What Does Your 1 Year Old Play With?

Updated on November 23, 2010
E.D. asks from North Reading, MA
4 answers

I am curious bc we have plenty of toys for baby and for pre-schooler but my one year old prefers to pull out tissues,climb on things, pull water bottle off coffee table, go into my nightstand, try to go under sink cabinets and gets mad when redirected but is happy when playing with something she probably shouldn't. I'd love ideas on what toys she might like to play with longer than 3 seconds. My older daughter did some of this but in general would sit and play with toys for a good stretch and still does. Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

Yes I also agree with the bowls/spoons thing, you have a little adventurer on your hands. Our daughter's favorite toy was a small tissue box with about 8 little bathtub toys in it, she would take them out and put them back in for a long time (easier than cleaning up the tissues). We have a basket in the kitchen with all kinds of "normal" things in it she can play with that are safe, like pieces of junk mail, empty plastic bottle (no cap), plastic bowl and spoon, small plastic cup. If my girl got into an area I thought might be questionable, I just watched closely and tried to move or substitute anything that was dangerous.

Good luck, and get those baby gates back up! ; )



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter did same thing when she was around one, at that time I got her kitchen set of bowls,pan,cup,plates with some spoons and forks and she ended up cooking and eating cereals in her lit kitchen for quite long time.hope it helps.



answers from Boston on

My son at 1 loved the your baby can read videos and still loves them at 2 years old - now he's singing all the songs and dancing along with them. His other favorite things - his kitchen. He would play with that for hours. I bought a small wooden Melissa and Doug one and it's held up great. The Fisher Price Rumble and Learn Driver (steering wheel.) He sits on the floor and drives himself all over the house it's a riot.



answers from Burlington on

Tunnel and play tent set! She and my 2 y/o could do some damage together :) So mischievious!

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