What Double Stroller Do You Reccomend??

Updated on April 12, 2010
R.A. asks from Marathon, WI
5 answers

I have been doing a lot of research on doule strollers and am leaning towars a side by side, however I am open to suggestions. My first son is going to be 2 in May and my second son is due in August. From the reviews I like the Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller ($330), Combi Twin Sport Stroller 2010 (with a coupon for $160) or the Contours by Kolcraft - Options Tandem Stroller ($215.54). The price differences vary so I am torn about spending the money. Has anyone purchased one of these strollers? If so what are the pros and cons? Or is there a double that you have and love? Any input is appreciated Thanks!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd highly recommend finding a store that carries several varieties (we only had a Babies R Us locally) and try them out with your 2 year old in the store. See how they are to maneuver through aisles, around racks, etc.

Try to anticipate where you'll be using them most often. We took ours (Graco DuoGlide) on a trip to San Diego when our younger was 12 weeks old). Manuevering around an airport, hotel, museums, etc. in a front-to-back was much easier than if we'd been in a side-by-side.

We thought we were going to purchase one, but after trying it in the store and reading reviews on Target.com/BabiesRUs.com, we abandoned it all together and went with the Graco.

We only really used it for about 18 months. Our son, at 3.5 is really too big to sit in it anymore. So, for the sake of cost, I'd almost recommend a less expensive one depending on how frequently you think you're going to use it.

Also consider the space it will take-up in your trunk. Our is pretty compact, but even after taking it to the zoo last weekend, it was tough to have space for all our groceries and the stroller in the back of a large SUV.


answers from Dallas on

Contours by Kolcraft - Options Tandem Stroller ($215.54). i used for almost a year with twins is very good stroller easy to manipulate the only thing i don't like it it was the space you need in the truck with this kind of stroller is a lot .



answers from Raleigh on

Ok Contours is very cool looking but is NOT practical at all. Most kids are too big for the seats at 2 1/2, it is very huge and very heavy. I had couple friends who returned it. Aria twin is OK, but I would never pay 330 for it. It's functional, but offers nothing special (not compact and sun conopies are horrible). I do like Combi....it's lightweight and compact, can be used with infant car seat.....however if you have BIG kids they will outgrow it very fast.........both of mine were off the charts from birth(mostly in length) . When we had our second, our oldest was 23 months and his legs already were hanging down too low. Also my husband is 6'4 and could not push it at all......handle is way too low and no way to make it higher(I am 5.8 and it was not bad).
We used Combi tandem while our first one was in the car seat.....it was good..... I think that with any tandems one kid gets short handed because the front seat is never as comfy as the back. That's because I like MACLAREN :) (techno or traveler) I got our traveler for $25 on Craigslist.......LOVE IT (it's a bummer you can't use a car seat with it otherwise it would've been our choice from the begining)



answers from Boise on

I've heard the Kolcraft is better for twins because the size of the seats and as someone else mentioned toddlers outgrow it quickly. When our second was born we bought the double BOB. It is spendy but after spending so much money trying to find the "perfect" stroller it is really worth it. We had quite a few single strollers until we bit the bullet and bought the BOB. We didn't waste the time, energy or $$$ the second time around!



answers from Minneapolis on

I really liked our Graco tandem stroller. The side by sides are often to wide for isles at a store or when going to the zoo, etc. Also, I really liked the ability to put our son in the front (he was 1 1/2) and we could open the tray for him to climb in and then our daughter in the back, closer to us and where we could really close her off to whatever if we wanted/needed to. I also really like the storage with that stroller.

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