What Do You Think of This Idea for Xmas for DH??

Updated on December 13, 2012
E.M. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have been agonizing over what to get my husband for Christmas. I feel like he always does such a great job for me, and I somehow miss the mark just a bit on his gifts. So here is my idea... I happen to have a gift card to a local spa/resort. I am thinking that I will give him a "Night without Kids" including dinner, maybe a movie, drinks at the resort, a night of QUIET, and maybe a massage the next day. I am asking our 20 year old niece to watch the kiddos for the night and offering her $175. So questions- is this gift too "girly" or selfish because I would go with him? Do you think that is the right price to offer my niece for basically 24 hours?
I keep arguing with myself, thinking maybe he would rather have a "thing" of some kind. I tend to prefer experiences in general, he tends to like material things. But I think this could be fun and a good chance for us to connect as a couple.
What do you think? Would you do this for your SO?

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answers from Kalamazoo on

A night away, with his partner, sounds like an amazing gift! However, you lost me at "quiet". I think that's a tired mom's fantasy. Throw on some sexy lingerie and make some noise! ;)

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answers from San Francisco on

Think about the experience that you know he would love and make that the gift. I did this for an anniversary present. I bought super expensive baseball tickets for both of us. Yes, I enjoyed it, but he was over the moon. To make it even more special, think about something that you don't enjoy that much but that he loves....that would be a great gift.

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answers from Detroit on

Go for Valentine's Day.

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answers from Seattle on

$100 would be a great 24hr babysitting price... Unless you have 5 under 5!

Use that $175 and put it towards his present.

For tactile/material types... Think of things they use DAILY (GPS, Stereos, Shoes, etc.). Then think of weekly. Usually = hobbies. Fishing/ Camera/ sport/ )

Save the spa, or have Santa give it to YOU, and being him along.

You might include sexy lingerie as part of the spa gift, and NOT plan on a quiet night.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I think this is more of a girl thing. My husband would not really be into it so I would not do this for my SO.
I read your question to my husband and he stopped me when I read "he tends to like material things" We both think you answered your own question. Get him something he may have been eyeing. You know your husband, so you should have an idea of what he would like. If not, some men are so hard to buy for, ask him. Get a few ideas and pick one or two or whatever. Believe me, he will appreciate you taking the time to think about him and what he would really like.

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answers from Honolulu on

One year, because I didn't have much of a budget to "buy" anything... I wrote a poem for my Husband that I thought up myself.
I wrote it, versus typing it then printing it. I wrote it in my own handwriting, on a nice piece of paper, then framed it.
He LOVED it.
And he keeps it on his desk.
Things like this are one of a kind.

Your niece is making a lot of money. That is generous of you.
But if you have a lot of kids, then I guess $175 is good for 24 hours.

The gift you have in mind... sounds perfect, for a Wife/Mom/Woman.
Guys like gadgets. Tech stuff.

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answers from Victoria on

its a great idea...for you." ..... he tends to like material things" so you need to get him what he would like.

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answers from Iowa City on

I asked my husband and he said: "It isn't terrible but get him what he likes. If he likes things get him things. Certainly a night without kids would be wonderful but this seems more like a 'gift' for both of you. It is well intentioned."

Personally, I think you guys should have your spa night but you should also get him some material object that he has been eying up. To me this does seem like something that is more of a you thing than an husband thing. But, I don't know the man. You do.

I'm assuming your babysitter would be there for about 17 hours so you would be paying her roughly $10/hour. That seems like a good amount to me. Actually above and beyond what I would pay but I'm cheap.

ETA: I got my husband a massage session for the holidays last year. He has yet to use it.

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answers from Bellingham on

My husband would live all of it, except the massage.


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answers from Indianapolis on

You answered your own question here.

YOU would enjoy this gift.

He would rather have a physical gift.

And I would never pay anyone that much to watch my kids. But that's just me.

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answers from Kansas City on

I've given my hubby a couple of massages, while he liked the result (feeling more relaxed, etc.) he really did not like the spa experience. I think my husband would like the night out and adult time together. We have casinos near us, he'd probably like to go to one of the nice resturants there and go play the slots for a while.


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answers from Detroit on

Take him as planned, not as a present but as a place to exchange presents. You can give him his materialistic want there.

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answers from Dallas on

My husband would like it if it included tickets to a sports event instead of a massage.

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