What Gift Shall I Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner at Friend's Place?

Updated on November 26, 2009
L.H. asks from San Francisco, CA
7 answers

Hi Moms,

We will come over to a good friend's place for thanksgiving dinner. Any idea about an appropriate gift? We have thought about wine but wondering other options...

Thank you~


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answers from Houston on

An amaryllis flower bulb can be purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot. With minimal care and water it should bloom around Christmas.

A beautiful poinsettia for them to enjoy throughout the holiday season. (Make sure they keep it out of reach of small children and pets. We've never had problems with our kids trying to eat the plant.)

Movie tickets and a certificate for free babysitting.

Lotions, soaps, or candles from a specialty store.

A Christmas ornament with a theme of friendship or whatever suits your fancy. A lot of families like to put up their trees over Thanksgiving holiday.

If you like to bake, make a Swedish Tea Ring or homemade cinnamon rolls for the family to enjoy the following morning. If the lady of the house cooked all day, she might want the following morning "off-duty".

If you choose wine, you could also bring some specialty cheese and crackers.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

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answers from San Francisco on

My vote goes to wine!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi L.,

A dessert,some flowers, or a bottle of wine are all nice. You could also call and see if your hostess would like a side dish.

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to your family.....



answers from San Francisco on

there is a yummy almond champagne, i think by willow creek. you can find it at bev more. not pricey, i think $12. it is so so so yummy. it's a nice change from wine. even those that don't like champagne like this. i'm one of them!


answers from Fresno on

lot of great holiday chocolates out too. wine, chocolate a great coffee too in i nice basket or holiday gift bag?



answers from San Francisco on

I have read that you should not bring floral arrangements because the hostess may have already planned these and you could throw a wrench in it. A box of sees candy or a bottle of wine , or even a nice big cake- these are all lovely gestures.
Personally I would feel weird if I were the hostess of a dinner and someone bought me movie tix, or other gifts along those lines.(but maybe thats just me!)

The point of the holiday is to enjoy a meal together and be thankful to the Lord for HIS provisions. So don't worry to much about it.

Sending a nice thank you note afterward is very appropriate.



answers from Sacramento on

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