What Do You Think of This Baby Girl Name?

Updated on February 24, 2012
M.L. asks from Spokane, WA
28 answers

Miette .. fora little girl, and how would you pronounce it when seen? It's supposed to sound like, "M ee - eh t ah", but I like it like
me- et (et as in the sound of get/set/wet)

It's French, supposedly means little one or pearl... but it's mostly a french term of endearment, like how American's call our girls "sweetie" or something, but than in France it is used to refer to crumbs, leftovers.. so I guess it wouldn't really be considered a name there. Apparantly, a lot of Bakeries are named miette, but it is still used as a name too moreso in America than France. Would this be weird to name a child this in a different country? What do you think, anyone from France or familar with the culture want to weigh in? Too complicated?

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answers from Washington DC on

in french it would be ME- ETT. if you want it to have an 'a' sound at the end, i'd spell it mietta.
you'll spend a lot of time explaining how to pronounce it, but if you love the name, that's not a bad thing. i think it's very pretty.
:) khairete

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answers from Kansas City on

It's different, but I think she will be explaining her name for the rest of her life! She will constantly be correcting people on the spelling and pronunciation. Maybe you could use it for a middle name?

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answers from New York on

I have a name that people don't know how to pronounce. I don't hate correcting people, but it is awkward, especially if they forgot and need to ask again. When my name gets called it is always pronounced wrong and it sounds horrible and embarrassing. Growing up I did not like it and don't love it now either. I would say, if you love it, make it her middle name. I am all in favor of choosing a name that is unique and special. Go with a name that people have heard of but maybe never met anyone with that name before.

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answers from Biloxi on

Eh, Miette does literally translate to crumb.

I think that the meaning behind a child's name is important - it was one thing I closely considered when naming my son (15 years ago). His names means "remembered by God" and has Hebrew origins. There were several names, across various cultures with the same meaning/sentiment that I considered, but, ultimately, I went with the more "American" name in order to avoid later cultural confusion and mispronunciation. .

Cross culture names are certainly more the norm now, and are very lovely, but always consider that she will have to carry this name through life.

Also consider that a person who speaks French will pronounce her name correctly upon meeting her, so she will have to explain that her name is actually mispronounced. :)

I found this website of names: http://french.about.com/od/culture/a/frenchnames_3.htm

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answers from Los Angeles on

To me it looks like you would pronounce it : Me-ye-tay?
....which sounds like a spanish word, to me anyway?!

Naming was always THE hardest part for me...go with your heart and don't put too much stock in what others think...there will ALWAYS be people who do not like what you choose...better not to even ask, IMO!

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answers from Redding on

Not sure about Miette, but if you have your heart set on a French name, what about Mirette?

I believe it means "admiration".

Also, one of my daughter's favorite books, "Mirette on the High Wire".....


Best wishes.

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answers from Washington DC on

While it's a nice name - never heard it before - even after living in Belgium and having a child in Belgian schools.

If I saw it? I would pronounce is My-ett-a - so she might be correcting people on the pronunciation of her name a lot.

it's been 16 years since I walked the streets of Paris - but I don't remember seeing Miette on bakeries or store fronts.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I think it is pretty, but I am one who thinks that name meanings matter, and how they will alter people's perceptions when the child is no longer a child, but an adult.

Pretty, cute, but it means "crumb". Not something I'd want my daughter to carry around in her brain.

My daughter's name is Allison (which means "noble one") and my son's name is Aaron (which means "exalted one" or "mountain"). They may not know what they mean right now, but one day they will look it up, maybe for something at school.... wouldn't want them to have to tell the class their name means "crumb". That is something they will always remember and carry with them in their subconscious.

Perhaps, you could find a similar sounding name that means something more worthy, and call her Miette as a term of endearment, like the french do, if that is the aspect you like about it.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I would pronounce it Mee-et-eh, just looking at it. I think both pronuciationes are pretty, but I am concerned when you say it is "supposed to sound like ~" If it is a French word, you pronounce it the French way. Ballet is not "ball - ett."

If you are going to choose a foreign name, do not mispronounce it. Because it is a French word, mispronouncing it will seem ignorant both of you and of your daughter. If you wish for a different pronunciation than the true French, spell it differently so that you (and she) cannot be mistaken for someone who is culturally uneducated.

I would not worry about correcting people's pronunciation, though, if they don't know how to correctly pronounce it - so what? My husband has a semi-unusual name, and we just shake our heads and chuckle when it is mispronounced. He did have to correct people as a child, but he got used to it. I don't really care about the meanings of names - my son's name is an old Biblical name, but I don't know what it literally means. I should look it up. My daughter's name has meaning that is very important and special to me, but I only had one name like that, so should I have another daughter, that wouldn't be the case. Just make sure it isn't a derogatory meaning, because I think that is cruel and hurtful to do to a child. Although, having said that, I will admit that the meaning of my name has been very symbolic to me, even though no emphasis was put on it when I was growing up.

