What/how Much Does Your 9 Months Old Eat?

Updated on May 15, 2008
J.C. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hello, moms, this might be a repeated question. But I didn't find responses about a 9 months old baby. what/how much/how often is your baby drink and eat a day? Any suggestions on making solids?

My baby girl turned 9 month on Aug 13, 18lb4oz and 28in. She weighed 16lb and 27in long at six months. Now, she takes 24oz formula and about 2 to 2.5 jars of solids (stage 2 jar, 4oz jar)a day. The Ped said she should eat as much solids as she wants (so long as her month is still open for food). I think she can eat more if I give her more. Half of the time I cook her baby food (chicken and veggies). Other times she eats baby jar food. I read it somewhere that said they should eat about 1 to 2 oz each meal. That doesn't seem to be too much.
Also, I tried Cheerios. Sometimes she could pick it up but couldn't get it into her month. She is able to self feed saltine crackers. But I am reluctant to give it to her because of the salt and lack of nutrition value.

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Hi J., at nine months, you can give her 3 mels a day plus snacks. At 9 months old my babies only had one bottle a day, in the morning while I got their cereal ready, the rest of the day they used a cup, for breakfast i would give them the baby cereal, plus fruit, and juice in a cup, then between breakfas5t and lunch I would give them a snack, it was usually ghram crackers, or dry cherrios, or fruit loops, animal crackers, things like that, then for lunch I would give them a junior jar of spegehtti, or macarroni, plus a junior jar of fruit, or canned fruit, and a cup of milk then between lunch and dinner i would give them a snack and something in their cup, and then for dinner i wood make mashed potatoes, and what ever meat and vegetable we had I would mix it in with the potatoes all chopped up, they loved it and it was filling, and of course they had some kind of fruit, and then about an hour before bedtime, I would give then a snack and just a little to drink. As far as portions goes, all kids are different, you can tell when a child is getting full. You don't want to over stuff your baby. J.



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1-2 oz at each meal may not sound like a lot to an adult, but a baby's portions are by tablespoon. Yes, their tummy's are tiny.

Just remember that for the first year of life, a baby's primary source of nutrition is by breastmilk or formula.

Some babies eat all at one sitting...some stop, then will eat again, and are "grazers." My daughter ate a lot at one sitting...but my son on the other hand is a "grazer" and will eat throughout the day, little by little.

You seem to be doing fine. Tofu and avocados & bananas are also great "baby" foods.

Take care,



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what i did with my baby at 9 mo (she 14mo now) was fed her a solid every meal. she got a fruit with cereal mixed in (which was way more then just an ounce or two it was like 1/2 a cup) in the morning with a small handfull of fruit puffs and some juice. then for lunch she got a vegie with some vegie puffs and a cookie (arrowroot or banana) and sometimes i will mix the vegie with barley cereal , rice cereal, or mixed grain and an 8oz cup. then for dinner she got a dinner food in the jar (chicken and rice, mac and cheese and so on) with some fruit and vegie puffs then she gets the last cup at quiet time when we calm down for bed at about 7. she gets water in between meals and bites off anything i have. oh if your worried about the salt content on the crackers try the no salt ones. also there are gerber graduate crackers too or wagon wheels which would be easy for your lil one to pick up. good luck!



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at this age the concern with finger foods is less about nutritional value and more about practice- between purees and formula she's getting all she needs. Saltines are devoid of nutrition, but they disolve easily and get your daughter used to the hand to mouth thing. Don't make the mistake I made and give her wheat crackers (for the same reason- and the first time I had to do the heimlick!). And keep up the cheerios- these do have nutritional value and, more importantly, they help develop her pincer grasp, which will help you with finger foods in the future. So what if she doesn't get them in her mouth, let her keep trying! At nine months my daughter went on puree strike, so she was just starting to eat really well cooked veggies, cubed tofu, and other finger foods, but she developed her pincer grasp ridiculously early (food and mobility have always been her biggest motivators). But in general, what you're feeding her now sounds about like the amount Izzy was eatting at that age. Do you feed her cereal? That would be a good way to increase her intake- I always went with oatmeal because rice constipated her. Ahe may also do okay with regular quick oats, but baby cereals are specially fortified for infants and easier to digest. I know they get a lot of bad press for food allergies, type 2 diabetes, etc, but your daughter is way outside the danger zone for that. When posing probably the same question to my ped, he told me that they get most of the nutrients they need from the formula/breastmilk and cereal (and cheerios- good source of iron!), and the rest is just to practice and get the mouth and the digestive tract assustomed to food.