What Gifts Do U Get a 5 Month Old for Christmas?

Updated on December 08, 2006
J.S. asks from Pemberton, NJ
12 answers

my 5 month old has practically everything she could need from her big sister. i would still like to have her unwrap something. i want big sister (3) to give them to her to teach her about the giving/sharing. and, ofcourse, i want her to have a present..its Christmas!!! should i wrap some things around the house and have her open them? any ideas on something small and inexpensive that makes noise? do any of u like those baby einstein videos? thanks for all the input!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Her very own soft bodied baby doll,any of the seasame street small toys that light up and play music and have a linkadoo to hang from the stroller,a floor mat that has water and toys in it for tummy time on the floor,clothes.

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answers from Harrisburg on

I love Baby eintein video, and I can say that the Baby Galielo..."Discovering the sky", and Baby Motzart are wonderful.I would get you 5month old something that lights up and plays music.Books that are colorful, and of course things that are safe.My daughter is over a year old, and I only got her a baby doll, and a cookie monster purse for christmas.Not that I couldnt do more, but she doesnt understand, and I would also like it if she didnt expect lots of gift in the future.So, lets start small.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You could let your older daughter pick out a few items she doesn't play with anymore that would be new to your baby and wrap them to let her give them to the baby officially. Another thought is to look ahead a few months. Is there something that might be a little old for now, but would be something she needs at maybe 9 months? We had tons of really little baby things when my oldest was 3.5 months at her first Christmas. We got a few toys for her that were a bit too old, but she grew into and loved between 6-9 months. You don't need to go overboard though. They love the lights, paper and boxes. Having too many things to open is overwelming even for older children.



answers from Allentown on

Love the Baby Einstein videos, they also sell some of the toys that are in the video. What about clothes, socks onesies, I remember always needing them? What if you have your older daughter make the younger one something and she can give her that. There are kids crafts sites on the internet if you google them, that have crafts for all ages.

Hope this helps, and Happy Holidays!


answers from Dover on

Get her a Bumble Ball. I think Target &/or Wal-Mart have it. It's just a brightly colored ball w/ a bunch of bumps sticking off of it & when you turn it on, the whole thing vibrates. My son loved his & he was about 5 months old on his first Christmas as well.



answers from Scranton on

I love the baby einstein videos, and so do my kids (Grace, 2, and Nate, 9 months). They are great because they are educational and there are no flashy cartoons...it's all about real objects & the kids love the puppets. My nine month old has been "watching" them since he was about 5-6months old....he literally laughs out loud at the puppets. It's a great way to keep the kids busy for 1/2 hour. They are also a great investment beacause my 2 year old still loves to watch them.
As far a gifts for your 5 month old....I would go with simple stuff...like Peek-a-Blocks (they make ball versions too). They are great, and you don't need to buy a playset with them, you can just buy the blocks on there own (I think they go for about $6-$7 at Wal-Mart).
Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

yeah, i agree with the other suggestions, i would either get a couple small things (not expensive) and let your older daughter give them to her.. and also, dont forget that your older one will wonder why santa didnt bring for the baby something new...

my daughter really liked the baby einstein video we had, i would put her in her pack n play and turn it on, and clean my house, it was great... also, i am sure you have it, but the bouncy is great (you put it in the door way on the) that also was a big hit in my house...



answers from Scranton on

ahh the joys of the first christmas one you will never forget i remember my son's first christmas (last year) and it was great just to have him on that special day. anyway about your question this would be the perfect time to get him most of the clothes for the upcoming year 6-9 months for winter and early spring 9-12 months for spring summer and possibly fall depending on how you child is on growth charts ( my son was always too tall and skinny so he is now in 2t with a belt but my best friends son who was always big for his age was in 18 months at 1 yr. you would know best for your baby) also get her tummytime toys i found my son liked the aquarium thing from fisher price it starts as a kick and hit laying on the back floormat thing and turns into a tunnel that they can crawl thru when they get older also their are pianos and things like that that will grow with her and just love and J. on her first christmas congratulations on your new baby and your happy family and i wish you all a very merry christmas



answers from Washington DC on

Leap Frog sells a big plush block. Every side is different colors and every side plays music from a different country, all they have to do is roll it and it will start to play a different song, my kids loved it. 4 of my children are very close in age so I always had the Christmas problem because I own about every baby toy they make, I usually had about 3 little things for the baby to open, nothing extravagant because they usually want to just eat the box. :) Good luck, let me know if you find any new good baby toys out there since I'm expecting again and will be going through this next Christmas.



answers from Washington DC on

you could get her the soft books they are inexpensive and it gives her a head start to reading and looking at pictures she can also chew on them.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would just get a couple of little toys from target or wherever you shop....little rattles, etc. It's kind of pointless to spend a lot on the babies cause they don't know, but I realize it's xmas and you get excited that it's their first. I love the baby einstein videos and even my 4 year old still likes a couple of them so they're a pretty good purchase.



answers from Washington DC on

I agree with what some one else said about having your daughter picking out some of her toys to give! That would really help with teaching about giving!

The Baby Einstein movies... I LOVE them, my kids love them(2&1), and always have! I don't know how much you have to spend or how extreme you want to go with them but.... I was pricing the DVD's and found them to be about 15-25 dollars a piece, but then I looked on eBay and got all 20 of them as a set(this was last Christmas! They have a few more then that now)for a little over $45!! That made them right around $2.00 each!!! Can't get better then that!!

Here in our house we really like the Little Einsteins too!! Still completely about musi and stuff, just a cartoon for older ones! We have the first movie and yesterday I just bought the other two for the kids for Christmas!! If you haven't seen them you can check out the show they have on Disney at 0800!!

Good Luck