Anyway, good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

I would say mee-ette. I grew up with a name that is difficult to spell and pronounce, and would never wish it on my children. I would pick something similar and use it as a nickname if you really like it. If your heritage is french, it makes more sense. For French names, I like amelie, Audrey, Brigitte, Caroline, Catherine, Chantal, Cecile, Charlotte, Claire, Celina, Elisabeth, elise, Elodie, emilie, Genevieve, Jacqueline, Jeannine, Josephine (Josie!), Josette, Juliette, lucie, Madeline, Margaux, Marianne, Nathalie, Odette, Renee, Sophie, Simone, sylvie, Zoe. Congrats! My daughters name is Amelia, and we call her mimi so miette wouldn't be too far off of a nickname for that or amelie?

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answers from Washington DC on

I would pronounce it Mee yet ah, but I've had a little French.
I think it's way cute for a nickname. I looked it up, only 9 Miettes were born in the US in 2009.
My girls have very popular names. I have issues with uncommon names and spellings. When looking for barrettes and trinkets there will never be a Miette. People will always mispronounce it. But it is super cute.

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answers from Chicago on

Not a fan of the name personally - there are a whole lot of beautiful traditional French names you could use instead
and a whole website full of them here - http://www.babynames.org.uk/french-baby-names.htm

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answers from Richmond on

I love it! Very feminine sounding. I think she's going to have to correct people a lot, but it's a lovely name.

My maiden name is French and you really get used to correcting people. Plus, it's a great way to identify cold-callers, solicitors, and bill collectors on the phone; if they mispronounce your name, they don't know you, LOL!!

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answers from New York on

Not so much. There are lovely French names that are much less likely to be mispronounced. In the U.S./in English, an "e" at the end after a consonant wouldn't sound like "uh" so most people would probably see this name and say mee-ETT

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I was just browsing through the previous answers, and had to giggle when somebody wrote that the word actually meant "crumb." How many times I heard my own darling children say, in momentary fits of rebellion, "Why did you name me *that*, Mom? What a crummy name!"

Does Miette go well with your last name? In the U.S., there are names from all over the world. Ask any teacher! Your daughter will have to do a lot of correcting, so I hope your last name is an easier, no-mistakes-can-be-made one!

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answers from Chicago on

Oh boy, I do think it is pretty, but VERY complicated to pronounce. I am envisioning a lifelong endeavor to get teachers, classmates, bosses & colleagues to pronounce it correctly.

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answers from Portland on

I like Miette for a name. I like both ways of pronouncing it, too.

My name is different and often I'm asked to spell it or it's misspelled with a t. I haven't minded. I like having a different name. My granddaughter's name is Monet after the artist and people always pronounce it correctly. But perhaps that's because of the artist. Anyway she likes her name.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I like names not on the the Top 100 lists. I think this would be pronounced "Mee-ette" by most. But some could see "My - ette". When I named my daughter, I went for something less common, but quite easy to pronounce and spell. But, in the end, it is up to you. It is very pretty.

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answers from Dothan on

I would pronounce it Me-et, I would spell Mee eh t ah, Mietta but that's just me (just a play on words there). All of my girlz (4) have unusual middle names, unusual spellings. I LOVE different names, I say GO FOR IT, beautiful name, beautiful sound, beautiful meaning...

Your daughter will thank you for having a name that came with so much thought & so much love behind it!


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answers from Phoenix on

I agree with Suz T or it sounds like Me-et. I'm a fan of different names, I made up my daughters and she does have to correct people at first but when they get it, they get it. =) Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

I would pronounce it Me-et, that was my first reaction. You're in the south, so I would assume most people here wouldn't put much thought into it. The two t's at the end make it a hard T sound, for me anyway.
It's pretty.

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answers from Milwaukee on

It's very pretty, but I do think it will be very difficult for others to pronounce.. together my first and last name was difficult to say together (why I dont know but many struggled with it) and I know I would get very tired of correcting people all the time.. now a days I just let them say what they want, I have kind of given up.. Just think about what your daughter would have to go through just to have her name pronounced correctly.

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answers from Providence on

It's pretty, but I can just see her getting so frustrated trying to correct everyone on how to say her name. My name is Rae, and you think that would be an easy name to read off. I had people stumbling over it. So, just remember that some names , although very pretty, can create a lot of frustration for it's user.

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answers from Madison on

In all honesty I had no clue how to even begin pronouncing it until I read further into the message...so my initial reaction was no....but for me it is still a no...

I am not a good reading/english person so anything that takes to much effort to figure out bugs me...lol

But with that being said if it is something you like that's all that matters really. Our daughters middle name is not one people can get right immediately but she is named after someone and so the spelling is a little different then how it is pronounced.

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answers from Houston on

I would pronounce it Mee-Ett. And it is cute and yes, she would have to help people with the pronunciation at first.



answers from San Francisco on

Its a beautiful name, but at first sight I would not have pronounced it the way you wrote it. It sounds more like Meat to me. If you want it to sound like miette, maybe spell it similar to : meetah? good luck!



answers from Houston on

Cute name for a dainty girl, teen, woman--forbid if she is large!


answers from Iowa City on

I don't think it is a weird name but I'm not a fan of this one. I would definitely pronounce it MEE-yet/Me-et and I would definitely think "crumb."

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