What Do You Think of Glass Bottles?

Updated on August 24, 2009
L. asks from Saint Paul, MN
7 answers

My second baby is due next month. I need to get new bottles because my old bottles are not BPA-free. I've been considering glass bottles (maybe Born Free brand) because I've heard they are easier to clean. Anyone out there using glass bottles? Do you like them? What brand are you using? Any other comments/recommendations on bottles are welcome, too.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't think many people are into the glass bottle thing cause I've seen alot of them are on clearance lately.



answers from Grand Forks on

I did like the glass bottles. I was worried about them breaking but They had the rubber covers to go over them. I only used a bottle for the first month anyway. As they get older though and hold the bottle for themselves you have to be careful. Babies love to throw.



answers from Madison on

I would go with glass if you can. My son was particular about what type of nipple he'd drink from and we ended up using the Playtex Nursers (plastic w/ inserts). In fact, he never really took to bottles, so we just nurse ... that's a whole diff. story though. Just buy one bottle made by a few different brands before you get a bunch because it will be your baby that truly decides what she likes. The glass that is used in baby bottles is extremely durable and rarely breaks.



answers from Omaha on

After looking through the bottle aisle at Babies R Us, I picked up a glass bottle. I put it back down as easily as I had picked it up -- it was heavy. I thought to myself, if either a. I had to hold this, I'd better bulk up or b. if my child is going to hold this, she better bulk up. Perhaps I'm wrong, and hopefully there are some light weight glass bottles out there. But keep the weight into consideration. Along with the break factor. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped one, or my daughter has chucked it at me.

I love my daughter's BPA-free bottles by Avent. They're so little, and comfortable to hold. Just a warning, the lady at Babies R Us told me that they scratch. To avoid it, you simply just need to use their brush (comes with most of their packages). To be honest, I'd rather clean her bottles with a separate brush anyway. But for the most part, I get by it sticking her bottles in the dishwasher.

Congrats with the newborn!



answers from Minneapolis on

I disagree with the last 2 postings. I had my second child May 08 and I used the Born Free glass bottles (I bought 12 of them). They are very easy to clean--and in my opinion the best option. BPA is not the only harmful chemical in plastics--the Born Free bottles do not scratch, so there is no worrying what may/may not be leaching into your baby. I honestly think glass is BEST. They are not 'heavy'--and for many many months my son has been 'feeding' himself with the glass bottles, I lay him either on the couch or on the carpet and even if he does toss it when he is done they do not break. I did have a couple break--one from dropping my diaper bag on the side it was sitting, and another from having wet hands and it slipped--but I think the benefits outweigh anything 'bad'. Like someone else said also, they do make these scrunchie plastic covers that can go on the outside now to protect the bottle from breaking if it is dropped. There is many harmful things out there and I think that anywhere that you can improve on something, you should. I will only use glass bottles with however many more children I have. Good Luck L.!!



answers from Milwaukee on

We use the Evenflo glass bottles. I personally like them very much. The thing with the Evenflo though is that you have to take the nipple out and let in more air. They do not vent very well, so you may want to try another brand. I would definitely suggest glass bottles though, they clean up very well (much nicer than plastic) and I too was worried more about the other chemicals in plastic. Glass has been around for AGES and nothing has ever been found dangerous with ingesting it. You might have to be alittle more cautious about not dropping them on hard surfaces but I have never had any of them break on me and we are using them now with baby no. 2. you could always buy a couple and see if you like them before you jump in and invest in a bunch. Just to say that the Evenflo are very inexpensive.



answers from Appleton on

My baby is 11 months old, and we've been using Evenflo glass bottles all along! I've gotten so many compliments on them from his daycare as well! They actually would feed him out of the glass before the plastic bottles I brought... I think it has to do with the way they heat up. I love glass and would recommend them, even though I was skeptical at first! They are a little heavier, but I never feel like the milk is scalding, and we've only had one break - from dropping it on the cement floor.

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