What Does the Easter Bunny Do at Your House?

Updated on March 29, 2011
S.B. asks from Keller, TX
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So Easter is one holiday I haven't quite figured out our traditions yet. If you celebrate with the Easter Bunny, what happens in your house? What does the Easter Bunny do? Does he just deliver the baskets or does he also hide the eggs? If you have more than one child do you separate the eggs to make it even or is it every man for himself? Does he fill the eggs with candy, money, toys?? Just can't imagine him running around in the dark hiding eggs ;) Need some ideas mamas!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have baskets that the Easter Bunny fills each year for them. They include candy in those plastic Easter eggs and a chocolate bunny, an inexpensive toy and some stickers. We do an easter egg hunt at in-law's house with all the kids and me and my sister-in-laws and I fill little eggs with treats and hide them before the hunt.

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answers from Joplin on

After many years of strange weather we have opted to do an egg hunt inside more years than outside. Plastic eggs hold coins or wrapped candy. We end up putting all the "egg" candy in one basket for the "family" to share. Money goes to some fun thing to do over the vacation...ice cream or a movie etc.
We always dye eggs the night before.
We usually have a formal dinner on Easter Sunday, we always make a colorful jello salad = ) I let the kids help decorate the table with eggs and we make festive paper chains and place settings. We do Easter baskets, but it is not usually a lot of candy...I try and find inexpensive goodies like bubbles, jump ropes, jacks, side walk chalk, kites, yo-yo's, coloring books, new box of crayons. As my kids have gotten older ( I have a 15 yr old, a 10 yr old and a 3 yr old) I have added things like brushes, hair pretties, cologne for the oldest, books! I try and set a limit and stick to it, we go a little crazy during holidays...but what with dollar stores you can keep it pretty reasonable.

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answers from Houston on

he stomps through leaving glitter footprints in his tracks,,,,(its easier to find the indoor eggs this way), he leaves eggs outside too though. He always leaves easter lillies in a pot on the porch that we plant later. Sometimes he leaves the baskets on the fireplace, sometimes the couch. There is usually a theme at play. Lots of gifts, and candy. Last year the theme was gardening, he left my oldest daughter galoshes, shovel, seeds and "make your own" stepping stones kit.

One year he brought a little tiny easter basket for my daughters stuffed animal, it had a little nightgown in it, and hair ties plus some candy that my daughter helped her eat...;)

oh and the easter bunny is kind enough to use baskets that fit my taste, that i later use for storage in closets, or as tiny hampers

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answers from Pittsfield on

Here the Easter Bunny leaves a basket that is almost never a basket, but something that can be used again, like a pail or a wagon. I do remember one rectangular, lined basket that we now use for books. One year they got wheelbarrows. There is always a chocolate bunny, and some candy- but not too much. He usually brings some books, little novelty items (like kaliedoscopes and things), bubbles, crayons, colored pencils, or markers and a little notebook, sometimes coloring books, maybe a kite.
The kids love looking for the eggs he's hidden the best- doesn't seem to matter all that much what's in them- it's the hunt that they love. He always hides one in each child's shoe. They turn up in the strangest places, like the refrigerator, under their pillow, in a jacket or bathrobe pocket. They usually split the loot evenly. Happy Easter :)

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answers from Utica on

You could make cut outs of bunny feet (tracks) and set them out on the floor and then sprinkle flour in them so it looks like the Easter Bunny was there the night before. I remember too when I was a kid my parents would always set a line of easter eggs down the staircase. There was one egg on each step all the way down for each my brother and I just to get our baskets started. And there was always a character figure (one of those big hollow chocolate things) for each of us

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answers from San Francisco on

Easter is one of my favorites. Especially the hiding of the eggs after the kids go to bed. The Easter Bunny leaves candy and money in the eggs and it is every child for him/herself. We do not hide the colored real eggs.

Amazingly, they share to make it equal after the fact. The EB also hides Cadbury Creme Eggs, a family favorite as well as bringing a basket for each child. The first years the eggs were easy to find. Now we have progressed to making them harder to find but this also requires counting to know how many haven't been found.

