What Is Good to Feed My 6 Month Old Baby That Is on Nutramigen?

Updated on May 26, 2017
T.S. asks from Umatilla, FL
10 answers

Everytime i give her baby good she seems to spit up more and she seems to poop a lot more and runny.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

First, remember that solid food is just for a little practice at this point. Babies under 1 year of age do not need baby food. Nutrition comes from her formula and it's perfectly fine to just give formula until she is 1.

If you really want to try a baby food, I would start on baby oatmeal cereal that you can make with the nutramigen formula. Make it very very runny so it's mostly formula and just a little bit of oatmeal and see how she handles it.

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answers from Miami on

This is a question for your pediatrician. There's a reason why your baby is on Nutramigen. This reason is what will drive the answer to what food she should have. And perhaps you will need to MAKE her baby food rather than buy it pre-made. Talk to your ped, tell him or her what you are doing and how the food affects her. A food diary, including information and times for Nutramigen, food and poops would help...

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answers from Boston on

Since she's on nutramigen it means she couldn't digest the other formulas. This is a big red flag that she may have digestive issues or food allergies that you'll have to work with as she gets older.

Changes in the poop are to be expected as you add food into her eating because she's digesting something different. Work with your ped on a schedule of what foods to introduce and when. Keep a log of what you give her, how much, and what changes you noticed so that you can give good solid info to the ped to figure out the next step.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My kids had nothing but breast milk until they were a year old. Then they went to table food. Sounds like your daughter is not ready and since there is no rush just continue giving her formula or BM.

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answers from Boston on

Welcome to Mamapedia.

Since we don't know anything about you, and you've posted a very vague question, can you elaborate a bit? What have you given your baby? How much? How often? What did your pediatrician advise regarding first foods? Has she not been gaining weight?

This really is a discussion for your child's doctor, but if you've gotten some advice that you disagree with, let us know what that is so we know where to start.


answers from Springfield on

just the nutramigen. nothing more. once the poops are back to normal i would give the bottle. mix a lil bit of rice with the formula and offer that for eating practice AFTER the bottle. my second born refused nearly all baby foods. and was breast fed exclusively till 9 months when she showed interst in foods on her own. she ended up skipping baby foods and went straight to table foods diced up super small.



answers from Oklahoma City on

If you are getting WIC at age 6 months they add rice cereal to your vouchers. That is the ONLY food they add until the baby is a bit older. AND the rice is supposed to be really runny, so they that are getting a little rice but mostly formula. This helps them develop swallowing substance instead of just liquid.

IF our doc has said that you can add food you should ONLY add a few tiny nibbles per day. Why? Your baby's tummy isn't ready for food yet. They can't digest it so it sits there and rots in their tummy and guts. It upsets their tummy and gives them gas and more gas since it isn't digesting right.

Formula is complete food. All they really need until they're older.

Did you know that baby food is only flavored goo? They add a few vitamins to it but as soon as it's cooked it starts loosing all it's nutrients.

It sits on the factory shelf until the trucks come get it, then it goes to the store warehouse until a truck comes to get it, then it goes to the store and sits in the back until they get low on that particular kind. Then it sits on the shelf for who knows how long.

By the time baby food gets on the baby's plate it might be 6 months old and have zero nutrition. The closer it is to the expiration date the less nutrition it has too.

Where did I get my facts? I called either Del Monte or Gerber about some Stage 3 baby food a friend gave me. It had gone out of date the day before she gave it to me. I called the company to find out if it was really risky or just a "sell by" sort of date.

That person that I talked to me told me all this information. They told me that baby food was a tool, NOT FOOD, it's a tool to teach the baby to chew and swallow so that when they get on table food they don't choke so much.

I found out through my own research that fat babies are probably being starved. Right? Sound stupid? It's not if you think about it.

You give your baby some baby food, they gobble it up. Then half an hour later they are hungry again. You give them more empty calories that doesn't give them any nutrition, so they're starving for food again in a few minutes.

You give them a little formula now and then and think you're doing a great job, your baby is getting fat and eating like crazy. But it's the same as giving them candy or celery for their entire daily food intake. Empty calories that add up and add up and add up but no nutrition.

Formula is perfect. It has every nutrient they need, so does breast milk. Always give formula or nurse your baby first then offer tiny tidbits of baby food to help them learn to chew and swallow.

As they get closer to a year old you can cook foods that will be nutritious for them. Cook your own green beans, you can even buy them raw and organic if you have to. I used canned food. Make mashed potatoes, grind up some carrots, use your own food that you bought and cooked.

I used a Pampered Chef Food Chopper to do our kids food when they were small. I hit it 20 times when they were and about times when they were toddlers. They didn't choke on the food when it was that small.

Mash them up or use a blender to get them where your baby can eat them. Add a little formula to them to make them runnier too. You don't want them to try and eat food that's too dry. They won't be able to get it down.



answers from Wausau on

If she is on Nutramigen, she probably has a very sensitive and/or underdeveloped system. That means that she is very unlikely to be ready for solid foods yet. Stick to formula-feed only at this time, no more baby foods. Revisit when she is 9 months old if she seems ready, but know that formula-only is perfectly sufficient for the first 12 months.

My older son didn't eat solids of any consequence until he was crawling, and then he barely had an interest in most things until he was 18+ months. Textures were an issue for him, among other things. His primary nutrition was formula until he was 2.

My younger son had no such issues and took it upon himself to get solid foods as soon as he was physically able to reach for them. His first table food was steak he grabbed off his dad's dinner plate and he gummed it to death with no teeth.

All kids are different so you have to work with the needs of the one that you have, and not off a generic baby-stage rule book. :-)



answers from Springfield on

My son had the same problem. The Dr started him out on Zantac when he was about 3 weeks old. It worked for a while and then just stopped working altogether. He was then put on baby's magic tea. He is 5 months old and we are starting to wean him off of it. It seemed to work really well.


answers from Norfolk on

Formula and/or breast milk.
It doesn't sound like she's ready for solids quite yet.
Our son didn't take to solids till he was almost a year old.
There wasn't any rush.
And yeah, when what goes in (food) changes, then what comes out (poop) is different.
Talk to your pediatrician - they have a lot of good advice.

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