What Does Your 9 Year Old Girl Want for Christmas?

Updated on November 22, 2010
K.B. asks from Dulles, VA
9 answers

Ideas for a great gift wanted.

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So What Happened?

The Barbie with the tv on her back is probally the one with the secret video camera.

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answers from Dallas on

A few things that my 9 year old wants and possibly getting

Jewelry making set- Got it!
Scrabble- Got it!
Pillow Pet- Got it!
clothes- maybe
cowboy boots- YES
magic fabric- NOPE
Pixos- NOPE (we have been down that road)
A new DSi- YES!
DS or Wii games- possibly
Littlest Pet Shop- Maybe

My daughter is not into barbies, squinkies or those "toys" anymore. She already has the "must have elctronics" so her list is pretty easy this year. This age has been the hardest year for me. We are getting away from the "junk" toys yet everything else gets so expensive!!!

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answers from Barnstable on

My daughter is 10:

A pogo stick - yup
An Archos tablet (think itouch, but cheaper) - yup from SANTA.
DS games - yup
movies & old tv series like Night Rider and The Brady Bunch - yup

A couple of years ago, Santa gave her an imod scooter - to this day, it is her most favorite thing: http://coolscooters2.com/razor-imod-scooter.html
I can even ride it and it FLIES and the charge lasts forever. Santa managed to have a BUNCH of coupons thankfully :) In our house, Santa only brings ONE gift.

PS - here is the Archos link for anyone looking: http://www.archos.com/products/ta/archos_28it/index.html?...

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answers from Philadelphia on

My 9yr old's list is as follows, with mom's comments:

The LG Neon phone (green), (not gonna happen)

The Hamster 8 My Homework stationary set, (very likely to happen)

FinFin friends, (don't even know what they are, but if they're anything like last year's ZhuZhu Pets, it's not gonna happen, stupid plastic junk...)

An electric scooter, (at over $100 each, it's REALLY not gonna happen)

The Barbie with a TV on her back (huh? what? yet ANOTHER barbie? I'll have to think about it)

American Girl doll clothes, (yes!)

A computer, (no!)

And possibly a miniature poodle (golden brown), (yeah, maybe a stuffed animal version...)

So I need great gift ideas, too, as you can see...

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answers from San Francisco on

my just-turned-9YOs would be happy with Barnes & Noble or JoAnn gift cards - one has become quite fond of knitting "Amigurumi" cute little animal type critters, the other is expanding her collection of Warrior Cats books and learning to draw manga-style cartoons. (and I'm relieved that they aren't interested in plasticky or electronic gadgets yet!)



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter wants an acoustic guitar and a pug. Hahaha - serioulsy that is all she wants. She is so not getting a pug. :-)

-clothes (gift cards to go shopping)
-Music CD's
-Child friendly cook book along with apron and some fun bright colored cooking stuff like pans/utensils/measuring cups, etc..
-Challenging puzzles
-Journal with a fancy pen
-Art supplies - easel, paints, canvas..

Just a few things I know my daughter would like.



answers from Honolulu on

How about:

1) "Illustory Make Your Own Story Kit"
2) a Friendship Bracelet Kit
3) "Fashion Design Studio"
4) "American Girl" magazine subscription
5) Water Marbles
6) Tie-Dye T-shirt Kit
7) Littlest Pet Shop "Blythe"
8) a "Mood Ring"

If you go to Amazon... you can see all of these for ideas and reviews of it.
Just type in the exact wording I have above... they have it.
And Amazon has Free Shipping too... saves time and better than going to a store. Less hassle.
I have gotten my daughter these... in the past and for this year's Christmas... its nice.

My Daughter is 8... but she likes these things.... and her friends too... who vary in age from 8-9 years old.

My daughter is 8... and this year, she is requesting Gift Cards... from her favorite stores and bookstore. She is not really asking for "toys" per say... but likes the things I listed above...

all the best,



answers from Tucson on

my daughter just turned 10..she wants clothes from Justice (in the mall)
an mp3 player, pillow pet, webkins, lava lamp, movies, portable dvd player, digital camera.
i just got her a cheap polaroid digital camera at target for $50..it is 8 mp and is perfect for her first camera..i got it for her bday in 2 days..hth!!



answers from Detroit on

Liv Fashion Doll Accessories (especially the doll with the horse, just out)
Fin Fin Friends
Sing-a-ma-jigs (as many as possible!)
Zhu Zhu are still hot...


answers from Phoenix on

The Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon is one thing my girls just love. They are very educational and fun to do as a family. I think they enjoy it sometimes more then the Wii sometimes.

The Zoo teaches your child how to make a zoo. You learn the habitat of the animals and what is needed to make a enviroment in the zoo. It teaches you what not to do and the program will show the child the next day by an eaten animal or a run away animal or even if babies get made. It is so cool. Very interactive. They can choose where they want their zoo all around the world and name them. There is people walking around and everything to watch attractions. It is just a great fun for all.

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