What Does "Unavailable" Mean on a Cell Phone Bill?

Updated on August 31, 2011
S.!. asks from Boulder, CO
9 answers

I wetn through our bill this morning and noticed instead of a number listed "unavailable" is showing up (in the section of bill where it shows who called who and when).

What does unavailble mean? We have verizon.

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answers from Tampa on

I worked for verizon wireless... UNAVAILABLE means the caller blocked their number so you are not able to track it. Even verizon is not able to track it. The only way to get the info, I think, is with attorneys.....

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answers from St. Louis on

Yup it is a blocked number. An example is my kids pediatrician, he calls from home or his cell if he is on call. Of course he blocks it so no crazy moms are calling him in the middle of the night for sniffles.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I've gotten that before too. Sometimes if you listen to a voicemail and it asks if you want to return the call from there, it will show up as unavailable. The same thing goes for blocked numbers, my best friends husband is a highway patrolman and does this.

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answers from Dallas on

Probably a blocked number. A lot of Dr's use this and you'll find a lot of solicitor's do the same.

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answers from Boston on

It means the number is unavailable because it's blocked/private

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answers from Seattle on

Sometimes the number is private (it may say blocked in this case too). But sometimes it's just a technical glitch - for example my mom calls me quite a bit and though I usually get her # on caller ID, every now and then it says "unavailable".

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answers from Los Angeles on

Unavailable could mean that the system didn't recognize the number, it was a blocked call -

Not sure how else to help you!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

They can't legally publish someone else's number on cell phone bills. Silly I know. I tried to find someone's number for hours one time then thought to look at our cell phone bill. It was the same. I called and that's what they said. If it's not their number they don't have permission from the person to publish it.



answers from Chicago on

That probably means that it is a private number where it is blocked from you knowing where it came from. Either the person has an unlisted number, it's a solicitor, or the person calling hit a privacy code to block their number before the call came.

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