What Drinks Are Safe During Pregnancy??

Updated on September 20, 2010
A.C. asks from Johnson City, TN
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I have been drinking lots of milk,juice,and water for awhile.Recently though just plain old water makes me sick to my stomach and I can't seem to keep it down.I would love to have some Sprite or other caffeine free soda,but is it really safe?? Also,can I use crystal light packs in my water? Flavored water doesn't seem to bother me,just the regular water.I've given up soda completely since I found out I was pregnant,but I'd really like some variation in what I can drink.Any advice?? Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Wow thanks for the great,and fast,responses!! Most of you tend to agree that Pelligrino (or however u spell it lol) and other flavored waters are best,and I haven't tried seltzer water so I'll have to see about that.I did just drink some water and only a little came back up this time so hopefully I'll be able to keep drinking it.I'll definetly try the lemon or limes slices in my water,didn't think of that.And making my own juice wouldn't be to hard either.Thanks for all the good advice!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Perrier or Arrowhead sparkling water are my favorites!! No calories or sugars. I am addicted to them and I'm not pregnant lol
Most of the time soda is just too sweet anyway. But Perrier has a grapefruit flavor it is soooo good! And Arrowhead has pomegranate, orange, lemon, lime and raspberry-lime. Seriously that's all I drink, now if I could just stop eating dessert! Haha

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answers from Seattle on

Having a Sprite isn't gonna hurt you or the baby...but have you tried the new Orange flavored Pelligrino? It is SO VERY YUMMY!

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answers from Louisville on

well i must be a horrible mom b/c all i drank was sodas with my first baby girl. i was like you water made me sick well everything made me sick (i was on iv's for severe dehydration the whole pregnancy) so wheni could drink, i had coke... my baby girl was perfectly healthy. i think the key is everything in moderation!

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answers from New York on

In the last two trimesters, I pretty much stuck with plain old water, and a cup of coffee a day (my cup of coffee is really 1/3 coffee, 2/3 milk). But when I had morning sickness, I pretty much lived on seltzer. I actually drank Coke, which is bad for you more than the fetus I think. The bubbles calmed my stomach, the "sugar" was about the only calories I could keep down in a day, and the caffeine kept me going through meetings when I hadn't slept. It's terribly unhealthy, but when you're desperate, you'll go with whatever you can keep down.

I think people are a lot more cautious about what pregnant women eat and drink than is necessary. Beyond living at Starbucks or lining up shots, your body should process out most of the bad stuff. Of course, *you* are the one who will suffer for that, so it's still a good idea to stick with healthy drinks and foods.

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answers from San Francisco on

Try water with a slice of lemon. lime. orange or even cut up strawberry. Its natural, healthy and tastes good. You can have ginger ale, sprite, or other sodas just make it in moderation.


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answers from Houston on

Nothing with fake sugar...like Equal, Sweet n low, stevia, etc...try making your own lime juice or lemon juice with fresh lime/lemon & real sugar, or juicing your own fresh fruits with maybe some veggies mixed in. Make sure to stay away from anything containing high fructose corn syrup, it's really not good for you. Congrats on the pregnancy! ;)
By the way, I drank Coke in the glass bottles from Mexico. It's made with real sugar...

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answers from Lexington on

soda of any kind is really hard on your body while you're pregnant due to the amounts of sugar and sodium - it will cause you to swell hugely and your body can't metabolize the sugar like it can when you're not pregnant so you gain fat quickly on it. That said, a sprite isn't going to hurt you as Karma said, but have you tried Pelligrino? It's naturally carbonated and contains minerals you can't get from tap water. Also, have you tried bottled water? There are only a few brands I can drink while pregnant and I wonder if it has to do with bottled water that's allowed to heat during transport, allowing the bottle to seep toxins into the water v. stuff that's kept cold, or if it's something else. Regardless, try different brands of water...

Also, do NOT ingest anything with a sugar substitute. It's dangerous for baby. So unfortunately, crystal light, etc, is out as well as the ready made kool aid mixes and such. Have you tried adding a few drops of concentrated fruit juice or flavoring? Vanilla, lemon, etc....

Good luck!

