What Is a "Bowl"

Updated on November 02, 2009
S.W. asks from Villa Ridge, MO
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So I'm doing Weight Watchers and I had some soup today - good for me. But I went to put in my points and the little Weight Watchers thing went by "bowls" - well that's all fine and dandy but just how much is in a bowl? I'm sure that not all bowls are created equal (cause if they are I've got some big ones!!!) I looked on the WW web site and couldn't find how much a bowl is. My guess is about 1 1/2 to 2 cups, but since I'm trying to follow this and do good (after all I'm paying good money) I'd like to get it right. And I'm hopeing that my guess is on the light side to that I can add more to my "bowl". So do any of you know how much a "bowl" is? Thanks!

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi S.. I think it depends on the soup. For instance, if it is canned soup, look on the can. How many servings does it say is in a can? 2? Well devide the number of ounces the can contains and there is one serving, or bowl. I looked online for this as well and I did find a recipe for soup and it was worth 2 WW points and it was a cup and a third or soup. Sorry I'm not much help. Good luck on your new diet!

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It's been a few years since my mom went, but when she went they considered a 1/2 cup a bowl of soup, etc. I asked her & she ate the full cup (8oz) & said she still lost weight. If you can, you might even eat a half at 11:00, or whenever & then a half at 1 or so to keep from getting so hungry...just a thought. Just FYI - pasta is the same a serving is either 1/2 or whole cup, but I think it leans towards 1/2. That's why they say we don't know portion control because even in restaurants we are served so much more than that. Good luck with your (I'm assuming) new venture!!

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answers from Wichita on

Good Morning S., Congrats on your program to get in shape. I did a google as I had NO idea, was thinking though a bowl would be 8oz. This link takes you to a soup section on serving sizes.


God Bless you and happy eating to get fit
K. Nana of 5
PS Man I might try some of these recipes too, they look and sound Yummy!!



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get your book they keep you weight in and it also has food guide and point counter in it. I will go and look at it and see if I can find it too. good luck. Don't do what I did. I was almost at 50 and then just stop being carful. keep at it. where and when do you go and who is you leader??



answers from Kansas City on

I have done WW on and off for years. One bowl = one serving, which is typically one cup. Their "Zero Point Soup" is pretty tasty, and you can get away with eating a bit more, since it is zero points. Keep in mind that just because something is zero POINTS, it is not zero CALORIES! If you eat two or three servings (depending on the food), it does count as a point - or more! The best thing to do is go by the label since the book is an average of all varieties. If there is no label (like if you go out), then count the points on the high end, use some of your weekly 'extra' points, or do more activity that day/week.

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