What Goes in Your Stockings?

Updated on November 29, 2011
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
20 answers

We normally do a toothbrush, an orange, some candy, gift cars (WaWa, Panera, McDonald's), a few lottery tickets just for fun, some underwear/socks, etc.

What do you put in yours?

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answers from Chicago on

Gloves, socks, candy canes, pencils, Pez dispensers, M&M tubes, chocolate coins, small puzzles, maybe a gift card (to even things out among the kids), keychains, little water globes, favorite candy, small stuffed animals - anything quirkey, unusual, small. The kids are allowed to open their stockings before we get up and let them open their presents so it has to keep them occupied for awhile. I'm thinking of tossing in a lottery ticket this year too.

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answers from Charlotte on

Food stuffs, including fruit and nuts, chocolate and candy, for the most part. Also small gifts that actually FIT in the stocking.

For the past 8 years, a lot of the food has been interesting but tasty Japanese treats that my children either loved, or had not yet tried. We were living overseas and I thought that the "Japanese Santa" would bring Japanese treats rather than just the American stuff I was able to find at the expat shops. (Plus, the Japanese treats were cheaper!) When we got back stateside, one of my sons mentioned that he guessed there would be no more Pocky and mochi. I remembered that when I went to Tokyo to visit my friends, and bought a lot of stuff to bring back home to put in the stockings. This will be the FIRST Christmas that I won't be in Tokyo :( and so, no more Japanese treats. Maybe next year...


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answers from Dallas on

In my house growing up you were allowed to get into your stocking while you waited for mom and dad to get up, make coffe, get situated. So the stocking should be full of things to keep the kids busy for a while.

I grab quirky unexpected stuff here and there. That stuff in the walgreens aisle. Pez dispensers, matchbox cars, spinning santa lollipop, silly putty, whatever they have. I even put that same stuff in my teenagers stockings. They love it. The girls get glitter lipgloss and nail polish, markers, stickers. Boys get dinosaurs, toy soldiers, just whatever will fit to play with.

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answers from Philadelphia on

my family did stockings in a great way..when we were little they were filled with wrapped little toys favorite candy candy, stuffed animals, when we we teens; our fav magazines, razors, shaving cream, lotter tickets, cash at the bottom, nw that were older my parents put kids tylonel, kids benadryl, batteries...in ours and new razors, shvig cream chapstick..sometimes cash at the bottom, still always a lifesaver book and candy all of the stuff u dont want to spend money on that you need=)

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answers from Richmond on

Chapstick, jewelry, ornaments, chocolate oranges, chocolate gold coins, nail polish for the girls, matchbox cars for the boys, jewelry, mini purell, lotions, and tissues...

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answers from St. Louis on

My legs. :p I am not a big stocking person because ours fall down if they are filled. :(

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answers from Norfolk on

Last year we did lots of colorful little LED flashlights.
We use them for everything everywhere.
My husband likes a Hickory Farms summer sausage in his stocking and
some pure maple sugar candy from Pieces of Vermont (one of my special treats).

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answers from Savannah on

Orange, apple, mixed nuts you have to crack, a favorite candy (life savers, gummi worms, fruit pastels for kids, toblerone, godiva truffles, or chocolate liqueurs for adults), the chocolate orange, silly putty, little old fashioned game like jacks or marbles, an age appropriate comic book, a hot wheels car, something annoying like a recorder, whoopee cushion, or train whistle, an itunes card, chapstick, travel/magnetic games, flavored chapstick, a lottery ticket for adults, just little stuff. But somewhere down in the toe....a wrapped gift that is special. This could be a watch, concert tickets, or something that's a surprise, but sentimental. Whatever small things that would also be hard to wrap. Something in reference to an inside joke is always good. This year I'm sneaking a little baggy of FAKE dog poo that I found at a joke shop into my bff's son's stocking, because it references a little running joke we have. Stuff from a joke shop (the gum wrapper with the "trap", the squirting flower, the hand buzzer, they're lame but still classic with the younger boys). Books small enough to fit in the stocking are good.



answers from New York on

For me and the teen girls
chap stick
make up
a bath poofie
bath gel

for teen girls...
a cd
scrunchi - hair elastics

for hubby...
tic tacs
hot sauce
boxers (he wears as pj's)


answers from Spokane on

New toothbrush and toothpaste, a favorite candy, matchbox cars, crayons/markers, coloring book, cute socks, chapstick, body spray, bubble bath, army men, head lamps (this year ~ we have 1 and the boys fight over it so they are getting their own).



answers from Madison on

For the kids...
some chocolates
a small toy

cd's or dvd's
nice lotions, soaps
box calendar


answers from Houston on

toothbrush and toothpaste, cheese handisnacks or a package of cracker jacks, something small like a toy bug or car, crayons, coloring book, a few pieces of candy, life saver rolls book, chapstick, little baggie of slime... We don't do a lot, maybe only two or three of the things listed above.



answers from Louisville on

fruit and nuts. I haven't heard of tooth brushes!


answers from Rockford on

I love how so many have similar ideas...especially the orange! Growing up, I got a big orange, a giant apple, sometimes cheese and sausage logs, and always little toys/makeup/candy! For my kids, it's just little fun stuf, sometimes a dvd that was cheap (an older movie), candy, of course! Always candy! For my daughter, makeup and hair stuf...and you can't go wrong w/ socks and underwear! Who else is gonna see it!?? LOL! And it's something they always need anyway! This year, my hubs picked up small bottles of cologne for em (son is at the age where he is starting to like wearing it!) What a fun question! Of course, this goes w/out saying, but Santa always gets the credit for the most awesome gifts, anyway! LOL!



answers from Tulsa on

Target has gold coins/chocolate, lifesaver rolls book, and lots of little art things. We also do one ornament for the person and sometimes a card with cash.
A big hit was the puzzle with money inside though I thought it would be stupid and broken with a hammer;-). The kids loved it.


answers from Cincinnati on

Panties/undies, cute socks, candy, stickers, coloring books, crayons, hair bows, headbands, gloves.


answers from Iowa City on

Toothbrush, lip balm, candy, a new knife for my husband, lottery tickets, a few cheap-o toys for the kids, gloves/mittens, hair clips for the kids, gum, cologne, stickers. Just random little things.


answers from Phoenix on

WHAT???!!! Everyone is saying little things...I thought the stocking is what SANTA brings...so its a BIG gift, the ONE thing you want most...we always got bikes, jewlery, electronics, instruments, etc. We buy our kids the thing they want the most, they get it "in" their stocking...along with a few small things...but Santa has ALWAYS brought the biggest gift at our house. (and we open our gifts xmas eve) =)



answers from Madison on

Barely anything, because all it is supposed to be is a stopover from St. Nick to make sure the child is being nice so that Santa Claus can come that year.

We usually buy everyone an exotic/really good chocolate candy bar, put a small treat in the dog and cat stockings, and that's it. We don't need the sugar or calories and yet we all get a little something. I'd rather keep the money I'd spend on "stocking stuffers" and use it to buy something nice that comes from Santa (or from her parents, since we give both).



answers from Washington DC on

AS kids we got an orange, M&Ms and nuts that you had to crack those were the staples. After that it was a perfume and maybe some inepensive jewelry type of things. Now, we limit it to $25 and usually it is socks and definitley an orange but then something else like a CD for my husband or iTunes card, etc.

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