What Is a Good Starter Sewing Machine Brand?

Updated on January 19, 2010
T.F. asks from Plano, TX
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My 15 yr old would like to sew. She took some classes in middle school and she is WAY more familiar with it than I am. I take EVERYTHING to an alterations shop if needed because I am not a seamstress.

She wants a sewing machine and we started shopping for a good basic starter. I've seen pricing from about $150 on up. The one that an agent recommended was BabyLock because it is in the Plano schools. It was $400. Target has a decent looking Brother for about $150. What should I be looking for?

I'm not afraid to spend the money, I want QUALITY. I just don't know if I am throwing $ away if I buy a $400 machine when I could get a quality starter for less. I've never heard of BabyLock, only Singer and Brother.

We are going shopping for one later today and will be making a purchase. If you have input, Please send it. Thanks so much.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to you all for your help. We went to JoAnn's, Hancock's and Plano Sewing Center. As I mentioned I am NO seanstress at all. We got good advice at all places. We ended up buying a BabyLock from Plano Sewing Center. I was amazed at the customer service. The owner sat down with my daughter and worked on 3 machines to figure out the best fit. I bought the one that is currently used in the Plano ISD system. Also, she gets a free one on one class on how to use it after she is home to practice, he gave her some extra thread, needles, bobbins, etc. He kept telling her to not get frustrated and write down questions. I know I could have gone cheaper with a machine but this experience was what we needed because my daughter can call them at anytime and go in for help (I am NO help in this area). On to top of all that, the reviews of Plano Sewing Center were all wonderful. Thanks so much.....I would certainly recommend this place.

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I stumbled into Plano Sewing Center (Spring Creek/Custer) the other day. I too, am NO seamstress, but was looking for a gift for my cousin who is...

They had so many machines that you could try out. Also, the ladies in there seemed to REALLY know what they were doing!

P.S. No luck on the driving school front. My friend that has older kids did the parent-taught deal.


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Looks like you are set with the machine! I don't know what type of sewing your daughter is interested in, but every year Houston has a very cool quilt show - it would be a fun road trip for the two of you and there are tons of ideas to help her with her creativity. http://www.bvents.com/event/197031-iqf-fall-international...
I'm not a artsy type, (my MIL is) but I was still very impressed with the show!

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My mom has always had Singer brand. I know they have always lasted a long time and worked great for her. I know I got one for myself from Walmart several years ago. It couldn't have cost much more than $100, as I couldn't afford anything too fancy. It has always worked great for me!

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One thing I liked when looking at sewing machines was going to JoAnn's and talking to the Singer sales lady. We decided to wait for our daughter, but when we decide to get one, it will be from there. The main reason is that they offer a one on one class from the saleswoman to teach her how to use that specific machine. Then, JoAnn's offers other classes that she could take, and they all use the same machines. I cant teach my daughter how to sew, so I think these classes would be a great help. I really felt like she knew what she was talking about, and did not try to sell me a machine I did not need. She recommeded one that was about $150 at the time. I hope you find one she likes, there is so much she could do once she learns to sew:) ~A.~

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Go to a dealer for Babylock, Brother or Bernina. You can get a good used machine for $200 with lessons. The lessons she had in school and the lessons she will get with the machine will advance her sewing abilities. When I was young I got a beginner machine and as I got better, I traded up to a model that did more and still do that. The lessons are priceless so let her go with the flow and enjoy her journey into the world of sewing. Good luck to the two of you. Who knows, she may make you an outfit to wear. The other S. owner of several machines.

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answers from Dallas on

baby lock is a very good brand
a few cuts above singer and brothers starter models
it does a lot but unless you are going to be doing a lot of sewing go with the less expensive.

sewing instructor
K. robinson

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