What Dry Cat Food Do You Use?

Updated on May 23, 2012
P.D. asks from Santa Fe, NM
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I recently asked, "what dry dog food do you use" and got great responses. We have two cats and have been considering switching their food. So, I was curious about cat food and if the suggestions would be the feline counterparts of what had been suggested for dogs :). Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. We're going to use Taste of the Wild. It's grain free, has a 5-star rating and is a GREAT price!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I am an Iams cat parent all the way. The Original blend only. Tried others (hairball kind, etc) when my cat was younger and they just made her barfy more.

We adopted a fat fat cat almost 2 years ago and she came with Science Diet for overweight cats. She was lethargic and a bit blah. She started eating the other cats food, so we just continued with what we knew and shes shiny and happy and playful! Still fatty fat, but thats OK.

So Iams all the way for us.

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answers from Detroit on

I alternate between Wellness and Blue Buffalo - the grain-free versions are better for their overall health then the "regular" formulas but also are more expensive. Cats are true carnivores and generally are not designed to live on a diet of corn, wheat middlings, and wheat gluten - which is what a lot of the cheaper dry diets consist of. They are too high in carbs (because carbs are cheaper than protein) and I believe a big reason why many cats are overweight, especially if fed free-choice.

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answers from Portland on

Our kitty is on a diet of Wellness dry and TD (for his teeth). We jokingly call the TD "kitty crack" because our Gus loves.

When we first got him, he was stressed and sick. He had kitty anorexia and consequently, feline fatty liver disease. He was hospitalized for days and we had to tube feed him for about 6 weeks. We are willing to pay out a bit of extra money for this food to keep him healthy.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

We use Iams only and have switched to the sensitive tummy version. Only one kitty had a a problem but they are all fed in the same area and it would be a nightmare to try to separate it. I prefer all of the Iams formulations.

There truly is a difference between the bad=cheap foods and quality foods.

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answers from Dallas on

We always use Purina Pro-Plan. I don't have cats any more as I developed a serious allergy to them (sadly) but that's the only food I use. Our vet recommended it. We also feed it to our dogs and they seem to poop less than other dogs as the ingredients are real, whole ingredients, no by-products or corn fillers.

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answers from Phoenix on

we are an iams family

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answers from Kansas City on

We feed our kitties Iams and their coat is very shiny and soft! Before Iams we were fedding them Meow Mix, Friskies, or the store brand, but one of my kitties can't eat that stuff. She was having blood in her urine and we took her to the vet and they told us to use Iams. Now, she is healthy, playful, and very shiny! Best move we ever made in my opinion!!!

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answers from Detroit on

I feed my cats Blue Buffalo. Used to give them Friskies indoor formula, but learned that was made up of mostly fillers. Since switching to Blue, I'm spending more per bag but buying less bags overall.

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answers from Philadelphia on

One of my cats had sugery for urinary blockage. He now has to be on Royal Cannin Urinary SO food. My other cat eats it too. I hear is it a good preventative measure. They are both males and i was told they are more apt to get this disease. I hope it helps them, the big bag is about 53.00...eeep!

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answers from Redding on

Mine absolutely loves one of the cheaper ones that I cant recall the brand of right now-- but it's the one that has filet mignon flavor in it. I get her that every now and then for a change up, but her normal dry food is Science diet for indoor cats. And she really craps a lot less with the Science diet rather than her filet mignon.

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answers from St. Louis on

I buy the Kirkland brand from Costco. I don't know for sure if it is as good as Iams and the like but the human versions of Kirkland products are better than some brand names so....

Stinky doesn't complain. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Science Diet - one variety per cat b/c they have different needs.

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answers from Tyler on

I buy Meow Mix for my fur baby. I used it for years with previous cats and they all love it. Right now we are using the tender centers version but we alternate it with the hairball control.

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answers from Erie on

We have always fed our cats Meow Mix.
We switched them to Dollar General's brand for a while, at a time when we were poorer than poor, a few years ago. Their fur started falling out! We went right back to Meow Mix even though it cost more.

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answers from Washington DC on

mine absolutely refuse to eat anything but purina one. i don't think it's the best (i'd like them to eat blue seal like the dog) but they have spoken!
:) khairete

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answers from Augusta on

We have two dogs and a cat . We feed purina one beyond to the cat.
no by products, no corn or wheat.
I'm picky about what I feed my fur babies. I lost my 8 yr old sheltie to kidney failure a couple of yrs ago and I'm a hypocondriac fur baby mommy ever since. I've found also that when I feed the no corn , no by products foods, they all stink less.
Check ingredients, Iams and Eukanuba both use by products and corn meal all you're paying for in those is the name.

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answers from Columbus on

At the time I had my cat, I fed him with Nutro and Science Diet. He passed away in 2003, at age 19.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We buy grain-free Pure Vita for our cat. (We use the grain free dry dog version for our pooch.) Our cat loves it and her coat has never looked better. We also give her some wet food (Tiki Cat) because cats must have moist food in their diet, similar to what they would eat in the wild (little critters). We purchase this at one of your better pet food stores (not PetCo, PetSmart)

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