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Updated on February 20, 2012
H.1. asks from Des Moines, IA
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Whats your opinion on the name Lorelei for a baby girl? My sons name is Henry...do they fit together nicely? How many, if any, Lorelei's do you know and do you think any one struggles with pronunciation of this name?

Thank you!!

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answers from Detroit on

I think it's an adorable name! My daughter's name is Elise and occasionally someone will say Elsie. I always laugh because I think of the cow, but really, what else can you do but smile and politely correct them. Regardless of the name, someone somewhere will inevitably mess it up and you just move on

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answers from Reading on

Love it. It is a beautiful name. Like Henry, it is a name from a different era. People will be able to pronounce it fine.

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answers from St. Louis on

I think Lorelei is a beautiful name and unless you foresee them getting married I don't think it matters how well it goes together with Henry.

My kids given names are Thomas, Christine, Andrew and Genevieve, does that sound like I gave any consideration to how the names sound together?

Kids are funny, my youngest, we have nicknamed her Genna since she was born. She has no problem correcting mispronunciations or spelling, she started that when she was around two.

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answers from Hickory on

I don't personally know any, but loved...loved the name back when I watched "The Gilmore Girls". The lead actress was Lorelei Gilmore. Oh, and you are right it sounds fantastic with the name Henry. I will tell you if I had had a little boy Henry was my #1 choice. I love the fact that I don't personally know any Lorelei's...I would choose it for that reason alone.

My eldest is Olivia and when I chose that name back in 1997 the only other Olivia I knew were on the Waltons and The Cosby Show, lol. Now they are everywhere! I would go with what you love. It isn't a name that kids see all the time but when I look at it on paper it is really pretty easy to figure out...I say go for it!

I am very fond of the names sounding nice together. When I was expecting my second daughter and would say both girl names together to see how they sounded together before I'd add it to my maybe list or not. Most of my friends did the same...not unusual at all to want them to sound nice together...you'll be saying their names together for so many years...why not have them sound nice together...my girls are Olivia & Sophie.

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answers from New York on

Pretty! I work with a Lorilei (Loralai) and she's great! I'm with you on thinking about how the kids' names sound together. My son is John and the baby will be Sara. My husband originally liked Caroline- um... John and Caroline? We're not the Kennedy's!

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answers from Muncie on

One of my favorites!!

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answers from Birmingham on

I love it! I know 2 Lorelei's.

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answers from Washington DC on

I only know one Lorelei. She is nice. I like her name. It was pronounced - Lor-ee-Lie.

My boys are Greg and Nick. If Alexis had been born - well - you see it wasn't about how their names fit together.

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answers from Seattle on


I have only ever met one. Laura-lye was the pronunciation, same as in the classical Siren pronunciation.

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answers from Chicago on

IMO, I am not a fan of Lorelei. I think other names would sound better with Henry. I have a friend with three kids with lovely, classical names. Their names are: Jack, Ava and Henry. So cute!!!

Other names that go well with Henry are:


Have fun choosing a name!

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answers from Toledo on

Oh it is cute! I have met one person, pronounced Lor- a- lie. Another person pronounced Lor-a-lee. If you like it, just go for it! It is cute and not an awkward, weird name at all. I think the two names go together adorably!

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answers from Detroit on

My son has a Lorelei in his class. It is a GORGEOUS, unique name and I think it sounds great with Henry.

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answers from St. Louis on

I love the name, but it is mispronounced frequently....as other posters have mentioned.

My only thought on it would be: Henry is a classically "sturdy" name. It brings to mind trustworthyness.

Lorelie doesn't seem to flow very well with Henry.



answers from Jacksonville on

I love the name. I think it fits perfectly with Henry.


answers from Dallas on

It was a character in a jodie foster movie, I just can't remember which one!! I've never known a Lorelei in person but I think it's pretty.



answers from Seattle on

It sounds more exotic whereas Henry sounds classic but it's pretty! Classic names I like are Anna, ava, Clara, Eliza, Elizabeth, Julia, Lydia, madeline, Norah, Paige, Stella.


answers from Kansas City on

I adore the name Lorelei. It was a name I considered, but my husband didn't like the "lie" part. *shrug* :) It's still beautiful and sweet to me and sounds great with Henry. I'm positive you have no intentions of them getting married, but only want the names to sort-of coordinate. You wouldn't name one children Dragon-Fire and the other Jane. I get that. :)



answers from Sacramento on

Beautiful elegant name and I don't know any others. I think if someone looks at the spelling, they will figure out the pronunciation pretty easily.



answers from New York on

I love your son's name. It is one of my favorite names. Lorelei is so pretty. I remember being in Germany floating down the river seeing the rock of Lorelei and thinking how pretty of a name that would be. I don't like that it's a character from the Gilmore Girls, but that may not bother you. Many people will not know how to pronounce her name but I don't think that once they are told how to pronounce it, it should be an issue. Yes, the names sound nice together.



answers from Houston on

We will have a little Lorelei in the (extended ) family next month.


answers from Kansas City on

I love it!

Don't know any one with that name. Many names get mispronounced...even mine and it is a "average" name. My son is Cael (Kale)...and he's used to people not pronouncing it correctly..."Oh mom, they just don't know!"...

Not sure on the do they fit together...because I never looked at our kids names to see if they fit together...don't think it matters.



answers from Cincinnati on

How do you pronounce it? Is it Lor-e-lee, Lor-e-lay, or Lor-e-lai? I know one of Lorelai (Lorelai Gilmore from the show The Gilmore Girls) and one Lauralee (a friend from high school), but I have never met a Lorelei. It looks pretty, though.


answers from Los Angeles on

Like it! I do think of Lorelei Gilmore though...

Also like Delaney!



answers from Chicago on

I love that name .I loved the Gilmore Girls. Also, Henry is one of my favorite names too. Deliliah is kind of fun too. Good luck to you=)



answers from New York on

i love the name i think its awesome so dont be upset if people see it written on paper and dont pronounce it right or if they hear the name but dont spell it right.. its a unique name its not like mary or something very common where no one has any doubt on how to spell it



answers from Redding on

I love the name Lorelei. Absolutely love it.
I've only known one person with that name, a very nice, adult woman.

I think Henry and Lorelei sound fine together.

Just my opinion.

Best wishes to you.



answers from Honolulu on

I know a woman with that name.
People often... mispronounce it. OFTEN.


answers from Houston on

I'd pronounce it " Laura -lee" if I were to try. I've never heard the name but I love it. It's quite feminine and unique.

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