What Is a Fair "Day Rate" for In-home Childcare?

Updated on December 20, 2009
S.H. asks from Sachse, TX
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I work part-time and have recently found out that my mom does not want to keep my son one day a week for me anymore. (long story) So I'm scrambling to find coverage for Mondays and an occasional Tuesday. What is the going rate per day? I want to find someone who can keep him in their home or mine, if they want. But I have no idea what a fair amount is for an 8 hour day. My son is almost 2. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, it depends where you live. I am close to Willow Bend Mall and my daily rate is $40, for babies younger than 6 months $45. The rate should include the meals, and sometimes wipes. Many moms are doing childcare because of the economy, and some of them don't have a state license. That being said, they will probably charge less.

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answers from Houston on

In my area (which is not high income...) I have three choices. The daycare I love the most is 609 a month with locked security doors and a huge area for the babies to crawl. Another one that would be ideal for me but isn't as nice-but it's across the street from where I'll be is 590 a month. It also had security at the door. The third I looked at had a tiny room at the front for the babies my age and no security lock at the door. It's 500 a month. This worries me because that might be all I can afford! Some of the daycares included wipes and formula.

You're going to have to do some homework and visit all of the daycares in your area and compare them. I've heard some are upwards of 200/week! AH! But then you can see your kids onling whenever you want to...

Look depending where you live you can also apply for daycare assistance. I'm hoping I can get some help to be able to afford the better daycare. It's through the Texas Workforce Commission.

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answers from Dallas on

I do in home childcare in crowley and I charge $25 per day for drop in rate for someone who only comes once in a while. However my part time rate for someone who is here every week 1-3 days per week is $75.00 per week.

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answers from Dallas on

I charge $25 a day for toddlers, and $35 a day for infants. Depending on where you live, the rate may vary by a few dollars. I am in Arlington.

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answers from Dallas on

Depends on what part of D/FW you live! I would say Fort Worth/Arlington/Mansfield areas - $25 - 28 per day is a norm. But as others have posted, North Dallas and other suburbs seem to get a higher rate.



answers from Dallas on

I pay my lady 20 bucks a day for my 2 year old, we live in Arlington.



answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

Near Garland you will probably pay at least $40 a day for regulated childcare. Personally, I would not use unregulated care because I would not be able to trust someone who can't pay $30/year to the state. It's just too dishonest for me.

I am a childcare provider and I belong to a childcare providers' group for Plano/Richardson/Garland. Brenda Inman is our referral person and her number is ###-###-####. She can tell you who has an opening.

Best of luck to you and your little boy!



answers from Dallas on

All the daycares I checked into don't take kids 1 or 2 days a week at a day rate. I would've had to pay the whole week's pay, whether my daughter was there or not.
I know there are mother's day out, etc...that do daily rates...and a few businesses that have started something like that...but if you're looking for in-home or a regular daycare...unless it's changed in the past few years...a lot of areas don't do 'daily' drop off/pick ups.

good luck-wish you the best-

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