What Is a "MUST DO" in VEGAS???

Updated on July 07, 2011
K.H. asks from Denton, TX
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Hello Mamas,

My husband and I will be going to Las Vegas soon and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on fun things to do while there? We are planning on seeing Cirque de Sol the Love show. My parents said that is a must. And of course gambling, just a little, my husband and I don't like to spend a lot of money like that, but maybe we will hit the big one! Lol. Any other ideas are welcomed and appreciated!


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answers from Atlanta on

Just walking through all of the hotels is something you should definitely do (specifically The Wynn- my personal favorite hotel, Bellagio-Water Show and indoor flowers, Venetian- painted ceilings, prime shopping, and the gondolas, NYNY- decorated like the boroughs in NY, and has a cool roller coaster). I also always take a cab over to the prime outlets and spend a day shopping.

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answers from Boston on

The buffet @ Bellagio is expensive, but awesome! Of all the Cirque du Soleil shows, in Vegas, I liked O the best. Terry Fader's show is pretty good. Blue Man Group is Great. Hoover Dam is very Impressive. Fremont experience is fun... And free. Several casinos have free "shows" every hour or so. I don't know if they're still there,but the animated statues at Caesar's Palace were pretty cool. Be sure and watch the security videos in the airport on your way home. They're cute.

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answers from Washington DC on

oooh my SHOWS!!!!

Tony and Tina's wedding - it's a dinner show and interactive...
Any Cirque show (they are expensive - I think $150 to $300 a pop)
Excalibur has the Thunder from Down Under show (for girls!!!)

ooohhhhh...let me think...I'll find something else!!

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answers from Chicago on

Go see Hoover dam! My husband wanted to go, and I really, really didn't . But, I went along anyway. It really is a beautiful structure and you can tour down inside the dam. Very interesting, and I'm so glad I went!



answers from Dallas on

We loved the Jersey Boys! Great music!



answers from New York on

You MUST go at night to see the water shows in front of the Bellagio. Walk around the Venitean - it's fabulous. The forum shops are nice - but expensive. The pool at Mandalay Bay is awesome.

Go to Freemont Street one night - gamble there - it's cheaper than the big hotels on the strip (they have $5 tables). The light show there is really fun.

See what big acts are playing and go see one.

Go renew your vows at one of the cheesy chapels - perhaps a drive through or have an Elvis impersonator marry you!



answers from Phoenix on

if you want something off strip go see hoover dam.



answers from Abilene on

We stay at Treasure Island and they have a free "siren's" show every night outside the casino. Go to groupon.com and put in Las Vegas as your location. You can get discounts to Hoover Dam. Today's deal is to the Automic Explosion museum. It's $12.00 for 2 people, normally $12.00 a ticket and it's close to the strip. We love the M&M shop, we like to just go thru all the casino's and look at diff stuff. Also, if you get hot and tired, if you go in and just play the slots for a bit, they all offer FREE drinks, so you don't spend a fortune on alcohol or cokes. Buy your chocolate snacks, and drinks at the M&M shop! They are cheaper. We found that all the "nicer" casino's are on one side of the strip and all the GOOD cheaper food is on the other side of the strip! Have fun. We are going back in October!



answers from Detroit on

Red Rock Canyon is breathtaking. It is about 15 miles from the strip. We made reservations through our hotel for a tour of Red Rock and had lunch at the Spring Mountain Ranch.


answers from Redding on

We saw Cirque Du Soleil's KA and Im still in awe of what we saw! It is so different from the other shows. Music is fantastic too. You cant go wrong. When they spend $60million on the set, you know its gonna be good!
Hoover Dam is neat to see.


answers from Chicago on

I've seen Love, and it's really really cool. But more of a group compilation. So if you like Cirque Du Soleil, I'd suggest seeing another one of their shows, too.
Gambling gets old real fast. That leaves you with dinners, clubs and shows, mostly.

Other Cirque shows out there are O, Zumanity and Ka, that I know of.
I'd recommend one of those.


answers from Los Angeles on

I didn't read previous posts, so sorry if I repeat things.

The water show at the Ballagio is awesome.
Ceasar's Palace has an awesome inside mall with gorgeous ceilings and it is really pretty. They have some restaurants you could eat at.
If you go downtown, there is a light show on the mini strip which is pretty cool.
Get the foot long margarita or beer! Bring a lot of alcohol or beer to refill those cups with so you aren't spending 10 bucks every drink. Saves A LOT of money! =)
The Wynn and the Rio both have awesome breakfast buffets if you want to try those out. I believe the Rio is cheaper though.
The Mandalay Bay has a huge shark tank, but I think you have to pay to get in. I hear it is amazing, but I have never been in (wanted to spend that money on booze haha).
If you want to go to a club, Luxor has LAX which I hear is pretty fun, Tao at the Venetian which is super fun, and Pure at Ceasar's Palace.
You can also go to a pool party, like Rehab at Hard Rock, Bare at the Mirage (might be topless) or Tao Beach at the Venetian. I believe those are pretty expensive as well to get into, and even more for guys.

Have fun!!



answers from Lake Charles on

Great rollercoasters at NY NY, Sahara, Stratosphere, and the adventure dome at CIrcus CIrcus!

Freemont street experience at night is great downtown- free

We saw the Cirque show- zumanity...it was GREAT! We also saw a comedy show at Hooters- Very good,a nd we LOVED TOny and tina's wedding!!! That was so much fun!!

If you want to do the touristy things...go to the wax Museum...i think it is in front of the Venetian. We also like the Coca-cola store and M& M store...it's on the strip- can't miss it. NAscar cafe is at the Sahara, not sure if you are into that, but it's a blast during a race. The mall across from the WYnn is great!!! The car museum at the Wynn is neat. The tigers at MGM... I could go on and on!!! Mainly just take one day and walk one side of the strip and go in every hotel and then the next day do the other!

If you get hot...go to the bar 20 below...I thin it's in Mandalay bay. Everything is made of ice!! It is expensive, but we enjoyed the 35 minutes we could hang in there. You are given a fur coat, boots, and hat...and you need it! VEry cool experience!!

Have a blast...I have been 6 times and still have not seen everything!!


answers from Spokane on

We are not big gamblers either but LOVE to go to Vegas :) One of our favorite hotels to go to is the New York New York! We love the roller coaster!!

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