

My kids are 9 and 7.
This year I filled their baskets with:

vibrating toothbrushes and kiddo fun toothpaste
post it notes
new pencils
a little stuffed animal each
silly string
2 suckers each
a little pack of donuts they like (like the mini powedered ones)
a fresh notebook for writing/drawing
hair gel for my son to play with, clips for my daughter
and EOS lip balms for each.

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answers from San Francisco on

I usually did new markers, crayons, stickers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc. in addition to candy. Oh, and a few paperback or comic books.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter is 22 and I STILL make her original Easter basket up yearly.

Her favorite chocolate is Godiva so that is always in there.

Last year I got the Godiva stuffed Easter bunny because it was so soft. I did not realize until I was at my daughter's condo and I saw the bunny by her bed with her music box with memories of my husband and she said it has a polo shirt on just like dad's. She treasures that bunny!! I also got an edible arrangement for her because she loves fruit. Of course her card had her favorite of all Cash! I also fill the plastic eggs with her favorite candies.

This year, I am getting Godiva again, filling eggs and cash.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

My kid is grown but I still do a small Easter basket for her, and if she is with anyone, her partner.
One year, I went to the dollar store and filled baskets with water guns, soap bubbles, Pez, and a small chocolate bunny.
This year, her basket will contain panties featuring some of her favorite fictional characters (Princess Leia, Belle, Wonder Woman, Jack Skellington, Oscar the Grouch, Pikachu) and a Godiva rabbit. Her boyfriend will also get a Godiva rabbit. My husband's basket will contain a set of wind chimes and a Godiva rabbit.

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answers from Portland on

I kind of use it as a chance to replace our gear every spring - so basketball, soccer ball, football, skipping rope, chalk, hula hoop, snorkel set .. that kind of thing.

For us it's mostly the hunt. I stick some coins in some of the eggs too.

They usually get new summer weight pyjamas or boxers.

Smaller Lego sets. The latest Beanie Boo. One is getting a replacement phone case (1/2 price).

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answers from Reno on

My mother in law does the baskets as it is her favorite time of year. My kids are 14 and 12. She did Beanie Boos this year, some lego mini figure packs, jump ropes, always does bubbles, just fun little stuff. and a chocolate bunny. She has so much fun doing it.

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answers from Portland on

Kiddo's asked for a book, so that's going in.
Also, some little $2 Minecraft figures because he's all about the game. And yeah, the bunny is bringing a bit of candy too.

We aren't going crazy with it because his birthday is the following day. That said, our favorites are less about the candy and more about coloring eggs and hunting for them. Easter egg hunts are the best!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pens, notebooks, swimming googles, beach ball (not blown up! lol) yo-yo, card game, pokemon or other collectible cards,

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answers from Philadelphia on

In addition to candy, I bought my 18 yo 5 new dresses, jewelry and sunglasses. My 14 yo is getting a new straightening iron in her basket and a bike. (She'll pick out the bike herself on Saturday though)

Usually, I just include things in their Easter basket I would have bought them anyway but now I can call it their Easter gift.πŸ˜‰

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answers from Milwaukee on

I was at Target recently - they have the $1/3/5 sales bins @ the front of the store. I bought a pair of bunny-themed socks for each of my nieces (ages 3 & 5 1/2).

My G-ma is currently in rehab following a neurological illness, and I found an activity package that has a wood-block cutout with holes, & laces to "sew" around the bunny. (she is still working on developing fine-motor skills, so it's perfect! but would also work for kids)

In addition, they have activity books, coloring books, & markers - good for older children. T. :)

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answers from Honolulu on

For fun, dh and I just mailed a priority mail box to our ds, who lives in Texas (he's 28, happily employed in a great field). Ds loves spicy food, the spicier the better (like habanero and ghost pepper sauces). He's a vegetarian and eats very healthy, but loves to turn up the heat on anything he cooks (he's a great cook). So I filled the box with goofy green "grass". Dh and I went to a Japanese store and bought super spicy snacks and treats, and most of them are not in English (and ds knows not one word of Japanese) . This is some of what we found:

Pistachios coated in wasabi, so they're super hot

A bag of hot ginger candy

A weird little box of something with a goofy anime character on it and lots of cartoon Japanese words and silly pictures. There was a sticker on it that said "spicy candy for eat" but we have no idea what's in it.

Three different bottles of hot sauce, made in Belize, exported to Japan and then here. They say "danger" on them. But the ingredients are in English as well as some other languages, and they contain things like ghost peppers, lime, carrots and horseradish. We bought a bottle for us to try and brave dh tried it, and he thought (when his head stopped being on fire) that they were actually delicious. Way too spicy for us, but ds will pour it over food like it was ketchup.

So that's what is in my ds' "Easter basket". He'll laugh and enjoy it.

Dd doesn't need candy (she will easily overdo it on sugar if she gets the chance), but I bought one little carrot-shaped bag of orange Reese's pieces, and then I got her some lip glosses (found some with the Marvel characters she loves) and a DVD.

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answers from Springfield on

a pair of fun socks, repalce crayons or pencils or markers, a toy car, a stuffed animail chapstick, candy, stickers, bubbles, and stationary are all things my kids find in their baskets. (i don't do them my mother in law does) we do a chocolate bunny and a coloring or painting book

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We are low-key. Each kid gets a chocolate bunny, some of the wrapped chocolate eggs, and a small toy - this year, it's a rubix cube for one and small superhero action figure set for the other. We'll also have a plastic eggs hidden all over the house filled with gummies and jelly beans.

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answers from Rochester on

My kids each get a devotional book each year. This year I also have a movie for each of them and solar robots that I got for a great deal!

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answers from Seattle on

My kids are 6, 11, and 14. Am I a terrible person?
I get a bunch of eggs, fill them with candy, hide them, and that's what they get!
Then we go to my SIL's house with the rest of my family and do a HUGE egg hunt outside and then hang out at their house and then have an early big family dinner.
I don't do easter baskets. I mean, they have a basket for all of their eggs, but I don't buy gifts or toys.
My husband and I do not get each other anything.

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answers from San Francisco on

The Easter Bunny still hasn't gone shopping... LOL

DD7 will get candy and probably some Shopkins. YDS and ODS are both just getting candy, although I am sure they'd both rather have cash. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



answers from Los Angeles on

The Easter bunny leaves some fun things in the baskets like pencils for school, DVD, Pokemon cards (I guess because the bunny knows this mom won't buy them), chocolate bunny, sm pkg of Jelly Bellies, chocolate foil wrapped eggs, Cadbury eggs, Reese's eggs, fun Bandaids. Then he hides the eggs we dye out in the backyard for the kiddos to find along with plastic eggs filled w/jelly beans, coins, Kisses. In the mix, he hides ONE big gold plastic egg & ONE big silver plastic egg with cash inside. The baskets hold things from yo-yo's, trading cards, nail polish, chapstick, kid jewelry, Matchbox cards, deck of cards, coloring pens, crayons.. Now that they're older the bunny adds things like Starbucks gift cards (much to mom's chagrin). ;)



answers from Wausau on

Last year it was candy + funny t-shirts, but it is just candy this year. I already hid the baskets. They still like searching for them even though they are teens now. I think it may take them hours to find this year. Bwahaha! In nice weather years, I've hidden the eggs around the house and yard.

When they were little I used to add a small non-candy toy like egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, bubbles, frisbee, ball, etc. Easter is a fun thing for us, but not a big spending occasion.

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