What Is a Level II Ultrasound?

Updated on October 08, 2009
L.M. asks from Savannah, GA
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I went to the doctor today for an ultrasound. I am 24 weeks. All of the organs are healthy, but the baby's weight is low. They want me to have a level II ultrasound. What is a level II ultrasound? What does it show?

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answers from Atlanta on

Had to have one with my second child. I was not any different from a regular ultrasound as far as what they do, they must just use a different machine that can see a whole lot more detail. One of the things they were worried about with us was a heart defect and they were actually able to see the blood moving through her heart and see that all 4 valves were working properly with the level II ultrasound. For us we had to go through genetic counseling before the ultrasound so they knew what to look for and to help prepare us in case they found anything and the genetic counseling was harder than the ultrasound, the ultrasound was a relief when they were able to rule out any of the scarier things they had talked to us about. In the end my daughter was born healthy and though it was a worry to go through it, I am glad that we did.

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answers from Atlanta on

I'm not for sure about level II but with my 2nd son I went to the medical center between regular appts and the ultra sound I had show the baby more detailed. I had extra fluid for him the be in looking further along in months than I really ____@____.com



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A level II ultrasound is a more detailed assessment of the baby...they measure bone growth, the heart, the stomach, head measurements...a lot like a regular one just a lot more measurements...I had one with my 2nd baby...I thought it was going to be a clearer picture, kinda like a 3D, but it isn't...the tech that runs the scan has more education and training (my sister in law does these in Il)...they use these a lot in changing due dates...you might be off a little in your dating of the pregnancy and that could cause a smaller baby...this ultrasound will find that out...but most importantly DON'T WORRY!!!!



answers from Atlanta on

Same type of thing, just they can see better. I have these with all of my pregnancies. A level I is what you get normally from your doctor and they can see the blood flow as well. It's a new thing that they did with Level I with my last child. No biggy. A level II I get only half way through my prenancy. Good luck!



answers from Myrtle Beach on

I would check around online for more info, as I NEVER consider my Dr. to know all about everything. :) But, from my understanding a lvl 2 is both more detailed and accurate. The tech is also more trained in ultrasound. The techs that do the lvl 1's often have just basic training. The weight can vary up to 2 pounds in either direction on a lvl 1. Hopefully the lvl 2's are more accurate. I have too many friends that have been told they were having a large baby and would have to be induced early....only to have the baby right near the due date at a very average 6 or 7 pounds. Then there's me, who my midwife said you never would have thought I was having a large baby, and my 4th was just shy of 10 pounds. lol. And he came out just fine, no more difficult than my 7 pound babies. Just try not to worry too much. God's got things under control!



answers from Atlanta on

The only accurate answer you will receive is from a doctor or the ultrasound specialist. Whatever it is, I am sure it is for the benefit of a healthy pregnancy. Don't start to worry, just ask the questions from your OB team...

Your questions are legitimate, you can also try WEB MD and get an answer.

Blessings to you and your miracle....



answers from Atlanta on

Dear L. M.
It could be that your baby just has something as simple as failure to thrive. He or she will pick up weight as time goes by. The most important thing for you to remember is DO NOT PANIC. As usual time will tell. Just give her a chance to grow a little and round out some
Take care and God Bless...Nana



answers from Atlanta on

Found this on http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/pregnancy-health/pr...

Pregnancy Health

Ultrasound Anatomy Scan Level 2 Ultrasound
Details, details! This special ultrasound gives you a very specific glimpse of your growing baby.

What it screens for: The ultrasound anatomy scan, or level 2 ultrasound, is an amazingly interesting experience for parents-to-be. Your baby will be measured from crown to rump (and what a cute rump it is!), around her middle, around her head — and that's just for starters. The four chambers of the heart will be viewed, as well as the kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, spine, and sex organs (be sure to tell your sonographer if you don't want to know what he or she sees — or doesn't see!).

Measurements are taken to make sure your baby is growing appropriately (and that his or her gestational age is still on target). A survey of the organs, including the umbilical cord, ensures that they are developing normally (or identifies any potential problems as soon as possible). The sonographer will also be looking at your amniotic fluid levels, the location of the placenta, and the fetal heart rate. Settle in to enjoy the show: The detailed level 2 scan can take 30 to 45 minutes (depending on how cooperative your little one wants to be during the photo shoot).

Who it's for: Most practitioners order a level 2 ultrasound for all their moms-to-be.

How it's done: You recline on an exam table with your belly exposed. A sonographer applies gel and then moves the transducer over your abdomen. As sound waves emitted from the transducer bounce off "structures" inside (like your baby's adorable face!), images are formed on a video screen. To get the most comprehensive assessment, the sonographer will be aiming for many different views from lots of different angles in this scan. When the technician gets a clear shot, he or she will freeze-frame the picture (that's the actual sonogram) and then measure the anatomy. You can expect to go home with one or two good sonogram pictures (the perinatologist and your practitioner will review the rest).

When it's done: Most level 2 ultrasounds are performed between 18 and 22 weeks. If you have a condition that needs to be monitored (such as carrying twins), you may have more than one detailed ultrasound.

Risks: There are no significant risks associated with ultrasounds, though medical guidelines caution against unnecessary exposure to ultrasound — which is why your practitioner will schedule only a handful of them throughout your pregnancy.

There is more....



answers from Atlanta on

No worries. I am 25 weeks pg and I had to go for a second level II u/s b/c my baby is measuring big. After the scan, still measuring 2 weeks ahead (as am I). Babies just grow at different rates. My dd (2.5) always measured 2 weeks ahead (as did I) and she was only 7 lbs 5 oz at birth. They are just taking precautions

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