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answers from Wilmington on

Cucumber water is good too.....very refreshing. Make a pitcher and add 4-5 slices. I would make it the night before so it would be ready the next day. Even ginger water...slices of ginger root. Ginger helps the digestion and could help with your stomach issues. (Also try chewing small amounts of raw almonds to help with the stomach....my SIL told me about that and it did help.) There are also "Zingers to Go" made by Celestial Seasonings in a variety of flavors. They are calorie free, 100% natural caffeine free herbal tea with no artificial preservatives and uses stevia as a sweetener. I found them as I am not using any artificial sweeteners including Splenda which has been found to cause thyroid problems. I would stay far away from artificial sweeteners while you are pregnant. I would watch the salt content on some of the waters as well as the sugars.

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answers from Harrisburg on

This might sound weird, but I used to pour maybe a 1/4 can of sprite only in about an 8-12oz cup of water just to get the "soda" taste but not very often. I didn't really indulge in coke, and other sodas. I also drank chilled ginger tea or hot ginger tea. I wouldn't trust the crystal lights because of the artificial sugar in those. You can try lemonade too. Use natural sugar to sweeten.

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answers from Little Rock on

Caffeine free sodas are fine, but you want to avoid too much sugar intake. Also, carbonation my cause extra bloating that is already a common symptom of pregnancy. Crystal light is fine, but you also want to limit it to about 2 servings because it contains artificial sweeteners. My doctor told me to limit beverages with artificial sweeteners to 2 servings a day. You might try water at different temperatures. I found that ice water irritated the acid indigestion of pregnancy more. Warm facet water was hard to get down. You might try just one cub of ice to take the warmth off but not make it so cold that it irritates the acid indigestion. Decaf tea is okay too. Caffeinated beverages should probably limited to 2 servings per day, but if you can do without caffeine it is best.

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answers from New York on

i def wouldnt drink anything with fake sugars in it. pellegrino is great. also, for your tummy, i drank lots of soy milk while i was pregnant, a big glass or 2 every day, it helped settle my stomach a lot. i drank a glass of about 2/3 plain or vanilla with about 1/3 chocolate.

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answers from New York on

Try adding a slice of lemon, lime or orange to your water. You may also want to try flavored seltzers. You could also try iced tea, using decaf or herbal tea bags. Because I had extreme morning sickness, my ob had me drinking gatorade. Yes, you can have Sprite or gingerale, just keep the soda to a minium.

Stay away from Crystal light it has artificial sweeteners.

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answers from Clarksville on

Well I am currently pregnant with my fourth baby. I don't drink anything that doesn't have natural sugars in them cause they possibly can be harmful to the baby. I drink a lot of sparkling water and it does seem to ease my tummy when it's upset. I do limit my intake of pop, but I have found that a little coke is good to ease my tummy when nothing else works. I have drank two different herbal teas with all my pregnancies, peach and blueberry and I just add sugar to it and I love them cause I give up my sweet tea when I'm pregnant cause of the caffeine . Otherwise I drink water, juice and soy milk. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy !

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answers from Charlotte on

I don't know the answer about the Crystal Lite or other flavors, but wondered if you could put orange slices in your water? (Sweeter than lemon slices.)

Good luck with your morning sickness.

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answers from Charleston on

What about homemade slurpees? I lived on those when I was pregnant. I got the mixes you use to mix daiquiris that are just fruit purees like strawberry and sweet n sour and mango no alcohol in them and mixed them with ice and sugar sometimes a little water or fresh fruit (banana apple etc...) in a smoothie maker blend it well and enjoy. My husband came up with all kinds of concoctions some not so good LOL I had 2 winter babies and I still stayed hot so these cooled me down too :)



answers from Fayetteville on

I had 2 boys in 99 and 02 and boy did things change since then about what you can drink and what you can't drink. Believe me, my boys where just find when they where born and are find now at the ages of 10 and 8! I drank decaf pop and decaf sweet tea, in moderation of course! You do have to watch some of these premixed drinks because of the chemicals in them! So watch what is in them and read the labels on the back on them! Another thing I did is drank the sugar free packets and put them in my bottles water! Everything is fine in moderation hun!

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