What Helps Yeast Infection on a Baby BOY

Updated on July 01, 2011
S.T. asks from Liberty, MO
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one of my 7 month old twins has a diaper rash that wont go away, were 99% sure it is a yeast infection...my question is, is there something over-the-counter we can put on him or do we need a doc appt for a script?

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answers from Chicago on

Good old fashioned Monistat has always worked for my son.

He got them so often, I swear I'd get strange looks from the people at CVS, since I was constantly in there buying that stuff!

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answers from Raleigh on

You can use athletes foot cream or the external cream for a woman's yeast infection,. Yeast is yeast.

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answers from Norfolk on

For yeast infection, try Monistat
For fungal infection, try Tinactin
You can get them in creams or ointments.

When they have a bath, add some plain yogurt to their bath water.

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answers from St. Louis on

All of the other answer are good. Nobody mentioned feeding yogurt with activated cultures. Even the Yoplait Trix, & Gogurt have them. I know you may not be feeding table food yet, but if you are.

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answers from Kansas City on

We've had this issue a lot (two girls and a boy). If you're breastfeeding you may want to treat yourself too. There is a lot of information on this, check out Dr. Jack Newman's website or the La Leche League website. We use vinegar/water, monistat, and occasionally have had to have Rx. Devinately use probiotics, they make a powder for infants you can put in almost anything. Yogurt is good, but since sugar feeds the yeast, you don't want to get the ones that are high in sugar, get a plain variety. Also going without a diaper as much as possible helps A LOT. Just so you know, this is very normal, but certainly something you want to get rid of.

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answers from Washington DC on

Lomatrin...we had to use that on my son when he had one...check with your pediatrician to see what amount you can use...strength etc.

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answers from Provo on

Any athelets foot cream, but what I LOVE and will only use now is California Baby diaper rash cream (target, babies r us). It has tea tree oil and that kills fungus. I used it for a day it it was GONE. It was AMAZING!
Whatever route you chose, make sure you keep using the med for a week after the rash dissapears. My doctor says that fungus is notorious for hidding in the smallest places and it will come back with a vengance. So if keep applying for a week after to make sure that everything is killed and gone :D

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answers from Chicago on

go to the dollar store and get a tube of medication for a yeast infection. It will be about $4 at dollar general. it is the same stuff you shoot up inside for a yeast infection. but you just smooth it over the infected area. if it is yeast within about 3 to 4 hours you will notice a difference the red raw area will start to become separate little sore places instead of one big red raw place. it will only take a couple days to clear up. my son had to have it quite often when he was a baby if we used disposable diapers they gave him a rash that quickly turned into yeast infection.


answers from Dallas on

my pediatrician also recommended Lotrimin AF cream when my son was a baby. You find it in the "foot care" section of your drug store.

Use it sparingly........ ask your doc, but I think twice a day.



answers from New York on

My ped told us to use clotrimazole 1% cream. Use that first and rub it all the way in then on top diaper rash cream. With every diaper change. The 1 time I've had to do this in less than 24 hrs I noticed a difference. They said to use it a day after it was all gone to make sure it was really gone.


answers from Dayton on

How is he fed? If he is breastfed you might want to monitor your sugar intake.
Yeast thrives on sugar...all those creams do is mask the underlying problem.

I would definitely consult the Dr. before trying to self medicate w/ OTC creams.

There are many alternatives to using them. I would start by putting a few drops of tea tree oil in his bath water. And getting him on a probiotic. We used FloraBaby powder w/ our DS and he loved to eat it off a pacifier.



answers from Lynchburg on

Hi S.-

I would check with the doc...but I often used 'lotrimen' (sp?) or 'tinactin'...both OTC creams.

Best Luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I've had great success with a mixture of 1/2 A&D ointment and 1/2 anti-fungal. You can use either Lotrimin or the 7 day Monostat cream (not pre-filled applicators). If it doesn't clear up immediately, as in major improvement in 24 hours, it might not be yeast and you should have your doctor look at it. Good luck!



answers from Tucson on

you can use the same stuff you would on you. use it like diaper cream.


answers from Kansas City on

I added baking soda to my son's bath when he had a yeast infection.

Monostat at every diaper change

diaper changes every hour to hour and half

let him run around without any diapers to allow area to dry

good luck



answers from Gainesville on

You might be able to use something OTC but it's best if you get an opinion from your doc. My daughter had them a couple of times as an infant and we tried one med the doc recommended and it didn't work so we had to get a script for another med. Always consult the doc on stuff like this.



answers from Springfield on

S., I almost 51 y/o male and still have a yeast infection on my goin ever since I can remember. I just thought everybody had it. It usually happens whenever I eat bread though. Duh! Go figure bread has yeast in it. It is so embarassing to have to hide scratching yourself in public. I usually try to make it look like I am trying to count change in my pocket but never take any money out, they probably think I playing pocket pool and then want a cigarette afterwards. Very embarassing but I just thought a yeast infection was normal.

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