What Gift Ideas for a Veteran on Veteran's Day?

Updated on November 04, 2011
★.O. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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What would you get a veteran who's been in both Vietnam and Desert Storm? Now... additional info: What if this veteran was your Father?

My Dad's pension is higher than my salary per month as a Nurse... so nothing too expensive and no gift cards.

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So What Happened?

I say thank you to him every year... wanted to get him something a bit more this year. He's already got his badges, pins and awards in a pretty showcase box. He's already got the hats... I really like the idea of a journal. He's got war movies galore and watches most of the documentaries... My daughter will be singing the anthem and signing it too, maybe I'll video it and send it to him as well as get him a nice sturdy journal!!

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Big Hug
Big Smooch on the cheek
Big Thank You!
Take him out for a cup of tea/coffee and ask him to tell you a story = time.

Tis very sweet and thoughtful of you.

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Truthfully, the thing my USMC vet husband likes the most is a simple, heartfelt "Thank you"!

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I say THANK YOU. None of the veterans I know want a gift - they just want THANKS...

My dad, a USN, SMC (E-9) is a purple heart recipient, Korean War and Vietnam war Veteran.
My VERY close friend's husband (Marine, separated, not retired) was awarded 3 purple hearts in Vietnam. The ONLY thing he ever wants is my call saying THANK YOU.

My friends that are active duty? They KNOW with certainty that they will hear my voice that day saying THANK YOU. This day isn't about giving gifts, this day is about giving THANKS.

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I dont give Veterans Day gifts, but I do give my vets great gifts! On Veterans Day, my husband and kids and I go downtown to the parade. I call my fil on Veterans Day and thank him.

For birthdays and Christmas I go for specific memorabilia for them. FIL is a Purple Heart Recipient, Black Beret paratrooper from Vietrnam. That's a treasure trove of possibilities. I get him all sorts of Purple Heart flags, t-shirts, patches, and hats. I sometimes come across something Black Beret or Paratrooper from his Squadron. My husband was in the Navy so I usually find stuff from his ship. I got him the official Nimitz hat he wore on the ship, tshirts and sweatshirts with USS Nimitz on them. So look at his service record, where he served, what he did and give him something along those lines.

Another good gift are Military Challenge Coins. Service men used to collect them and trade them. They made them for specific battles, campaings, branches of service, units, etc. You can add to his collection or start a collection for him.

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My dad would love a poem (written by me).
He'd also be thankful with a simple "thank you."

But if you wanted to spend a little more money, maybe a shadow box with some of his badges, flags, nametag, hat inside on display, with maybe a cute picture of him, would be nice.

(Oh I like the idea of a song - maybe I can teach my son the star spangled banner or something. Dad would love to hear his only grandson singing a patriotic song)

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Books about the wars? On the military cable channel they have all kinds of interesting programs about history as it relates to these wars - maybe some DVD's of the programs? If he's never been to Wash DC to see the 2 memorials - which are both stunning in very different ways - offer to accompany him. If there's a VA hospital or center near you they sell these great baseball caps that have the names of the wars, the Naval ships, etc. - When I see someone wearing one I will try to go out of my way to shake their hand and thank them for their service. I get teary-eyed every time I do and my kids (teens) mock me - but I don't really care. ;o)

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Is he sentimental? Video your kids singing all the patriotic songs and then give him a CD of it. Maybe even record your friends, family and your kids' friends saying thank you to him for his service while they are holding a little US flag, and have them list all the freedoms they enjoy (going to the park, calling a friend when they feel like it, eating ice cream, etc).

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I always call my grandpa and talk to him and let him tell me some wwII stories, he loves to yack on about Germany and such.
Maybe get him a leather bound journal and ask him to write some things in it about what he experienced while serving. It would be something you could cherish later, and he might enjoy reliving some of the moments on paper.

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answers from Boca Raton on

How about a deal on a nice dinner ...

Veterans and active duty military get a free entree at Applebee's Restaurant on Nov 11th. http://applebees.com/menu/vetsday

Golden Corral celebrates Military Appreciation Day on Nov 14th with a "Thank You " dinner. http://goldencorral.com/military

I saw a commercial for one other restaurant that celebrated Veteran's Day, but couldn't remember which one. A Google search found a website with a good list of free meals and discounts. http://themilitarywallet.com/veterans-day-free-meals-and-... .

The seniors in my life have everything they need - and then some. So, intead of more "stuff," they really appreciate spending time together ... and everyone eats! :-)

Happy Veteran's Day to your father and all veterans. Thank you for your service.




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Unless he lives in a condo or some neighborhood with a bunch of displaced condo commandos and wouldn't be allowed to display it, what about a nice flag? I'm talking about a nice one with pieced and stitched stripes and embroidered stars not just a screen printed one. Walmart usually has some, and there are a couple of flag companies in our area that have reasonable prices on American flags.

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