What Hours Are Allowed for Home Construction (NOISE)?

Updated on September 28, 2009
L.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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What time of the day are you allowed to start and stop construction in neighborhoods?

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So What Happened?

OK, I guess 7 AM is acceptable.

Guess I should have mentioned that we were up very late the night before and so were the kids (I know that's not the neighbors problem but it was my birthday so I'm entitled :)
I jumped the gun and couldn't delete my request.

As for Joy, I do have a heart! I just had a tired, crabby heart this morning.

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answers from Houston on

we live in magnolia tx. its from 6am to 10 pm during the week and midnight on weekends people like to beat the heat some people dont like to wait till noon to get there day started be happy they are keepin there place up and you aint having to live by a rat ho

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answers from Houston on

The hours are usually from about 7am to 10pm although I have never really seen many work past dark. Our neighbor had her roof put up a few weeks ago and it was done in one day so it shouldn't be an issue for you next week. But we have lots of times where neighbors are up and mowing at like 7:30ish to avoid rain/heat etc. I always complain to my husband when it happens but hey, I guess this stuff has to get done sometime!

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answers from Houston on

Have a heart L..

7 a.m. is not too early to get up on Saturday morning every once in awhile. And, the roof is probably on by now and your question is moot.

Have a good day.

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answers from San Antonio on

I don't blame you for your request. I know you have a heart.
I have a heart, too. But I get very upset with our neighbor who starts mowing his lawn at 6:30 am on Saturday mornings. Right outside our bedroom window---thank you very much!
And he claims to only speak Spanish, so we cannot communicate with him and ask him to wait until 8 am.

My husband likes to do home repair and use his saw in the garage on projects. I try to have him wrap up by 9pm, but we have told our neighbors that if the noise needs to be done earlier please let us know.

So in a long winded way, our area seems to abide by a 8 am - 9 pm timeframe for noise....but we do have an exception who won't conform to the standard. And I know it is irritating. (You can have a heart and still be irritated by the rudeness of others.)

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answers from Austin on

This is for Austin. It is for 7 days a week.
(A) It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or cause to be operated any horn, player piano, radio, phonograph or other loud-speaking or noise-making device or attachment on the public sidewalks, streets and other public places within the city before the hour of 7:00 a.m. or after the hour of 10:30 p.m. of any day in a way or manner reasonably calculated to disturb others in the vicinity of such public place, but nothing herein shall be construed to affect the usual and reasonable operation of railroads and motorbuses or to prohibit the reasonable use of automobile warning signals or the reasonable ringing of church bells or the reasonable or ordinary noises attendant upon athletic contests or lawful public or semipublic meetings, parades or celebrations.

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answers from College Station on

Check with your HOA (if you have one) and city hall.



answers from Houston on

There are a couple of places you can check for this information. First check with your home owners association and see what their guidelines are, then you can check with your city to see if there is a noise ordinance. These ordinances vary by area. If you are in an unincorporated part of your county there may not be a noise ordinance at all. That is where I currently live and people party all hours of the night and no one cares. It's very frustrating!

Good luck!



answers from Houston on

What do your deed restrictions say?

If you deed restrictions do not specifically say, a) call your homeowners association and inquired or b) call your law enforcement agency and ask.

One of these organizations should be able to provide this information for your area.



answers from Houston on

If a neighbor asked me what time would be okay, I'd say between 10am & 8-10pm b/c that used to be the honorable & considerate thing to do when I was growing up but in the past few yrs, I know people who've rudely woken me/us up before 8am, like 7am doing work w/o so much as a notice! I felt it's rude b/c I happen to wk very VERY late & rarely get to sleep before 5am so I end up sleeping past noon most days so that should be considered for anyone wanting to do construction. I know that not everyone wks the same hrs as I do but you never know who really does. I think, honestly that's too early. Some prefer the cooler hours of the morning for the work so I'd understand 8am b/c that's when most people go to work outside the home but before that would be uncouth & inconsiderate in my opinion unless I/we were notified by our neighbor to expect the noise early to utilize the cooler hrs for the wk & if I knew it would only be temporary, like home construction as opposed to everyday hobby crafting. You can always ck & see if there's any city ordinences about such things. Hope this helps! Good luck.



answers from Houston on

I am an HOA Property Manager and the hours can differ depending upon your HOA. The City of Houston sets the hours at: 7am - 10pm. However, your HOA can set their own regulations and possibly access fines for non-compliance.

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