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Updated on February 03, 2007
J.S. asks from Plano, TX
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My two year old hates getting in the stroller. When you put him in he screams that he wants to walk. I would love to allow him to walk beside me but he won't do it. He wants to walk on his own and touch everything. On occasion, I was thinking of getting one of those, well, I'm not sure what to call it other than a leash. My first thought is that I do not have a pet. I just want to allow him some independence and walk like everyone else.

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So What Happened?

We have a birthday party today at Chuck E Cheese, so we're off to Target to get a child safety harness. LoL, I know the proper word and it sounds so much better that "leash". This will be a good test, because the next time I'll really need the harness is when we go see Elmo live at the Nokia theater. Thank you everyone for your responses and support. I'll let you know how today went on this trial.

Update part two: My son absolutely loved it! Once we got in Chuck E Cheese, the band started playing and he FREAKED. We went to the bathroom and I put the harness on him (I picked up the 2-n-1 Eddie Bauer harness that looks like a puppy). We walked out and he seemed fine. The only time he was upset was when the band played. We walked around the game playing area and played games and he did try to keep going when I wanted him to do this one thing with me. I finally gave up and we went back to the party to watch the birthday girl open gifts. I totally recommend it and I didn't get any funny looks. As we were leaving my son was walking out the door and I held up my hands to show the stamp that he was mine. Anyway, the guy at the door let us out and said, "I know he's yours, you have him on a leash". I laughed, but I thought the 'security' was poor. Just because he was on a "leash" doesn't necessarily mean he was mine. Right?!?! Even my friend (host of party) and her Mom thought it was cute and asked where I got it. I told her I just bought it at Target - $9.99! They both want one.

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Hey there Jeri,
I to am having that problem right now. I have a 15 month old, and although she is pretty good in the stroller, i know that sometimes she would prefer to walk. Anyway i never thought that I would want to get one of those "leashes" but now i find that I too kind of want to. We went to the rodeo last week, and instead of holding her the whole time, I think that it would have been great for her to have a little independence as well, and give my arms a break...Do you know where you can get one of those things?/

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"Leashes" are for their safety, so don't let anyone pressure you into not getting one if you want to. I understand your position...it was hard letting my son walk. So many dangers in the world. We also got a new stroller that he loves. It has a toy on the front, and you can hook a mp3 player up to it. I put my son's favorite songs on it from his favorite tv shows. We bought it at Babies 'R Us.


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I'm not sure if I have any advice for you, but I am in the "boat" as well. I have a VERY INDEPENDENT 17 month old who does pretty good in the stroller for a while and then when he wants out, watch out!!! I swore up and down I would never get one of those "leashes" however, just last week, I broke down and bought one. We have only used it once in the mall, but it worked pretty good. I chose the one at Target, which looks like a teddy bear back pack. It's comfy for the kiddos and really cute. It doesn't let him have enough roaming as he would like, but it let him go ahead of me which made life a bit better for us!!! Good Luck!!!!



answers from Auburn on

Hi Jeri, I am always amazed at how rude people can be when it comes to those little "leashes". It's kind of a catch 22 for parents. If you put one on your child to try and control them from running wild or getting lost, they say you're treating them like an animal. On the other hand, if you let them run around (out of control), then you're a crappy parent. I have always thought it was better to deal with a few rude glances than to be having to deal with having your child lost or worse, taken from you. The first time you ever lose your child for more than two seconds (I lost my daughter in Target once and nearly came unglued with the staff there, lol), then you will have no problem using one of those handy little things. They have some really cute one's these days so maybe people have lightened up a bit since my 8 year old was a toddler.



answers from Dallas on

Don't worry about the rude looks. They only come from people who either don't have kids or had kids so long ago that they don't remember what it's like trying to control a toddler. Plus now a days they have some really cute backpack style leashes. They look like cute little teddy bears that fit on the child like a backpack. I think that I've seen them at Target but if not probably at Walmart or Babysrus. Plus your Toddler might like to put this on more then a wrist strap. The leash only works if the child will put it on! :) Good luck



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Just wanted you and anyone else searching, to know that I just saw a cute puppy dog backpack in the baby section at walmart, with the dogs tail serving as the "leash" that you hold on to. It buckle-straps all the way around their chest, and can fit a few little toys, or snacks. I believe it was right where the safety latches etc, are sold. I have never had to use one, as my kids didnt really mind being in the stroller, but I believe strongly that your peace of mind, and their safety comes before all else. And, its good to get used to nosey peoples glanes, there will be many more to come down the road no matter what you do!!:)



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By all means get one!! We have the Eddie Bauer 2 in 1 Harness Buddy (you can see it online at Target). Our little girl is very busy and wants to walk all the time. She started walking at 9 months and we have had trouble keeping her in a stroller ever since (she is 19 months now). We bought the harness for a cruise that we went on because we couldn't see keeping her in a stroller all day. It was the best thing we ever bought. We use it at the mall and for walks now. I have seen a lot of people using them at the mall since we got ours.

She loves it and we get loads of comments on how cute it is. She loves putting it on and it is so soft and cuddly. It affords her the right amount of freedom to make her happy, yet she stays safe with us. Also, think about all the excercise your little one will be getting!

It is very inexpensive (around $10) so if you don't like it, no big deal.




answers from Dallas on

My 2.5 year old refuses to go in a stroller as well - you'd think I was trying to seriously hurt her when we put her in (screaming, screaming, screaming). I picked up one of those little 'backpack' harnesses (looks like a monkey or puppy dog) with a leash a while back. Works like a charm. She likes the freedom of being able to walk about, I like the fact that she's attached to me. I don't consider it 'walking a pet', I consider it a step to keeping my child safe in public places. She gets the choice when we go out - backpack, or stroller. Backpack wins 90% of the time, and she even makes sure I've got the leash in hand.

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