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answers from Washington DC on

The Easter Bunny leaves 1 reasonable size chocolate bunny, he also fills their baskets with a little candy, fruit, toothbrush, religious story books, bubbles and small easter/spring related toys. He has great fashion sense so he also leaves their Easter dresses and hats. We dye our eggs ahead of time and that crafty little bunny finds them in the fridge and puts a few in their baskets as well ;D I stuff the plastic eggs with little trinkets and stickers from the $ store then take them to our families houses for the great easter egg hunt. As they get older I'll add money to the mix but my oldest girl is 4 and 1/2 and all the other little ones in our families are younger then her.

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answers from St. Louis on

I use the same baskets each year.....& they are placed on the coffee table. When the boys were young, the EB hid the eggs. It was a free-for-all, but we recommended that everyone share equally. The eggs were both dyed & filled - with candy & money. We tried to make sure the candy in the eggs was individually-wrapped to prevent the candy from getting dirty! & everybody in the family remembers the year that my DH removed all of the $$ & put IOUs in the eggs.....!!

When the boys were younger, the baskets were filled with: candy, dyed eggs, Easter book, novelty toys, & bubbles. A $ limit was enforced to keep from going overboard....& to help focus on the real reason for the celebration.

When they were school age, the baskets were filled with the same....except the book became whatever genre they were reading at the time. Because we traveled each Easter to be with family, the toys were always something to keep them entertained while on the road....including comic & puzzle books!

For teen years & older, we still do baskets! In fact, my mom makes a "family basket" for our dinner table. At the end of the day, my sis & I split the candy btwn our families!

& funnier than funny: my 14yo niece informed me this wkend that she NEEDS an Easter Egg Hunt, regardless of the weather! My 14yo son laughed hysterically at her.....

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answers from Dallas on

We hide the real colored eggs in the dining room, family room, and foyer only. It is very important to count the eggs and make sure they are all accounted for. It is every man for himself. It doesn't really matter anyways since they are usually made into egg salad or deviled eggs for all. I don't hide them at night. I do it early in the morning before they get out of bed. The easter bunny also brings candy and gifts (sunglasses, tattoos, note pads, etc) to the baskets that are left out for EB to fill.

A lot of time the kids will ask me to do an egg hunt in the yard with the plastic eggs they get in the baskets. They enjoy the hunt and love competing for who will find more eggs. They usually share the goods once they get them. There tends to be a bit of bartering involved as well.

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answers from New York on

My 5 year old son loves rabbits and has a huge collection of stuffed bunnies. We shopped for many them the week after Easter last year. So I usually get a small stuffed bunny for the Easter basket. I actually made stuffed carrots last year. My son now wants to leave carrots and celery for the Easter Bunny (in case he needs a snack and is sick of candy, I guess). Any other small, inexpensive toys are fair game as well like a pail and shovel, sidewalk chalk and that kind of thing.

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answers from San Antonio on

Growing up, the easter bunny brought a basket of goodies, plus hid eggs outside.(Goodies included a shirt, a book, maybe a toy too). I think it was a free-for-all with my brothers and I finding eggs, but there was always at least ONE with our name on it with money inside. All others had candy. I would guess my mom told us a limit on the number of eggs. My older brothers were very sweet and would help me find them.

As for me, I do the same. My son's not quite 3. If the weather is good, then eggs are hidden outside. If not, then inside. Wake up early and put them out, or have a neighbor hide them while you are at church.

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answers from Iowa City on

Growing up, the EB made everything fair at our house. Each child had their own easter basket filled with grass. EB filled them with candy and hid the basket - not the eggs. No fighting over colored or filled eggs, everybody's baskets were similar.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We used to dye eggs at my grandpas house. My aunt would draw a map of the yard and hide the eggs. Added to that we each got to find one egg with our name on it that had something inside. Those a cherished memories for me. That any my grandparents (mom side) would sneak to our house at night and put an easter basket on our front porch. My mom never allowed for us to believe in Easter Bunny or Santa so can't help you there. But the Tooth Fairy was ok, weird huh?

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answers from Kansas City on

Last year, we went on THREE Easter egg hunts!! This year, it will be something similar. We already got a (rather large) Toy Story bucket for the hunt(s).

I have a SMALL (but really nice - one that lasts - our 'traditional') blue basket that I plan for us to 'leave out' for the EB, but the EB is bringing his own basket full of goodies, too!! He will probably fill it with some eggs, money, peeps, chocolate, gummies, etc. Grandpa always gets us chocolate bunnies, so I don't need to get another. I might also get a book and some toys or trinkets (thanks for the ideas ladies).

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